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Tool Advanced Item Editor [A.I.E.]

Started by pokemontutorialTV July 2nd, 2014 2:47 AM
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Seen September 9th, 2019
Posted May 1st, 2019
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Advance Item Editor [AIE]


Hello users of pokecommunity,
Today I want to show you a tool, that allows you to modify items: The Advanced Item Editor, for short AI.E. There is a simple reason, why i decieded to pubilsh a new itemeditor:
Most itemeditors are quiet buggy and there GUI isn't really attractive or the simply mess up your hole ROM. With this tool you dont mess up anything!
To facilitate the work for us romhackers, I optimized itemhacking in a completly new way, importing, repointing and edit data is for the tool no problem.
Screenshots are attached.

What can the AIE do?
  • Change name of any item
  • German & English languagemode FOR ENGLISH @ first Launch: OPTIONEN->SPRACHE->ENGLISH (afterwards it saves this setting)
  • ini-data for FR/SM German and English
  • TM&HM changeing
  • itemsearch function, to find items by sting input or ID
  • import & export of itemgrafics with repoint if nessesary
  • import & export & change of palettes from items
  • change itemindex
  • change itemprice
  • change offset and view itemroutine
  • change itembag
  • change itemdescption with repoint if nessesary
  • change type of item (allows custom values for extended pokéballs)
  • change hold-effect
  • change ASM of item
  • change Mystery-values
  • view Palettes in their correct size and edit them
  • change Pokéball and Letter-IDs(allows custom values for extended pokéballs / letters)
  • view itemroutine-tab (correct display, loaded in bitfields)
  • dynamic loading of all itemicons in listbox for better view
Special Thanks

[/I]Like this post if this Tool helps you!
Have fun with the new itemeditor
Hi there
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Seen February 16th, 2018
Posted May 20th, 2017
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Indeed the Tool is fully in GERMAN, if you want that the language is custom, please say it...
Most of the hackers in the site speak English, so that would be hard to work with German language if you don't know it :/.

Over all, That's a really great tool. Thanks for sharing it, I will definetly use it :).

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Seen 46 Minutes Ago
Posted 46 Minutes Ago
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6.1 Years
Your tool + google translate = c:

Really, I dont need know German to read the texts, I can try this night the tool, if I found a bug I report to you c:
I'm just a normal romhacker c:
Seen November 4th, 2018
Posted May 23rd, 2015
43 posts
5.8 Years
Woohoo! I have been waiting for an English release, and from the looks of the tool, it works and is much better than other Item Editors. Definitely going to use this :D. Although there is still German here and there.
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Seen August 6th, 2019
Posted May 28th, 2018
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11.2 Years
Erm, the English isn't working right for me, the only thing that does become English is the information in the ? popup, everything else remains German, is there anyone fluent in both languages that can at least translation the text in a post so we can have it like a little cheat sheet?
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Seen November 6th, 2018
Posted October 7th, 2015
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6.7 Years
Hm, does this support the unused extra field for pokeballs? (
I've used it in my pokeball hack, (, but I've only found the tool Item Manager able to do it, which had no ini. Would be really cool if this had it.


Age 28
Seen 4 Days Ago
Posted November 1st, 2019
10,076 posts
11.2 Years
Love how TMs/HMs are integrated in! :) Fantastic tool.

On the English note, you have "recieve and heal HP of pokemon" as one of the effect options, but from the looks of it this should be "revives and heal HP...".

Hope this helps! :) I'll report anything else I see.


