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Fire Emblem: The Rift War

A few weeks have passed since the Belian force, along with Felix’s regiment of personal soldiers, have marched on Aecilia’s neighbors. Currently, they find themselves in the conquered village of Perigul, searching for an ideal encampment. Perigul, a land known for its farmlands and plains, has caught Felix’s eye as a prime location for tactical purposes. Due to Perigul's ability to sustain a small militia with food, drink, and shelter, it was chosen to be Belial's newest outpost to march on Aecilia.

A general consensus was assumed by the higher ups of the advancing Belian forces that Perigul would be an inconspicuous choice to form a base, as it's location left it open to raiders. Bandits had been known to be in the area and virtually any villager or bandit alike had been silenced to hide Belial's progress. As a result, Felix, as well as the more knowledgeable members or the group, knew that only a small enclave of Aecilian troops would be allowed to investigate, should they even choose to do so.

Now, the Belian military and, more importantly, Felix's group find themselves readying a defense and preparing for any possible attack or inquiry from Aecilia. It has only been a brief period since Perigul was captured, but progress has clearly been made. A redoubt is being created with leftover lumber, and many of the barns and houses have already been converted into guard stations, living quarters, and other facilities.

The doors to the secondary War Council room opened in front of him, he supposed they had been waiting for him. He appreciated the consideration from his father, but why need there be any sort of ceremony to sending him out on a mission? Especially one most of the military and aristocracy thought was a farce to begin with. He shrugged, thankful at least that he finally had a chance to prove himself, even if only by a little. He could use the influence from the mission as a stepping stone for everyone to be willing to at least notice his positive traits, and then from there he'd at least get what he deserved even if it wasn't much more than he had now.

Walking down the dramatically-placed red carpet in the large chamber, he smiled at the people waiting for him. Elwyn stood to the right of the pseudo-throne, imposing as ever. Elwyn must be the only man in the world who could look domineering, serious, and dangerous at the same time as relaxed, and even happy with his heavy full-body silver armor with gold trim, his lance/spear hybrid, a tower shield as tall as he was and his ever-present smile. In addition to his terrifying instruments of war his brother was a whole half a foot taller than him, and he was no dwarf. And of course one couldn't forget their father, still managing to look very regal and commanding despite his waning youth and the way his crown sat awkwardly upon his head and his mantle seemed to be far too large for him.

"Prince Leon reporting for the briefing of the Perigul investigation!" One of the knights on either side of Eldridge Hadaway sounded off.

"Yes, thank you Stewart, I believe I can recognize my own son. There aren't many other people waltzing about the castle in such finery with what looks like turf on their heads. No, I'm afraid it's only we Hadaways that have been cursed with foliage-hair. Thank you for arriving so promptly Leon, well ahead of the pack just as any leader should be to such a meeting."

Leon rolled his eyes at his father's tired old joke about their family's hair looking like grass, and then puffed his chest out unconsciously at Eldridge's praise. "I intend to take this mission as seriously as possible father, although I wish you had let me choose my own subordinates. I can't exactly say I'm completely confident in some of them, but I'll follow your orders." He took his place on the opposite side of Eldridge from Elwyn and stood stock still, trying his best to look at least half as regal as his brother did. He drew his rapier and lightly set the tip on the ground, placing his hands atop one another on the bottom of the hilt, and awaited the arrival of the warriors he was supposed to lead.

The air had already grown stale around camp from the bloodshed of the slaughtered villages. Felix stood around, gazing at the handiwork of his troops, content with the progress of his mission. Only a few weeks were spent marching, and whenever opposition did surface, it was quickly dispatched. The idea of killing these innocents didn’t particularly weigh on Felix’s mind, but even then, he would’ve preferred to handle things differently. Unfortunately, this was a mission to siege land and supplies for Belial, and even the most unlikely survivor has the potential to leave an unwanted whisper in an Aecilian ear. That was something that could not be afforded at the moment. Felix sighed, though, when he thought about the next step in the assault. He knew that what would come next would be the single most important development in his life. If his voices were correct, then this would be the first of many factors for the war, and for Vojun. Before he could even worry about the future, though, Felix needed to focus on the present.

