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Pokemon Survival Beginnings is A series describing the events before Pokemon Survival. The following series can get both gruesome and depressing and has many death scenes in it, so user discretion is advised. (Fun fact: I'm working on the prequel, the sequel, and the sidestory all at the same time)


The great Liuetinant Charles fought alongside Captain Reginald to defeat a powerful weavile that made its way into the outskirts of Lumoise. Just as Charles prepared to go for a finishing strike on Weavile, the Weavile clawed Reginald in the face, giving him an intense wound from his forehead all the way to his adams apple.

"Continue without me... I'm bleeding out- I'll just hold you back... at least this way, I know I'll die benefiting humanities survival..." Reginald spoke softly due to the injury on his neck.

"No, there's no way I'm leaving without you! Stay with me, I'm gonna go call for help!" Charles yelled.

The mission they went out on failed, due Charles having to get Reginald medical attention. Due to the injury on his neck, Reginald permanently has trouble speaking loudly, but in an emergency he does his best to yell.

Chapter 1

For many years, humanity lived in peace. Using Pokemon to overcome many challenges in life. But one day, Arceus, along with many other powerful legendary Pokemon all came to an agreement that humans have abused their privileges to use Pokemon. Enraged from how we treated them like worthless tools, they used their combined legendary powers to command every Pokemon to relentlessly murder humans at the goal of sending humans to extinction.

Governments worldwide quickly realized what had happened. They created a worldwide milliliter created to fight against Pokemon called the "Hollow Renegade", as well as a law making the possession of a Pokemon in any way illegal, However, such an action created a huge uproar with the population, as many people weren't ready to give up their emotional attachments to Pokemon. Riots exploded everywhere, but if it was a competition of which Riot was the worse, it was Lumoise City, Kalos.

My name is Ex, a boy who lived through the hellish rioting that occurred Lumoise. I was about 5 years old when it happened.

My mother held onto me tightly as citizens around us gave us barely any room. Cars, people, and buildings exploded into flames lit by rioting citizens of Lumoise. I saw a man carrying a gun squeeze his way past us while screaming, "You can't do this to us!!!! Do you psyducking understand what you're doing?!?! I hate the government! Die you filthy bastards!"

With a couple gunshots, a few men in front of us fell to the ground dead. I looked my mom in the eyes, and unlike other kids my age, I was able to understand the trauma she was experiencing from seeing someone die for the first time.The same thing happened to my friends at preschool.. some girl brought a Pokemon to school today... and it killed them. All of them. Everyone but me...

"Please, remain calm! If you just allow us to explain the situation we can solve all of this!" Worried police yelled out.

People began to attempt to hurdle onto the police. The police used their shields to try and horde them off, occasionally having to bat them away. It was a complete warzone. Weapons, fire, fighting. If we stood here any longer, we'd be dead before we could blink. My mother had no choice but to do the most crazy thing possible. Throw me.

She tossed me as hard as I could, successfully getting me away from the crowd of rioters. I began to cough up blood and moan in pain from how hard I hit the ground. It felt as if my spine had cracked into pieces.

Much later on, I found myself at the hospital to get my spine checked out, I found out that my mother was dead.

Chapter 1.5

I had all my crayons and markers put into my backpack so that I could draw my friend a pretty picture for her birthday. Madison was turning 5 today, and we were all gonna give her a surprise party!

"Hey mom, look at this pretty picture I drew for Madison!" I told my mother, showing her the terrible scribbles that was supposed to be me next to her.
"It's absolutely lovely, dear! Say, isn't that the girl you like?" She asked with a smile on her face.
"Hey be quite! Someone might hear mom!" I joked around with her.
"Well have fun!"

i walked my way to preschool, because it honestly wasn't even that far.

"Ex, hurry up, hide!" My friend Thompson said while peeking his way out of under the table. I quickly hid next to him as we all waited for Madison to arrive. We looked out the door and could see her making her way through the hallway.

"SURPRISE!" We all squealed as she opened the door.

"Seriously, for me?!" She said in excitement.

"Yep, and we even got you some presents for it!" The teacher added.

We celebrated Madisons birthday with cake and ice cream, and once we were done, we gave presents. Most of us presented lame pictures, like crappy childish drawings or little toys... but Thompson had other ideas in mind.

"Look what I got you..." He told Madison with a snicker on his face, pulling out a pokeball from his pocket.

"WHOA!" The entire class said in awe.

"So cool, what kind is it!" Madison squeeled.

"It's a super powerful Garchomp that fought the champion! My uncle got it in a trade, but because he's old, he let me have it!" He explained as she grabbed it and looked closely.

"Well, go ahead, bring it out!" The teacher encouraged.

We had never seen a pokemon as rare as Garchomp before, so it seemed absolutely awesome. Madison threw the pokeball, letting out the garchomp in the middle of the classroom.

We expected to be cheering in excitement, but instead we scoot back and stared in fear. The Garchomps eyes were bloodshot red, and it began to growl in anger as it looked down at the class.

