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Old April 21st, 2005 (5:49 PM). Edited April 24th, 2005 by Breezy.
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    We pretend to be that of which we aren't like that of a stitched smile. But even then, seams continue to loosen . . .

    She had one of those freaky little smiles like the ones stitched on for a doll's mouth. Her orbs were dull sapphires shaped like cat's-eye marbles, her eyes were slant, and her face was smooth and pale-while. Arms laid limp at her sides, legs dangled from the chair she sat upon, and eyes casted toward the floor for her head was lowered so that her chin rested on her chest. Strands of wispy brown hair drooped in front of her face.

    Basically, she was a lifeless little wench. Nevertheless though, her parents paid me to help her, and help her I would.

    "Now . . ." I said slowly, tapping a pen on the circular glass tabletop, "your parents say that your name is Kali right?"

    She did not answer, but instead continued to stare at her shoes through blank eyes. I heard her gurgle from the back of her throat, so I figured this was her way of saying yes.

    I've been a child psychologist for about eight years now and I've had my share of unique children, but at least some of them spoke on the first day, unlike her, on the other hand, who had not uttered an intelligible word besides that gurgle in the past three weeks that I had her as a patient. She was a puzzle that I couldn't figure out.

    "And how old are you again?"

    Slowly, limp limbs came to life, and frail fingers unraveled themselves from clenched fists. She held up ten bent fingers that looked like if you bent them straight, you'd snap them in half. I nodded at this and the girl dropped her arms, letting them flop around, her smile still plastered on her face.

    This is how it goes everyday. Parents drop her off, kid sits at table, staring at her shoes, I ask her what her name and age is, and then we sit in silence for the next forty-five minutes until her parents come back to pick her up. Not today though; I refused to not get anything accomplished once again.

    "Kali, is there anything you want to talk about?" This is another question I've asked her countless times, yet still remained unanswered.

    She only smiled and swung her legs forward, gripping the sides of her chair, refusing to answer the simple question. Latios, give me patience immediately for this Kali.

    "Please Kali," I begged, "your parents are worried sick about you and well, so am I. What happened that night? What happened the night you got your first Pokmon from Professor Birch?"

    Again, she refused to speak but instead chose to gurgle through closed, chapped lips. Stubborn, that she was, but I could make anyone crack, and I meant ANYONE.

    Pushing up the thin, square frames that rested on the bridge of my nose, I re-read all the papers and documents that both Kali's mom and I collected the past few weeks while observing her actions. It seemed that day after day, Kali seemed to sit on her bed and stare out the window, much like she does now except on a chair and at her shoes, ever since that one fateful night that Professor Birch gave her a Pokmon.

    And it was then when Kali lost all traces of emotion.

    I didn't understand why she was so afraid of Pokmon that it scared her to an emotionless, monotonous state. Her mother told me that she, since her father is a Pokmon Breeder, is use to being around Pokmon, especially that of rookie Pokmon, so she shouldn't have any problem with her own.

    I turned the page and skimmed another document. This one said that Kali was a mischevious child that always got in trouble. She was also rather spoiled too which wasn't surprising since she was dressed in a fine, red satin dress adorned with white lace. A pair of polished Mary-Janes were slipped onto her feet, shoes that usually prim and proper girls wore. I found it rather odd that her parents made her dress like this, especially at this age. Mostly five year-olds wore this type of clothing, but by the age of ten, girls usually wore ratty old t-shirts and jeans with holes in them.

    I hid my frown and took off my glasses, cleaning the lens with my shirt. I placed them back on and gazed outside the window, peering at the outside world. The sun was eyeing down upon the little town of Petalburg with its golden gaze, its fingers gently warming the sandy ground. Clouds dotted the sky in small, little puffs, and a gentle breeze started up, gusting through the open window, kicking up the white satin curtains, and drying the sweat upon my forehead. The twitter of Taillows rang, and the laughter of children echoed throughout the empty room of my office. The delicate, sweet smell of long grass floated into the room, and I whiffed it in, letting out a sigh soon afterward.

    "Nice day isn't it?"

    From the corner of my eye, I saw Kali shift as a response, lifting her head from off her chest to gaze outside the window. She nodded, her same smile still abroad her face, the sunlight reflecting off the table and into her sapphire eyes.

    "You like days like these Kali?"

    Another nod answered this.

    "Yeah, so do I. I love going and taking walks with my Pokmon. Don't you?"

    That got her attention. She snapped her head away from the window and glared at me, countering the smile on her face, as if angered that I mentioned Pokmon. Good, we're finally getting somewhere.

