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Old October 23rd, 2016 (2:27 PM). Edited December 28th, 2016 by Rainbow.
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Spinoff Travel Journal


This thread is the place to share stories of your adventures in any of the official Pokémon Spinoff games! What's going on in the game, what area did you just reach, what exciting event just occurred, etc. That said, you can also discuss other people's stories and give them tips or advice. A few simple guidelines to keep this thread on track:

- Follow the PokéCommunity Rules as well as PGC's Rules.
- This thread is only for Spinoff games - Main Series Games belong in their corresponding sections.
- Try to avoid double posting whenever possible. Edit your previous post if you have a small update.
- No videos or off-site stories. This isn't the place to advertise your channel or blog.

That's it! Have fun sharing your adventure!

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Old December 9th, 2016 (4:30 PM). Edited December 9th, 2016 by CUTIEFLY!!!.
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Pokepark playthrough: part 1
Playthrough rules: Gonna upgrade as few times as possible.
Gonna get as close to 100% completion as possible.

I was running around in this booooring world, when I fell into a ditch. I must have fallen unconscious, been kidnapped, and dropped off in the woods, because I had no idea where I was.
When I awoke, I saw a Chatot. He (?) Wanted me to dash into a crate. Ouch, it hurt quite a bit. And all I got was some berry that isn't even named.

Next he (?) wanted me to jump over a log, so I did. Then he (?) wanted to play a game called "Chase". It was pretty easy to win considering I'm a Pikachu and all. A Buneary appeared out of thin air, and decided to join me. There was a Snorlax blocking the road, so I awoke it with a nice shock.

A wild Snorlax appeared!
>Fight >Run
>Bag > Pokemon

Oops, wrong game. The snorlax just walked away. I'm just glad it didn't use pulverizing pancake, or Buneary and I would be toast.

Friendcount: 1
Berries: 20
HP: Default
Dash: Default
Thunderbolt: Default
Iron Tail: None
Prism Pieces: 0/14
Film: 0

Chapter 2: The Meadow Zone part 1
Just up ahead I saw my friends Chikorita, and Buneary (Who isn't actually my friend yet, but whatever). Buneary wanted to do an attraction, but Bulbasaur didn't want to let us play. We finally convinced him.

The attraction seemed easy enough. Running is one of my strong suits. I got the bonus berry award too, which was nice. And Bulbasaur gave me a Prism Piece! I had a weird dream about them. Bulbasaur and I were now friends.

But then Treecko and Mankey showed up to ruin the fun, and was gonna report us. They kidnapped Chikorita too! I was planning on playing some skill games, but that would have to wait I guess. Luckily, it seemed like Treecko and Mankey were in the mood for some! How convenient.

Treecko wanted Turtwig to win the bonus for the attraction. Considering he didn't want us to play, that was surprising. Regardless, I went and found Turtwig who I coached to be a great runner in just half a second. Turtwig wanted to play chase first, because he would only play for a friend. Chase was pretty easy. We became friends, and Turtwig offered to play. I heard a rumor people actually wanted to come to the Meadow Zone after the attractions opened. Bonsly and Pachirisu arrived.

Turtwig won easily with the coaching I gave him. Treecko went off somewhere leaving only Mankey. Mankey wanted to battle. I wasn't good at battling but I had no choice. What Mankey wasn't counting on was a ranged attack, me jumping over him, and hitting him from behind when he got up! We became friends, and he told me to come back someday. Apparently Chimchar came here to the pokepark too.

But then there was a third guard! Croagunk guarded the gate, and he wanted berries, which I happened to have lots of. But then he returned most of them because I had a noble quest, full of evil villans, exciting action, deadl- Oh wait, this is pokemon.

Finally, Venasaur's lair. But he told me to challenge Croagunk and Spearow. Sigh...
First, I challenged Croagunk to honorable battle. I was gonna use the same strategy I used with Mankey, but he had longer ranged attacks, and I didn't have time to charge up, so I dashed instead. And then Scyther came!