"Hey... I think somethings wrong with your pokemon..." A random classmate said out loud.

"Oh it'll be fine, it's just shy! You just have to pet it like this!" The teacher said as she put her hand on Garchomps head.

"See, it's already calming DOW--... g-guh.... s... save me,..." She said as the Garchomp bit her in half and let the legs fall down it's throat.

We all began to scream non-stop, no idea what to do or where to run. The Garchomp began roaring at the top of its lungs after it finished its meal, it's roar sending teachers blood everywhere.

It began using outrage, using its dragonic power to tear each student into shreds one by one. Madison, Thompson and I quickly stood on our feet and attempted to make a break for it. The garchomp threw an entire table at the door as I escaped. I could see Madison and Thompson injured and motionless.

The Garchomp pushed the entire wall into oblivion, and began to chase me down the hallway, destroying the school every step it went.
I saw my mother standing at the entrance ready to pick me up from school.

"MOMMY, HELP!!!" I yelled as I ran into her arms.
She quickly looked forward and saw the Garchomp with blood all over its mouth and hands, ready to kill.

"No one... touches... MY BABY!" She screamed as she pulled out a sword she kept sheathed in case of emergencies. She leaped into the air, soaring like a bird, and stabbed the Garchomp in the eye. It began to scream in pain as she moved her sword around, ultimately messing the Garchomps face up so there was scars on it from top the bottom. "GO TO HELL!" She flipped off of his head , yanking the sword out, and rapidly flipping down its body sword first, cutting it the entire way down until it died.

She breathed heavily with a serious look on her face, and held me in her arms.
"I feared this would happen. We need to get to Lumoise, quick!!!" She said as she picked me up and ran

Chapter 2:

~7 years had past since the day my classmates and my mother had died. I had been living on my own in my mothers emergency safe-house in the mountains without any bills or rent to pay. I was exactly 12 years old, and although my life was a bit depressing, it beats sitting out inside of the city walls just waiting to get murdered by a Pokemon that might invade. This exact spot of time...is when they found me. ~

Although it was technically summer, when you're this high up in the mountains, It was practically had the effects of middle of winter. and due to the heater in the house breaking down last month, I was freezing cold. I rubbed my mittens together near a small controlled flame I lit with a lighter. And out of nowhere, I could hear someone knocking on my door. I live in the middle of nowhere, isolated from everywhere!

I went over to open the door, while saying the words "Who the hell are you?!"

My childhood friends, Madison and Thompson, each stood outside of the door waiting for me to allow them in. You could almost see ice growing on their body. My jaw dropped. I was absolutely speechless. All this time I thought the Garchomp killed them when he used the table to trap them in!

"Come in, come in!!!" I panicked, worried that how cold they were would effect them.

I used the lighter to help thaw them out as they made their self home in my house. I had so many questions to ask them, but I had to wait until we were all settled.

"Madison, Thompson, how did you guys get here, and why are you here?" I questioned them.

"We came here because we're working for a Pokemon Hunting Boot Camp. We do missions hunting pokemon, so that someday, we could be up there in the big leagues!" Madison explained.

"We were told to recruit anyone we knew... and when randomly hiking on an unrelated mission, we saw you going to your home up here. But we were on mission and couldn't come talk to you." Thompson added.

"Wait, you're in a boot camp?! AND YOU WANT TO RECRUIT ME?!?!?! What the hell is wrong with you? Aren't there enough causalities due to Pokemon as it is! All this time I thought I lost you two, if I lost you again, I'd... I'd..." I started to tear up onto my knees.

"Do it for your mom, Ex... Your mom was the best fighter in the entire Hollow Renegade! You're the only one that carries that legendary blood. People might not recognize that you're her son, but you have it in heart!" Thompson persuaded.

"NO WAY! I'M NOT GOING! I HATE IT, I HATE IT! I DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE MY MOM!!! EVERYDAY MOM WOULD COME HOME SICK, SICK BOTH HEALTH WISE AND EMOTIONALLY! SHE'D BECOME DEPRESSED, SHE'D BECOME STRESSED, SHE COULD BARELY EVEN LOOK ME IN THE EYES WITHOUT STARING AT ME LIKE I'M SOME SORT OF MONSTER! I... I JUST... I... I just want my mother~!!!" I went from ranting and whining to sobbing and moaning. My excuse didn't even really make sense. But... it was as if my emotions were just exploding out by their self.

Madison grabbed my shoulders and stared me in the eyes. "Please... Ex... I know times seem rough... but listen to me! Your real mother is gone, she isn't coming back! But she died so that you-... we-... no! She died so that everyone, kids, family, adults, teenagers, everyone in this world could see a better day! By being depressed like this, you're throwing all her efforts in the trash! Now are you going to fight in the name of what she died for, or are you gonna sit here turning pale crying like a baby on a mountain!!!"

They had convinced me. From Thompson, I'd have second thoughts. But when Madison, the love of my life suggests it, there's not a single reason on this earth that I'd say no.