    The hatred in her eyes continued to glow, and soon, her dull eyes were filled with fire; the first sign of emotion from the past three weeks. Mentally jotting this down in my mind, I continue mentioning that of Pokmon.

    "Yes, and my Pokmon love taking walks with me. Wouldn't you love to do the same with your Pokmon?"

    She shook her head furiously, her hair flying everywhere, whipping her in the face. My, was she angered by the word Pokmon . . . But the sudden reason of her hating them out of the blue just doesn't make any sense.

    She crossed her arms as I began to shuffle through my papers again. Finding the certain article I wanted, I scanned it again while continuing to glance at Kali. This article was written by her mother about Kali going out to get her Pokmon. It was eight at night, and Kali was one of the selected few to get her Pokmon at night from Professor Birch for untold reasons. I suppose that Professor Birch was giving out nocturnal Pokmon and Kali signed up for that shift. She and her mother got in a fight earlier about what Pokmon she should get. Kali wanted a Poochyena, but her mother told her that it wasn't easy to train or something like that if the Poochyena she got had a vicious type nature, but Kali refused to listen and instead gave out a temper tantrum. But when she came back, she was different. Different as she is now anyways.

    Placing the paper back on the table, my eyes bore into the fiery blue ones of Kali, trying to peer into her soul, or perhaps try to snap her out of her angered state. This was to no avail though and only made her more furious if possible. I rested my elbows on the table and my chin on closed fists, continuing to try and read Kali like a book.

    "You have a Pokmon don't you Kali?

    She frowned, snapped out of trance, and furiously shook her head, denying that she held and controlled a creature within her possesion. Ironic that she wanted one when she didn't have one and when she had one, she didn't want one anymore. Perhaps she didn't like what Pokmon she got . . . but that's not possible; after all she got what she asked for , a Poochyena.

    Speaking of which, I had said Pokmon in my possession. Her mother told me that perhaps I could unlock her new . . . "mood" by releasing her Pokmon. Perhaps seeing the creature that she longed for so dearly would help bring her back to her natural, or original, state.

    Reaching inside my pocket, I pulled out a red and white sphere, causing the girl to growl from the back of her throat viciously. I ignored this though and pressed the white button on the ball, enlarging the small, marble sized ball to the size of an Oran Berry. She continued to threaten me with a piercing glare and a loud rumble from the back of her throat, but to her horror, a shaggy, black and grey furred, crimson-eyed creature came out of the ball in flash of white light and silver sparkles. The creature shook and stretched himself from being cramped up in the ball as his soft, pink tongue poked its way between a gap in his sharp, white fangs, and he barked happily, caught up in the excitement. His claws clicked on the glass table as he walked over, prodding my hand with his cold wet nose, obviously wanting to be petted.

    I obliged the Pokmon's wishes, scratching him on the head. "You know this Poochyena don't you Kali? He would happen to be yours correct?"

    She only shuddered and pushed herself back in the chair, the chair's legs groaning in protest. Cowardly, she put hugged herself tightly as if this would help protect her from the young hyena. The grin remained on her face despite the fact that seemed to fear for her life, and I found this rather odd, mentally noting this in my head as well.

    Continuing to pet the hyena, I asked Kali another question. "Didn't you want a Poochyena Kali? What makes you fear him now?"

    Again, she only whimpered and scooted herself away from the table, fingernails digging into her skin.

    "What happened that night when you got Poochyena? Did he bite you? Is that why you're so afraid of him? Did you get jumped at night? What caused you to become like this?"

    The squeak of floorboards answered.

    "Why do you constantly smile? This isn't a bad thing of course, but it's also okay to be content or even frown sometimes. It is like you're trying to hide something Kali. Is there a reason behind this?"

    Nothing but the laughter of children outside.

    I became more determined and my questions came out more like demands. "Kail, why do you no longer speak! Why do you refuse to obey or answer anything! ANSWER ME KALI!"

    She quickly turned her head, wispy hair whipping her in the face. Stubborn wench.

    Sighing, I continue to pet Poochyena through gritted teeth, trying hard not to yell again. Very unprofessional of me to yell at one of my patients, especially if one seemed to be in a traumatized state like she was. Good thing she could not speak or at least refuse to otherwise I would get myself in a whole bunch of trouble.

    To cover this up though, I urged and pushed her Poochyena toward her in hopes of maybe her former love for such creatures would reenkindle itself again. The Poochyena got the idea and began to trot toward his trainer, panting happily. The girl only shuddered and pushed herself back until the back of the chair met the white plaster walls. She sat on the edge as if ready to run just in case, gripping the sides of the chair, whimpering through a stitched smile. The Poochyena only made his was closer toward Kali, and I couldn't help but grin at his attempts to get closer with his trainer.