Spearow wanted to play obstacle hop, which I am not good at :/ luckily I was able to start pretty high up. I only ended up falling once. We became friends too, and I went back to Venusaur. I was ready to leave, when Chikorita decided to protest, so I joined in. This attraction wasn't free, but I had more than enough berries. I could have chosen Mankey to fill in, but I needed to do it myself! I cleared it after just 3 tries. And I got another Prism Piece!

Friendcount (Best friends): 7 (2)
Berries: 325
HP: Default
Dash: Default
Thunderbolt: Default
Iron Tail: None
Prism Pieces: 2/14
Film: 0

Chapter 3: Making new friends... and memories...

Croagunk (Best friend challenge): Croagunk wanted another battle, and I accepted. I noticed a considerable improvement, in his attacking speed, movement speed, it was NOT an easy battle! Even though I won with 100% health xD

Scyther: I had heard about the great battler scyther, and just had to challenge him! Scyther was tougher in his first battle then Croagunk's second! He had amazing speed, awesome physical attacks, and special attacks that seemed to track me down! Every time I dashed, he would jump up! His second battle was insane. I lost many many times trying to beat him. Although my final battle was flawless!

Pachiriscu: A tougher opponent at chase then any I had seen before, but noone to bow down towards. The second game was much harder though!

Treecko: Even harder then Pachirischu to catch! I almost lost the second game!

Munchlax: Munchlax just wanted a berry. Nothing much. Oh, and Tropius came!

Buneary: Just wanted to play chase, nothing much. Lotad and Shinx came!
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Old January 28th, 2017 (10:33 PM). Edited January 28th, 2017 by colours.
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Pokemon Duel - January 29th, 2017 Entry:

I didn't do much today. In fact, strangely, I didn't play the game much at all. This is mostly because I'm saving up my gems via the login bonuses to purchase a sextuple pack, and I really, REALLY badly need one (or more) EX figures so I can have a significantly better deck than the one I have currently. Some teams that I've faced in league matches have Mewtwo and Ho-oh and my only EX is a Latas. For the most part, playing smart would be an optimal choice, but starting out at a significant disadvantage because of having muktier figures just won't do.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow brings about better things. The figures that I've gotten so far via the locked boosters aren't very satisfying. For some reason, they turn out to be either useless figures or dups of figures I already have. Not that there's anything wrong with the latter, but they're dups of not very useful figures. Oh well, at least they make for good fusion fodder, so I can't complain too much.

On a separate note, the story mode so far seems... interesting, to say the least. Part of me honestly feels like games could've done without the unnecessary cutscenes and the random awkward interjections and just go straight towards playing matches, but maybe that's the part of me that's kind of a joykill. Sometimes there's genuinely funny moments (even if they're arguably cringeworthy) so I have to give the game credit for that.

On the flip side though, only 2-3 gems for winning each match is absolute crap. I genuinely feel like it really is either pay to buy more gems or get them the hard way either via story mode or doing the daily challenges, which is very annoying. While my impressions of Duel so far have been mostly positive, I'm not a fan of how this is basically a thinly veiled pay-to-play game. Essentially, if you don't want mukty figures, you have to pay up. Playing league matches help to get boosters, but waiting 12-24 hours for the good ones (unless you pay up with red gems, in which most of the time you're better off saving them) is an annoying thing to do.

Tl;dr - if you want to make any progress in Duel, you have to have a lot of red gems. And having a lot of red gems start with either promotions or by forking your own cash. Otherwise, sucking it up and waiting is your best move.

I will admit to spending a few dollars on Duel as I have no problem spending money on apps provided they're not absolute garbage and they're actually engaging and something I see myself using in the future, but at the same time, I remember feeling this same way about Pokemon GO, and I haven't touched that in months. I really wonder if the same will be true for Duel? Only time will tell, really. I'm not bored of it so far, so there's that. Not a fan of the long waits though, and I think eventually it might get to the point that I might forget to open the app at all due to it forcing me to wait to unlock boosters.
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