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Started by killer-curry April 10th, 2016 4:42 PM
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So, why this not-related to electronics is coming up to this thread?

Well, newspaper is your papa for your electronic papers and online news , even exist before television!

Perhaps, most of the developed countries people are less likely to read newspapers because online news are always the fastest to reach and you can read it for free and anywhere!

Well, despite online news and TVs had a huge advantage over newspapers, I still like to read the old newspaper because they are quite compact with everything, just for a dollar! Hot news, sports, buisness and actually I do like the are electronic gadgets spotlights.

I believe that newspapers are more accurate than online news because they are strictly governed by the official and the source are always trusted. Besides, there are lot of fun things to look at not just news, comics, puzzles, movie reviews and more that could want you to read.

So, you are still reading newspaper?

Small edit: Umm, newspaper is not outdated, it is just dated because lots of people still reading it!


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The last time I read a newspaper was several years ago when I subscribed for the Wall Street Journal for a few of my classes (I was a business major with some concentration/emphasis in finance and economics). Wall Street Journal you still have to pay for subscription both paper and/or online version, but I think, at least for America a lot of newspapers you can read for free online or getting rid of paper altogether. Lately I use Twitter and follow several news sites for news and I don't mind missing other stuff like movie reviews as I don't tend to read them.

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There are still lots of people reading the daily digest via newspaper and it never gets old. Despite the digital era dominates the news via internet/gadget also ever played those crossword puzzle or sudoku it never gets old on the newspaper.

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I wouldn't necessarily call a newspaper "technology" other than people are switching to digital media (social media, apps, news videos, etc) to get news.