    Kali looked awfully frightened though as if she saw a ghost. Looking around quickly, head shifting left and right, she got up from her seat slowly and stepped backward toward the wall, pushing herself against it as if she could turn transparent and float away from what was her supposed danger. Her fingers gripped the top of the chair as the young hyena came closer, and slowly, she raised the wooden chair above her head, her eyes narrowing to form a glare. Like an animal trainer and a lion in the circus, Kali jabbed the legs of the chair toward the Poochyena, and it caused him to move back a bit in surprise though he still continued to move forward. I suppose Kali began to panic, for she threw the chair out of desperation, almost colliding with the fragile body of the Bite Pokmon. Unfortunately, a leg of the chair thwacked the Poochyena right smack on the head before the chair crashed and broke against the glass table, and the hyena let out a mighty roar of agony despite his small size, causing Kali to scream shrilly to my puzzlement. She broke the seams, and out of her mouth came a wispy, silver thing like pixie dust that quickly floated out the window in a trail of dusty sparkles. She stepped foward a few steps, her arm outstretched as if trying to hold onto something, only to fall backward, hitting the floor hard.

    I never knew that rookie Poochyenas were capable of using Roar, a move that scares off foes back whether wild or trained, but I suppose that it was yet another explanation of Pokmon that us humans did not understand. Perhaps new "moves" were learned by trainer when the Pokmon felt that the trainer could wield that elemental power. Perhaps Pokmon were able to use moves that they should not know when threatened, scared, or any type of emotion really.

    But I'm no Pokmon professor so why bother figuring it out?

    The young Poochyena, who managed to calm down his beating heart, treaded over toward the limp body of Kali, licking his owner's face despite the fact that she tried to hurt him. He whimpered though and stepped back a bit, toenails clicking on the wooden floorboards, crimson eyes wide in startlement. His nose twitched a bit as if his sensitive nose smelled something horrible, and his tail laid limp instead of the perky wag he had a few moments ago.

    Surprised at this, I got up from my chair, walked over, and inspected the girl from where I stood. Sprawled all over the floorboards was herlong, cobwebby brown hair, eyelids protecting her dull sapphires. Her mouth, which was formerly closed as if stitched that way, was opened into the shape of a perfect O because of that shrill scream she let out a few moments ago, and she was spread out in an eagle-spread position, arms and legs stretched out as if making angels in the snow. I bent down, brushed the hair out of her face, and instantly, goosebumps traveled up and down my arm, pricking up my hairs. I raised an eyebrow, peering at her through the top of my glasses, awfully confused.

    No wonder she looked so pale.

    She was dead.
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    Old April 24th, 2005 (11:35 AM).
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      Awesome!More!Unless like.. you know thats the end of the story.
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      Old April 24th, 2005 (1:58 PM).
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        It's the end of the story. =P You gotta figure out what Pokmon killed and posessed her.

        Maybe I should of mentioned that it was a mystery . . . But author notes felt so wrong in this one-shot heh. Thanks for reviewing!
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        Old April 24th, 2005 (2:04 PM).
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        squeeee 8)

        Wow. Intense- definitely my favorite among your works. Reminds me of Reflections.

        Hm...I'm going to take a wild stab here.

        Something related to Banette? I remember reading Scrap's one shot about it and particularly this line:

        Kali looked awfully frightened though as if she saw a ghost.
        ...gave it away, as well as the stitched smile (reminded me of a ragged doll or something). XD Sorry, it just kind of hit me. I could be wrong, though. And I know something else happened, since I had to keep rereading it.

        This was excellent. ; Especially the last line- I love endings that just linger on through your mind. Kali's details were extremely effective, and I think I get the jist of it, although there's something still missing. Ack don't tell me; I'll get it one day. One day.

        Until then, great job. <3 I love this one shot.

        ( ‿‿ ) PM me for a contract.
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        Old April 24th, 2005 (9:19 PM). Edited April 24th, 2005 by Breezy.
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          Oh yeah, Reflections was about Ash and the psychologist wasn't it. o0 Heh. I won't tell you what three Pokmon killed her, but I will tell you that Banette is one of them (obviously the one who posessed her). The other two killed Kali. I also hoped that someone would get that ghost line at other sites but you're the only one to point it out. o0

          Ja. Thanks for reviewing Lileh as always. You too Gohan even though I should of said that earlier but I'm stupid and didn't.
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