Now that he and his regiment had overtaken Perigul, Felix knew that he must control the troops’ morale and productivity. It was typical for any group of soldiers to ride a wave of high morale after a victory, but the idle nature of stationing an outpost quickly changed a force’s feelings. To make matters worse, the outpost was in the process of being created by those same soldiers. Progress had been great so far, but it required a steady hand to maintain. Felix had been preparing a routine speech for the soldiers, a rather run of the mill occurrence for him after setting up camp. He always valued these instances as opportunities to develop a rapport with his men. The soldiers always seemed to appreciate his speeches, at least, the ones that weren’t concerned with the politics of his country. There were still plenty that couldn’t accept him as their prince, but even they could not deny his efforts to lead.

Felix heard the sound of hooves approaching from behind. As he turned to look at the sound’s origin, he noticed that one of the officers appointed by the council had arrived. The soldier was undoubtedly a seasoned veteran of the dark knights. Clad in an unholy amalgamation of red and black armor, layered in overlapping platemail and a fierce centurion-like helmet. A sword and satcheled tome fell to either side of his waist, indicating his dual proficiency in weapons. The only visible part of the man was the lower part of his face, which displayed an obvious displeasure in being tasked with finding Felix. The dark knight assumedly leered at Felix from behind his veil.

“The troops are awaiting your address, my lord. You should not keep them waiting”

“Yes, I’m ready, Sir Ramos. Shall we go?”

The dark knight silently obliged, and the two set off for the crowded barracks.

For the sake of looking professional Leon stayed in his position without moving more than an occasional twitch of his nose until it seemed everyone he'd be leading had arrived. With the assortment of warriors gathered the King stood up and to his credit kept his back straight and his stance steady. "Thank you all for coming! I know that not all of you are exactly in the kingdom's service, but your cooperation is appreciated nonetheless. For quite a while now Aecilia hasn't been on the friendliest terms with the Belial Empire, but recently things seem to be drawing closer to real conflict. I'm sure all of you are well aware that Belial has been expanding more forcefully in the past years. Before we had no right to intervene, but now they are drawing closer to Aecilian borders, and if they may encroach upon our land we must be sure to advise to them what a large mistake that would be."

Eldridge took a deep breath and gazed upon those he was entrusting his son with and entrusting with his son. "But this is no border patrol, and you aren't a branch of Aecilia's army. It has been weeks now since we've had any contact with Perigul, and they have always been avid traders with the capital city. The last reports of Belial's movements we received claim they were moving vaguely in Perigul's direction. So, Prince Leon will be leading you young warriors towards Perigul to investigate and find out if something really is afoot. I feel I should make it clear right away that you are not moving specifically against Belial, it is distinctly possible that there could be a new clever group of bandits preying on travels and caravans, or any other number of possibilities for delays. But regardless it is likely something is wrong whether it has anything to do with Belial or not, so keep your eyes open and you are all authorized to deal with any bandits you come across as you see fit. But if you do encounter Belial's forces you are not - under any circumstances to engage them, you are to return here and report back to us so we can organize a fitting response."

With his address finished the King sat back down and Leon stepped forward. "Greetings to you all, as his majesty mentioned earlier I will be the one leading this mission. It is my first time leading an operation like this, and I will do my best to listen to your advice and concerns along the way. However, I take my position seriously, and I do expect anyone in this force to follow my orders when I give them. If any of you can't see yourself doing as I say you may as well leave now, or you're liable to get any one of us killed from a lack of cohesion and order. That being said I look forward to learning of, and from each of you throughout our time together, and learning what it is really like to fight alongside comrades for the sake of one's home."

