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Borderlands 2 Event: The Hunt (PokeCommunity Edition)

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Old April 13th, 2015 (3:39 AM).
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The Hunt: PokeCommunity Edition!

Welcome to The Hunt, a Borderlands 2 event which can be done on any platform. Basically you have to farm and try to get every legendary (with some exceptions of course, we will get into that later!) from now on till May 13th!
It's all about fun, emblems will be handed out for obtaining 15, 30 and all legendaries during this event.

- Don't gib in items please, this is just for fun and cheating is not fun x)
- Already owned Legendaries don't count, else some people already could have them all, plus this is not a race :)
- If you get a drop, please take a screenshot to confirm it (can be difficult for console users, may have to think of a alternative, if you have any please let me know!)
- Any playthrough is allowed, as long as the legendary drops
- DLC weapons and world drops are not included simply because they can take ages to get and not everyone may have the DLC.
- If you get a legendary as a world drop which is on the list, it counts! (because Son of Mothrakk is the worst boss to farm)
- Farming Loot midgets is allowed, but not reccommended (not really a fun way imo :P)
- Slagga/Maggie count together since you can only farm one of the two as both are tied to a boss in the Clan War quest and if you pick one side, the other boss is not fightable and cannot be farmed for his assigned legendary.

Now for the items and bosses they are certain to drop from! (49 in total)

Assault Rifles (4):
- Hammer Buster (McNally)
- KerBlaster (Midgemong)
- Madhous (Mad Dog)
- Veruc (Mobley)

Pistols (7/8, depending on which side you picked in the Clan War mission):
- Gub (Laney White)
- Gunerang (Rakkman)
- Hornet (Knuckle Dragger)
- Logan's Gun (Wilhelm)
- Infinity (Doc Mercy)
- Maggie (Mick Zaford)
- Thunderball Fists (Captain Flynt)
- Unkempt Harold (Savage Lee)

Rocket Launchers (5):
- Badaboom (King Mong)
- Mongol (Dukino's Mom)
- Norfleet (Vermivorous)
- Nukem (Black Queen)
- Pyrophobia (Incinerator Clayton)

Shotguns (5):
- Conference Call (The Warrior)
- Deliverance (Tumbaa)
- Flakker (The Warrior)
- Sledge's Shotgun (Smash-Head)
- Striker (Old Slappy)

Snipers (6):
- Invader (Saturn)
- Longbow (Badass Creepers)
- Lyuda/White Death (Gettle)
- Pitchfork (Terramorphous)
- Skullmasher (Son of Mothrakk)
- Volcano (The Warrior)

SMG's (4/5, same with Pistols):
- Baby Maker (Madame Von Bartlesby)
- Rattata (BNK3R)
- Emperor (Assassins)
- HellFire (Scorch)
- Slagga (Jimbo & Tector Hodunk)

Shields (9):
- Transformer (Pimon)
- The Bee (DJ Hunter Hellquist)
- The Sham (BNK3R)
- Cradle (Henry)
- Fabled Tortoise (Blue)
- Black Hole (Foreman Jasper)
- Neogenator (Sphycho)
- Impaler (The Warrior)
- Hide of Terramorphous (Terramorphous)

Grenade Mods (8):
- Bonus Package (Boom & Bewm)
- Fastball (Boll)
- Quasar (Ultimate Badass Varkid)
- Rolling Thunder (Wilhelm)
- Leech (The Warrior)
- Storm Front (Rat Brothers)
- Pandemic (Mortar)
- Nasty Suprise (Vermivorous)

Class mods will be skipped due to all being located either to Terra or Vermi
Relics will be skipped cause it's only one... and drops from Terra

Good luck and have fun!

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Old April 14th, 2015 (12:55 PM).
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Sounds like fun. I'll definitely test my luck with this when I get the chance. It's been ages since I've played B2.
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Old April 15th, 2015 (1:48 AM).
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    This would be cool but I'm terrible at shooters and only have Borderlands 1 :( *cries*
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    Old April 15th, 2015 (2:36 AM).
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    Originally Posted by CliCliW View Post
    This would be cool but I'm terrible at shooters and only have Borderlands 1 :( *cries*
    That sucks :(
    Doing something like this for Borderlands 1 wouldn't do well since the legendaries there are like completely random, none of them are assigned to a boss iirc and thus extremely hard to farm :P
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