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Anime & Manga Rules

All global Pokecommunity rules apply here, unless stated otherwise.
Global rules can be found here, be sure to review them if you need a refresher! A rule or two will be waived in this section in order to make discussion more enjoyable. Unless stated otherwise in this thread, all global rules apply here!

Double Posting is allowed in "Currently Airing" threads.
If the topic is about a currently airing anime, and a new episode airs, you are allowed to bump the thread immediately- regardless of if you were the last poster or not. Sometimes it takes days for others to comment on a new episode, and it's not fair to make anyone wait. Remember, you are only allowed to double post in order to bump these threads after a new episode airs.

This is not a Pokemon section!
This section is dedicated to all anime and manga outside of Pokemon. We have a separate forum for that, which can be viewed here!

Please Elaborate!
While I understand that some people aren't the greatest at explaining, or just want to drop in a quick comment and be done with it, please elaborate as much as you can in order to keep discussion rolling! You might think your comment is pointless, but I sure don't think so. We want to hear what you think!

Respect each other, no bashing people, places or things!
I'm no stranger to how general anime discussions can get. "how dare you like what I dislike", etc. Bashing each other's taste in anime will not be tolerated whatsoever. This also goes for threads that exist for the sake of talking about how bad an anime is, or senseless character bashing.

If you're discussing a newly-released episode, movie, and so on, please be respectful of other members and hide your post within spoiler tags. No one wants to be spoiled before they've watched an episode; that can ruin the experience for a lot of people. The best way to do this is to use the [spoilertitle="(episode number)"] format:

Spoiler: episode number
Looks like this- easy!

Refrain from posting copyrighted content
Any links to illegal streams, downloads or torrents will be removed. They are not to be shared on Pokecommunity in any thread, for any reason.

And finally,
Failure to comply with any of the rules listed here will result in deleted posts, warnings, and eventually infractions. I'm more than willing to add to, edit, or change them, should a problem arise. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the moderators, gimmepie, Sonata or Sapphire Rose.