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Old December 26th, 2003 (5:30 PM).
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i was wondering if someone would be able too help me out on this. I just got pokemon sapphire this christmas and i was wondering if anyone knew anything about the pokemon Torchic. would you let it evolve when it gets enough exp. Ive read in a nintendo power magazine that it learns two moves that it cant if you let it evolve. I wonted too know what those two moves were and if they are worth it. And another question is what is the best players guide for games ruby/sapphire?
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Old December 26th, 2003 (5:33 PM).
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This goes in Ruby/Sapphire Discussion.

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Old December 26th, 2003 (5:39 PM).
wisard104 wisard104 is offline
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I didnt read the whole list
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Old December 27th, 2003 (11:06 AM).
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Actually, I was wondering how to bring up my Torchic too.

(a typical dilemma for many Pokťmon in R/S with different moves depending on evolutionary stage, e.g. Torchic, Shroomish, Nincada, and Swablu to name but a handfull)


On the one hand, I could stop it from evolving into Combusken til Lv 43 and get Flamethrower, then let it evolve into Blaziken at Lv 50 after it learns Sky uppercut.

However, this means missing out on Double kick (Combusken Lv 16), Bulk Up (Combusken Lv 28), and Blaze Kick (Blaziken Lv 36), but being able to learn Fire Spin (Torchic Lv 25).

I suppose if I go for the first option, I could use Heart Scales at a later date to get back any of the other moves I want.

What do you lot think is the right way to go?
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Old December 27th, 2003 (11:37 AM).
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The best way is this way: evolve immediately.
Torchic can get Fire Spin (worthless) and flamethrower (a TM that you can buy for a cheap price anyway). Blaziken and Combusken both get one amazing move that's rare and hard to come by (Sky Uppercut and Bulk Up). Plus you should map out your whole Pokemon team first before you play. You need to know what you're aiming for to know what TM to reverse, what Pokemon egg group to teach those TM for and etc.
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Old December 27th, 2003 (2:51 PM).
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frosweaver is right you should evolve right away

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