Leon took a step back to his previous position and this time Elwyn stepped forward, his tone no less serious than the rest of his family, but his disarming smile projecting an air of calm. "A storage room has been altered to serve as an Armory for you all to use before you leave, if any of you need to restock your weapons or vulneraries you may do so there, and if you need any of your equipment repaired go see the castle blacksmith, he's been told to accommodate you as best he can." He raised his heavily armored gauntlet just above his forehead in a salute. "You will all meet at the gates to the city within the next three hours where the Prince and his adviser will answer any questions you may still have after this briefing, you are dismissed! Glory and peace to Aecilia, may the divines watch over you!"

Felix stood at the head of the crowd, dozens of soldiers on either side of him. He looked onward, seeing the gazing, awaiting group. Soldiers of all breeds, ranging from traditional cavaliers to practiced mages, they all focused on the young man. The tension of impatience flooded the room, thickening the air itself. Felix knew that the soldiers were tired of waiting for his address. He couldn’t blame them, either. The man from before, Ramos, stood at the front of the crowd. Ramos gave Felix a quick nod, signaling that the speech should begin. Felix returned the nod and immediately cleared his throat, readying himself for the speech.

“Brothers, sisters, countrymen alike, we are here representing the empire. We have traveled a great distance on this journey, all in the name of the Empress and her lofty goals to see Belial take its rightful place as the supreme force of Vojun. Our expedition has seen us travel farther than any regiment within the Belial Empire, even so far as to the borders of Aecilia, one of the final obstacles that rival our grand country.”

Felix paused to take a breath. The soldiers appeared to be losing interest in his words. He knew he would have to change to a more motivating subject.

“Here on the borders of our greatest enemy, we have the opportunity to change history. For too long has the authority of Aecilia been unquestioned. The empress understands how complacency only leads to dulled intellect. Look at the progress of our own country built by the hands of change and adaptation. Ours is a land of constant growth, we refuse to fulfill our potential. And that is because we as a people wish to be great. There was a phrase I grew up with, the same phrase that every citizen of the empire knows. I know that we are all familiar with ‘for Belial, for greatness.’ The phrase ‘for Belial, for greatness’ is something ingrained into our very being from a young age. It models our pride, our ideals, our nation, but I ask you to question yourself. What will prove your greatness? I am not asking this as a prince or soldier of Belial, but as a man with only one life to prove himself. I fear leaving this world without a meaningful legacy, as I am sure many of you do as well. We have a chance here to lay the foundation that will be our legacy, your legacy. Every single person here will play a critical part in proving their own greatness and the greatness of Belial. We will be the ones that forge Belial’s supremacy, we will be the ones that will be remembered, and we will be the ones known as legends! We are the frontiersmen that will decide the fate of the empire. No… we are the brave men and women that will decide the fate of the entirety of Vojun! For Belial, for greatness!”

Hit by hit the last of the large spikes was hammered through the hole into the ground and the Command Tent was finally done. Leon stood up from his position and wiped some sweat off of his brow, then turned to survey the rest of the camp. He'd insisted on setting up the command tent himself unless every other tent was up before he finished, sure enough he couldn't compete with all the people setting up much smaller shelters but he managed to pound in the last spike himself. "Good work everyone!" He called out to his soldiers, both the regulars out of Aecilia's military and those Elwyn had chosen for him. He didn't know much about most of them yet, but if nothing else he was impressed with how quickly and efficiently they had set up their camp a few miles out from the capital city. "Everyone who worked up an appetite head over to the cooks' tent and get some victuals, then after you've all had your fill get yourselves some rest, we march for Perigul in earnest starting tomorrow morning!"

When Leon felt sure everyone was done listening to him and nobody was still watching him he got to work. He hadn't told anyone he wouldn't be sleeping in the Command Tent, he didn't want to have more comfortable accommodations than his comrades were allowed. He could always join the others in the mess tent, he'd just have to make sure to work hard enough that his tent would be up before everyone else could stuff their faces!


Prologue: The first night.
The soldiers of both sides have set up camp, you may replay your characters thoughts and actions throughout the day or skip right to after being dismissed by Leon or Felix, and detail the rest of your day before bed, feel free to interact with any of the other characters if you please. The neutral characters are all in their own places with their own goals at the moment.