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Seen January 15th, 2020
Posted January 11th, 2020
90 posts
12.2 Years
hey i was using your tool and its great but unfortunately when looking through the tm/hms i saw this

they are missing and using inacurate move names etc no biggie but it needs to be fixed if i am ever to make new tms with it

Edit: this seems to be a problem with my hack rom nvm

Edit: well this is odd when using a move editor it shows that all my moves are working it may because everything in my rom hack is no longer in all caps with a few exceptions so preety much decap idk if your item editor cant read moves that are decap or what but just in case i find i cant do without it id prefer if u looked into it just in case you and thanks


Former Pokemon League Champion

Age 33
Independence MO
Seen January 15th, 2020
Posted January 11th, 2020
90 posts
12.2 Years
well my hack rom may be corrupt and for this reason alone i must restart the hack rom from the begging which is quite a pain

and i think the problem is that i manually decapped my hack rom which took a long time but this was before i discovered decap patches i of course applied a decap patch over my already decapped rom which might have caused some problems so starting over is a good idea anyways

São Paulo, Brasil
Seen September 7th, 2019
Posted September 7th, 2019
275 posts
4.9 Years
I'm having some issues using the same item description twice. When I insert the item description offset in a clear item description (the "?????" description), the description in the offset I inserted becomes "?????" too. How can I use Black Belt's description more than once?
Also, I can't seem to add item images. They are all 24x24 and with no more than 16 colors, but the program doesn't accept them. I have also decreased color depth to 16.
Any ideas?

EDIT: So I inserted both items images and respective palettes using Nameless Sprite Editor, but it was no good.
Everytime I tried adding either an image or a palette, the program would do this:
Tried importing, by loading offset, nothing works.
How can I add those images? And using the same description twice?
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São Paulo, Brasil
Seen September 7th, 2019
Posted September 7th, 2019
275 posts
4.9 Years
The problem is, that items dont use all 16-palette-mode. If you insert palettes with NSE it will always import in 16-palette mode. If a image dont uses 16-bytes, you will corrupt images next behind and in front of the image.

I have an update. You can download by checking for new updates. It should fix the problem with the description and the importing of images.
It worked PERFECTLY!
I also tested using same description twice, not an error.
Love your tool man, it's just PERFECT! You should really post this here again, as version 0.5.
Thank you SO much man!
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São Paulo, Brasil
Seen September 7th, 2019
Posted September 7th, 2019
275 posts
4.9 Years
Just reporting a minor thing.
I was doing some tests in the HM/TM field. I'm using MrDS' Rombase. I never needed to change the ini and this program always loaded all items, descriptions and images (even of added items like Eviolite). The attacks were not being loaded. I then changed the Example settings in the ini to show the 511 attacks MrDS' Rombase contains, and changed the offsets of the attacks to 08900000, that is where the attacks are stored now.
But since the names of the attacks are in different places now, all TMs and HMs attack names were flipped by 8 attacks. For example, I changed Cut (that was displaying as Fire Punch) for Slash. When I noticed they were all flipped, I changed Slash to 8 attacks back (Bonemerang) and then I tested. Slash was the new attack, indeed, but I had to pick 8 attacks earlier in order for it to be right.
Is there any way I can fix where the attack names start, so this error doesn't continue (Only attack offsets are in the ini. Attack names offsets are not there...)?
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São Paulo, Brasil
Seen September 7th, 2019
Posted September 7th, 2019
275 posts
4.9 Years
This update can't be downloaded with 0.402 or before with the update-function! You have to download it via pokecommunity!

This update fixes issuses with the updater-function itself and I optimisezed it a little bit. Also you can change the startindex of the itemflags via the .ini-file.

Greetings from Germany,
Minor problem report. I was trying to change HMs and TMs using your tool. I also use MrDS' Rombase.
Since there are more moves, the program wasn't reading them ok. I had to choose a move 8 index numbers earlier to choose the move I wanted.
For example, I wanted Slash (163 - A3) in the place of Cut. So I chose Bonemerang (155 - 9B).
While it can read the table that was repointed, it clearly can't read it perfectly.
It's a problem 'cause none of the eight first moves can be selected as neither HM nor TM. Also, I don't know if it's able to read the whole table.
Try improving that if you can pokemontutorialTV. That would be really great!
My Main Team:

Seen 3 Days Ago
Posted February 9th, 2019
28 posts
4.9 Years
Hey there, I was trying to use this tool to add the bag sprite for a Dawn Stone, but whenever I try to import the pallete, I get this error. The pallete is at 16 colors and yet it still gives this error. Please fix when you get the chance.
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