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Resource GSC: Extension 255 icons/minis

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Old November 10th, 2014 (9:31 AM).
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    Thanks to the initiative and support of Soloo993, to the teachings of ASM of Crystal_, and collaboration of Miksy91, comet and Blue Emerald, I expand the number of minis that can be used for display in the menu party and the Daycare, of 38 to 255!! A whole managed for GBC hacks!
    (the Daycare only display the first 128 icons fine)

    The patch only overwrites data, therefore there is no danger that eliminates game information. The only new data is the graphics, which were stored in $1F0000-1F7FFF (Bank 0x7C and 0x7D ; free banks).

    This patch is not compatible with the "Pokemon Editor Ultimate", but you don't need to use it as each pokemon is assigned a value equal to its number of pokedex.
    (Don't apply the patch until you finish the use of the "Pokemon Editor Ultimate")

    To find each pokemon minisprite graphic the fomula are:

    [Index -1] * 0x80 + 1F0000


    Extension 255 icons/minis

    Additionally, I maintain a project to compile/create all icons/minisprites of the poké-world to give each one the correct graphic.

    This is a sample of the patch.

    Thanks to Soloo993 for the compendium of animations.

    1. Blue Emerald
    2. Soloo993
    3. Chamber
    4. Lake
    5. Neslug
    6. Pikachu253
    7. Ryta

    PD: Some graphics are old version and I have not upgraded to the new ones that Blue Emerald created.

    This is the routine.

    GetIcon: ; 8ea1e
    ; Load icon graphics into VRAM starting from tile hl.
        ld a, [CurIcon]
        push hl
        ld l, a
        ld h, 0
        add hl, hl
        ld de, IconPointers
        add hl, de
        ld a, [hli]
        ld e, a
        ld d, [hl]
        pop hl
        lb bc, BANK(Icons),//------------jump here
        call GetGFXUnlessMobile
        pop hl
    ; 8ea3f
    Function8e82b: ; 8e82b
        ld a, e
        call ReadMonMenuIcon
        ld l, a
        ld h, 0
        add hl, hl
        ld de, IconPointers
        add hl, de
        ld a, [hli]
        ld e, a
        ld d, [hl]
        ld b, BANK(Icons)//------------jump here
        ld c, 8
    ; 8e83f
    //jump here
    call @extendida
    ld a,[CurIcon]
    cp a,$80
    jr nc,@mayor
    ld bc,$7C08// 7C = Bank ; nueva ubicacion de los graficos
    ld bc,$7D08// 7D = Bank
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