1. As with any other RP worth it's salt, follow all rules of PC and the RP Corner.
2. This roleplay's plot will be fairly linear, if you start neutral make sure to head towards one faction or the other.
3. In honor of the universe we're taking inspiration from, and to make sure no one person can kill the RP character death is a distinct possibility. If you ignore the rules or disappear for too long without any warning your character may be killed off.
4. If you will have to leave for a while we understand, but please let us know. If you do, we can accommodate you instead of pretending your character doesn't exist for a while or possibly killing them off if we have to.
5. There may be player vs. player posts at some points throughout the RP, if you are a part of any try to be fair and balanced in how you go about it, and make sure both parties can agree on the outcome.
6. Everybody will start out with regular weapons.
7. Most weapons will eventually wear and break with use, only a select few weapons will be unbreakable.

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    Conrad Folles, The Jolly Half-Breed Brigand

    The young hooded and masked former bandit and now former highwayman looked up at the doors leading to Aecilia’s secondary war council room, then to the castle guards who had been escorting him there. That, or they were watching the him to make sure he didn’t cause any trouble, he wasn’t really sure. Whatever the case, it didn’t matter. If he wanted to do something by now he sure as hell would have, guards or no. But right now he had something bigger than his petty crimes to deal with. He had to crush Belial and bring old man Dregas the empress’ head, and if that meant bowing down to the king’s brat then so be it.

    One of the guards moved to open the doors as Conrad approached them, but Conrad stepped up and kicked them open instead. He’d play nice if he had to, but that was only if he had to. The doors were quite heavy, but the flew open regardless, although admittedly slower than he’d hoped. There he found the big man himself on his throne, brat #1 at his side, and brat #2 kneeling down in front of them. “You called?” Asked Conrad, practically shouting. He pulled down his hood and mask, showing off his blood-crusted mop of blond hair and the large Tiger brand on his right cheek so they’d be able to clearly see who he was.

    Conrad wasn’t fond of the idea of having to suck up to that kid grovelling on the ground in front of him and he was already kind of irritable from not having killed anyone in almost a fortnight, but regardless he had a huge grin on his face. Dregas had taught him that the life they lived was too short to waste whining about every little thing. Besides, he had a whole campaign of soldier-slicing, outpost-raiding, empire-crushing fun to look forward to! Well, hopefully.

    The king proceeded to announce a bunch of stuff that Conrad really didn’t care enough to listen to, and when it was all over they headed outside of town to set up a camp. While the others set up their tents, Conrad instead found a tree in the area and leaned against it, relaxing. He didn’t really need a tent, having gotten used to sleeping unsheltered from his time with the bandit clan. The others were supposed to be seasoned warriors, so they definitely didn’t need his help setting up their tents.

    After a resting for a little while, Conrad decided he was getting bored so he got up in search of something fun to do. He hadn’t fought anything in a long time, so he figured that was a good start. Looking around for someone who wasn’t busy, he spotted a young soldier who had just finished setting up a tent with his comrades. “Hey kid,” Conrad shouted to him despite the fact that the young man was taller than him and probably not all that much younger. “I’m bored, so fight me.” To emphasize the request, Conrad punched into his palm quite audibly.

    The soldier looked at Conrad like he was crazy and promptly told him, “N-no, I’m good.”

    Wrong answer. Conrad said nothing for a moment, his smile remaining despite the rejection, before he suddenly drove his fist straight into the soldier’s face, knocking him to the ground. “Apparently not good enough, chump.” Conrad said as he walked away. While he would have enjoyed a fight, almost knocking that kid’s teeth out was still pretty funny.

    He looked around for someone else to challenge before he heard the prince shout something. "Good work everyone! Everyone who worked up an appetite head over to the cooks' tent and get some victuals, then after you've all had your fill get yourselves some rest, we march for Perigul in earnest starting tomorrow morning!" Conrad grin grew even wider at the mention of food. Prince grasshead said “everyone who worked up an appetite”, sure, but hey, maybe punching that kid took a lot out of him? He had no idea what the hell a “victual” was, but he was going to get some. He just hoped that they had some good drink, too.
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      As Argath prepared himself, he could barely stay calm. He was invited to a group of troops led by the Prince himself! His brother told him to stay calm and not to speak to the prince unless spoken to, and honestly Argath hoped he didn't get stuck in that situation. Putting his few provisions in his pack, and his lance to his belt, he headed down stairs to the den. After saying goodbye to his family, he walked out on to the streets of Aecilia. The soft hum of noise and activity was calming for Argath, as he walked towards the meeting place, and toward the adventures that await him.

