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Hack of the Month Voting - June 2014

Started by Christos June 10th, 2014 12:53 AM
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Hack of the Month


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Posted December 16th, 2019
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Hack of the Month Voting - June 2014

We pick, you choose. Participate in polls every month to decide the best hack of that month!


This is a monthly ROM Hack contest to promote our community's progressing hacks. ROM Hacking moderators will pick three hacks each month, and you members will have until the next month to vote for your Hack of the Month. The winner hack's thread will be stickied for a month, until the next month's winner is announced. Only hacks in the Progressing Hacks forum are eligible for nomination. You may suggest hacks you'd like to see in the following month's contest in this thread.

Eligible Hacks

Pokémon Gaia by Spherical Ice

Pokémon Giratina's Legend by ~Andrea

Pokémon Fae by Magic


You may only vote once per month.
Asking or bribing others to vote for your hack is not allowed.
Creating new accounts to vote multiple times is not allowed and will be dealt with accordingly.
Voting is done via the poll not by posting in this thread, votes in the form of posts will not be counted.
Don't complain that your hack was not chosen this month.

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Posted December 4th, 2019
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No competition for me. Gaia is THE outstanding hack in Progressing Hacks (besides Platinum Red and Blue).

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Posted June 6th, 2019
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No competition for me. Gaia is THE outstanding hack in Progressing Hacks (besides Platinum Red and Blue).
Care to elaborate? I don't see why you think it's "THE" hack of PH forum. It doesn't have much substance to the screenshots (though the tiles are coming along nicely), and the story has more of a feel leaning towards an "Indiana Jones" find the relics and riches and save the people kind of theme. Don't get me wrong, sounds like an interesting hack and the screenshots are coming along nicely I'm just curious as to why it's THE hack for you.


Personally I think that Giratina's Legend's storyline is a little too cliche for my tastes. Sounds like a "We must thwart Team Rocket's plans of being bad once again which also involve a legendary" however the graphics are coming along nicely (he makes better holes than I do xD)

As for Fae, the story sounds to be a sequel to the main games and I'm liking how it sounds. I like that Magic incorporated a sense of abandonment into the story and with that comes the darkness that follows. I see the story in a Chernobyl -like environment where the towns are decaying, the places are still and lifeless except for the creatures that live in them. I think it has a great potential with its story alone. I also like how Magic is trying to incorporate new features such as a revamped berry system and fun little side quests. Some of the screenies look great and it'd be nice to see a little more updated tiles in there. (Hopefully the buildings in Kanto look the same but withered and decayed)

Fae will be getting my vote {:3}
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Posted November 24th, 2017
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I chose giratina's legend since I Love Andrea and her hacks are really interesting especially her asm routines which impress me.. How I wish to also vote for Gaia since its also mouth wateringly goo~d..
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Posted November 1st, 2019
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I'm gonna vote Gaia. The tiles go with the FR feel seamlessly and the addition of secret areas (and rock climb!) are icing on the cake. The theme of the hack is quite alluring, and I especially like how Spherical Ice is tweaking the pokedex to reflect the idea of mystery and mythology.

I really like some of the tiles that are in Giratina's Legend, and the Kakuna hanging on the trees are cute, I think the business puts me off.

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Giratina Legend the best, Why say reasons? perfect graphic interface, perfect maps, perfect features, good ASM works, why I say reasons? is the best of the best, Andrea ia a veru good hacker.

And for the others, have good scripts and features, but the graphics of these hacks are not good for me (GL's have both) you know, the Spanishes hackers likes me preffer the combination of graphics and gameplay.
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Posted February 21st, 2015
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I'm voting Giratina's Legend because even though the plot isn't exactly the world's strangest, I enjoy that the game isn't a glitch type. Perfect mapping, perfect way on how ASM works, and overall a very good hack. Gaia and Fae are pretty good too, but my heart picks Giratina's Legend.
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Posted January 11th, 2015
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They're all good hacks, but the best in my opinion is Giratina's Legend. Its because I noticed that Andrea is a pro ASM hacker and he introduces new features that other hacks don't have, such as wild double battles.
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Posted December 5th, 2016
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Gaia, cuz.. Gaia
It's one of the hacks where gen 3 graphics is tolerable. But in it, it's actually useful to the eye. Plus it's just great at all it does
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Posted December 4th, 2019
10,411 posts
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Congratulations to Gaia for winning in June. ^___^
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