      As he approached the doors, a guard walked over and opened the door for him, giving a slight nod in Argath's direction. Argath nodded back and walked through the doors. Noticing the king and the prince, he instantly stood up straight and barely stopped himself from sweating. Waiting patiently for the king to start, Argath went to lean against a wall. As finally everybody gathered in the room, the king began his briefing.

      Late(ish) night

      Sitting around a campfire, Argath wondered about his troupe. He figured it could possibly be a band of misfits. However, even if it is so, he knew that he could very possibly be the weakest link.
      Hoping that wasn't the case, he looked around at the campsite. There were quite a few tents, some better accommodated than others. Noticing a longer one that he presumed to be the troupes quarters, he started to walk over, until the prince made an announcement.

      "Everyone who worked up an appetite head over to the cooks' tent and get some victuals, then after you've all had your fill get yourselves some rest, we march for Perigul in earnest starting tomorrow morning!"

      Everything sounded good to Argath, he could use some food before he went to sleep. Yawning a big hearty yawn, he walked over to the cook's tent to feed his now raging hunger.
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      Jecht Falgraun, Mr. Odd Jobs
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      It was just your normal average day, birds were chirpin, merchants were swindling customers etc; ya know just the usual type thing that happens where I live. "Hey Jecht how are you today, haven't beat anyone up have you?" There was also the annoying person that I tried to avoid, he is also the person I can reluctantly call my best friend. Sighing I kept walking knowing he would no doubt follow behind me and I spoke. "No Hyde I have not beat up anyone today, and if I had they would have deserved it. Damn snobbish pricks..." I mumbled the last part of myself as I saw Hyde nod his head out the corner of my eye.

      He was Hyde Despin and was the son of a local merchant, he was a few years younger than myself but it didn't matter to me much. He was a cool dude even if he was very effeminate, I even thought he was a girl the first time I met him. "That's good you can be so rough sometimes with others, I remember our first time." Palming my face I turned and yelled at him.

      "Don't go saying things like that idiot!" He always said questionable things like this which had started many rumors that I had to shut down quickly, I had beat him up one day as he had stole my wallet and that was the awakening of his masochistic side. It also happened to be the day we became friends which is rather strange but I digress. Hyde didn't look like he was listening though as he had his hands on his cheeks with a major blush on his face. "You did me so rough that day I.." Punching him on the noggin was enough to snap him out of it as I pulled him along in a headlock, I must've been a bad person in my past life to have a friend like Hyde.

      "Just..shut up now so we can get going." Hyde was rather small only standing at around 5'1" and wore....female clothing...mainly. Add that to his effeminate looks and he really did pass for a girl with most people, heck even I question his gender sometimes and he told me he was a boy! Putting those facts aside we walked down the street of our little town intent on going to do the job Hyde had found for us.

      I was planning on leaving this small town sometime soon and go explore the world, Hyde knew this and decided to help me out by getting the money to leave. So me and him had been doing odd jobs here and there for the past six months intent on me gathering money for supplies and today was the day that I planned on leaving. This would be the last time for awhile he'd see Hyde and that made him slightly sad but it was how it was not anything he could do about it now. "Come on Jecht we don't wanna keep boss lady waiting would we?"

      Somehow Hyde had gotten out of the hold while I was in the middle of my thoughts and had started skipping towards the small store we worked in. A smile came upon my face and I decided to put my previous thoughts out of mind. "Alright I'm coming Hyde no need to rush me." I said as I ran forward to keep up with Hyde, who was currently giggling as I tried to keep up. Hyde was rather fast when he wanted to be, was like a damn cat.

      As I stepped to the front of the building I noticed something that made me stop for a minute. "Come on girl I can show yous a shwell time." It was a drunken guy hitting on a female, or should I say someone who looked liked like a female. Hyde was prone to getting into situations like this and I would usually have to bail him out if it got out of hand. "Oh I'm sorry mister but I have somewhere else to be currently." The drunken guy didn't look like he was giving up as continued his attempts. "Come on baby -hic- don't be like dat, I got something nice for you." The guy made a big mistake when he grabbed Hyde by the wrist and it earned him a kick to the gut by me.

      As he fell down I kicked him one more time to make sure he was down and then I turned to Hyde. "You sure get into a lot of situations like this." I spoke in mock irritation and Hyde giggled as he responded. "It's okay though I have my knight in shining armor to protect me." Scratching my head as I blew a part of my hair away from my face. "Yeah whatever let's get going." Walking into the store I smiled as it almost time to set out on my journey. I wonder what would be in store for me.
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        "Oh dear, you must be that strong prince! But your muscles aren't nearly half the size they said they were..."

        Aster was slightly dismayed. His day had currently been full of remarks about his lack of physique, some intentional, others subliminal, and others... well, maybe he had exaggerated a few, but generally the impression that he had gotten from the Aecilians was a general feeling of "we expected more from you." He was used to it before, but now that he was actually going into battle, they seemed to hit him right in the ego. He had bit his tongue many times to keep from hitting people with crude remarks, as to keep Vangaster-Aecilia relations running smoothly, but he had nearly snapped at this one. He opened his mouth to say something, stopped, and in the end simply said, "I'm sorry to disappoint you, ma'm."

        The housewife simply shrugged and left, not like Aster really cared much. He was more focused on setting up camp, granted that camp wasn't very close by so Aster had to take a long, multi-mile walk to get there. During the walk, he slipped his axe out of it's hold on his back and swung a few times, not too close from the rest of the soldiers, but didn't make any acquaintances due to him pondering on his decided course of training. Nothing had pleased him more than mastering his axe and moving through the air with ease, but of course this had bothered just about everyone else, Vangasterian or not. Vangaster was a land of strength! Of muscle! But to Aster the word was simply synonymous with "home" and "the mother country." Nothing more...

        Upon arrival he quickly made his tent, ignoring the others again in favor of making said tent thinking upon the journey that laid ahead. He was going into war, of course. He was going to prove his ski- and of course upon that thought the tent fell apart and he focused solely on tent building. After that? He removed his armor and took a light nap in what could be called his "street clothes." The nap, however, left him refreshed and ready for Leon's few remarks about the mess hall. Staying without his armor- a brown turtleneck sweater adorned with white fluff and dark blue pants on his figure- he entered in search of food. Good, delicious food.

        He stuffed his arms into his fluffy sweater pockets and cheerfully looked for the food, keeping to himself the concerns he had about the journey ahead, about life and death and food and strategy, about tactics and war, about soldiers and the enemy and where Aster fit in in all of this. A low, quiet sigh emanated from his mouth as he sat and ate, quiet and thoughtful for once. This, indeed, was gong to be a long journey.
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          Adina Maralyn

          The wind was pleasant beneath her wings as Adina glided over the mountains, occasionally dipping down into valleys before drifting upwards again to fly over a high mountain peak. Normally the Manakete princess wouldn't make the journey to the Manakete City in her dragon form, but today she wanted to arrive as quickly as she possibly could. At least out here in the mountains, there wasn't really anyone about to see her as she flew.

          As she passed over another mountain, a sprawling city came into view on the other side: the hidden city of the Manaketes. With a tilt of her wings, Adina dove down towards the city, pulling up a few moments before she reached it so she could fly over the rooftops. Her piercing, ice blue eyes hunted out the extravagant home of royal family - in other words, where Adina and her mother, Queen Anadine Maralyn, lived. Rapidly backstroking with her wings, Adina slowed her descent as she came in for a landing in the courtyard.

          The moment she was standing firmly on the ground, Adina began to rapidly shrink in size. Her scales softened, her muzzle, wings, and tail shrank into her body until they were no more. The feathers on her head were replaced by white hair with blue tips, the spikes on her jaws disappeared. What had been a large white dragon moments before was now a young woman who appeared to be in her 20s; but then, looks can be deceiving.

          Adina didn't bother pulling her hood up over her head as she walked inside - there was no need to hide her face when she was among her own kind. As she walked through the hallways, she would frequently come upon other Manaketes, each of whom would greet her as she passed. Adina, who usually made it a point to interact with other Manaketes whenever she came home, didn't stop this time to converse with any of them, instead only offering them brief nods to acknowledge their greetings. She wanted to speak with her mother as soon as possible.

          Anyone else looking for a queen might have gone immediately to the throne room, but Adina knew better than to expect anyone to sit on the hardback seat 24/7 with nothing to do. And seeing as it was just past noon, she knew just where she would find her mother at this time of day. Sure enough, as she opened another door and stepped back outside, she came to a flourishing flower garden, and standing in the middle of the pathway was Queen Anadine, speaking with another Manakete. When Anadine noticed Adina approaching, however, she said a few words to the person she was speaking to, after which they left, leaving mother and daughter to greet one another.

          "Adina! You're back sooner than I expected. Did something happen?" There was a slight look of worry on Anadine's face as she spoke. Her concern was understandable, however. When Adina had left, she had set course for the farthest edge of Vojun, and that had only been three weeks ago; and now here she was, back already. Adina never returned early without a reason.

          "You know of the tensions growing between Aecilia and Belial?" After Anadine nodded, Adina continued, "I heard rumors that Belial was making a move against Aecilia. I came back to see what the Manaketes plan to do if events escalate."

          The reunion had quickly taken a serious turn as Anadine regarded Adina silently for a few moments. "Nothing for the moment. We can't risk revealing ourselves right now, when our race is already at risk," she finally replied. Not even waiting for Adina to protest, she continued on, "I know you won't sit still about this, though. King Eldridge has sent a party to go investigate an incident at one of Aecilia's outlying settlements. It was completely destroyed, and it's suspected that Belial is responsible. I suggest that you join Prince Leon's party."

          Prince Leon was leading the party? Adina couldn't say that really set well with her, as Leon had never struck as too incredibly responsible or leader-like. Nor did the idea of traveling with humans appeal to her, but if that was what was needed... So be it. "Very well. I'll leave immediately."

          Night was falling as Adina once again flew through the sky, though she'd left the mountains behind by now. She was in what she believed should be the general area of the Aecilian party's camp, now all she had to do was find it. And she did, just a few moments later, as she spotted the lights from campfires that were just visible in the darkening sky. Adina didn't immediately fly down to it, however; she could only imagine how the stupid little humans would panic if a dragon dropped down into their midst, besides that Leon was likely the only one who even knew that she was a Manakete. So, the dragon landed behind a patch of trees instead, out of sight of the camp.

          Once she had reverted to her human form, she pulled the hood of her cloak up to shadow her face, hiding the pale white scales that surrounded her eyes, and pulled on her gloves to cover the scales and claws on her hands. When Adina was certain she was ready, she pulled the cloak shut around her and trudged over to the camp.

          It didn't seem it was going to be a simple matter of walking right into the camp, however, as a soldier on watch immediately spotted her and stopped her. Adina regarded him coldly, disdain for the man clear in her voice as said, "Tell Prince Leon that Adina Maralyn is here and wishes to speak with him. He'll know who I am." The soldier looked at her skeptically, but motioned another soldier over to watch Adina as he left to relay her message to Leon.
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          Prologue: A not-so-pleasant royal reunion.

          When he finally finished setting up his own sleeping quarters Leon made his way towards the mess tent to fill his stomach for a good sleep, but before he could even pull back the entrance flap a guard ran up to him in a huff. "Sir! Some strange woman in a cloak has arrived claiming she knows you, she says her name is Adina Maralyn."

          The prince squinted and winced at the mention of the Manakete princess, but he couldn't exactly ignore her. "Yes it's true, I do know her. I suppose I'd better go greet her. Go get yourself some food Jergens, and if you see Seret there tell him he's to take your place at the gate." He waved off the soldier and strolled lazily over to the makeshift entrance of the cohort's camp. When he made it there, the truth was confirmed. He admirably kept an amiable look to his face, no reason he shouldn't at least try to be pleasant. "Guard, let her pass. She is who she says she is." He wasn't sure what it was, but ever since his first time meeting one Leon could always tell if someone was a Manakete, no matter how well disguised they were, as if they had some sort of unique presence one could learn to recognize.

          He waved Adina over to him and when they were out of earshot of the guard he gave her a short, stiff bow as another soldier rushed by to join the first in guard duty. With the only formality he had any reason to bother with out of the way he addressed her. "Greetings and salutations princess, what is it that brings you here at this hour?"

          Adina gave a small, curt bow of her own - really little more than a nod. "I'm here to join you, on the behalf of the Manaketes," she replied. "Word of the current events reached me, and my mother told me of your expedition. I trust you actually know what you're doing out here?" Her tone was cold, obviously showing that she didn't trust his judgement in the least.

          Leon's face twitched at Adina's manner of speech, but he took on a smirk instead of a scowl.
          "I suppose that remains to be seen, but we're merely an investigative party. We're only to try and ascertain what happened to the town, we aren't to engage anything more than simple bandits we may come across. Which actually makes me curious, I don't quite see why Queen Anadine would send one of her own for a mission that shouldn't require any combat." He looked at the ground for a moment, but quickly lifted his head back up. "But I'm sure all your time traveling with your identity a secret has made you an impressive scout, and if something does go wrong it will be nice to have you with us. I trust the Queen's judgement, so you are more than welcome to join us."

          Adina bristled indignantly at the comparison. A scout?! Was that all he thought of her as?! ...But then she reminded herself that this was Prince Leon and he had a brain about the size of a pea. Bad even by human standards. In retrospect to this, she supposed at least part of his words could be taken as a compliment. "It was my own choice to come, not the Queen's," she corrected. "Though if there is even the smallest possibility that Aecilia is under threat, the Manaketes would prefer to know. That the King of Aecilia left this mission to you, though... I'm going to assume he doesn't believe that this will be much trouble."

          "As always, your dignity and poise are only matched by your eloquence and good manners." Leon answered sarcastically. "Despite the obvious disdain behind your comment, there is some merit to the statement. It's a simple fact that everything must have a starting point, even if I was the most talented warrior in the land in practice only an idiot would trust me with anything more important as my first real mission. I trust my father's judgement much like I trust your mother's, I only hope I can live up to their wishes."

          "I hope you can as well," she replied offhandedly. "Now, are we going to stand here all night with pointless chatter, or are you going to show me where I may rest?"

          With a deep sigh Leon lead Adina over to his tent and waved his hand at it. "Every specially assigned member of the cohort was allowed to set up their own tent, since we didn't have the warning necessary to prepare one for you you can take mine. I'll join some of the regular troops in one of their tents, it'll be on the other side of the camp so you won't have to see my face unless it's necessary." Even with his and Adina's negative feelings towards each other there was just the least bit of pain in his voice. If he could he'd like to be on friendly terms with every Manakete, but she seemed determined to think he was nothing but a disappointment, just like half of Aecilia's aristocracy. "I hope you sleep well Adina." He finished with nothing but fatigue in his voice.

          "I would expect no less." Adina either didn't seem not notice or simply didn't care about Leon's apparent weariness, as she waited with rapidly waning patience for him to leave her in peace. She'd been flying for a good portion of the day and she was looking forward to getting a good night's rest. The Prince's problems did not concern her.

          "Good, feel free to get some rest or eat or however you wish to occupy your time until tomorrow." With the 'pleasantries' out of the way Leon turned away from Adina and walked towards the mess tent, wishing with every fiber of his being that anybody else, or no one at all had been sent in her place.

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