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Old December 30th, 2016 (5:33 PM). Edited 4 Weeks Ago by Frozocrone.
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Hello all,

Figured I might do one of these, since I'm around the trade forums a fair bit and it's the New Year too. I'll be opening an Aprimon shop for people to trade from. If you have had a good experience trading with me, whether it's for a Pokemon or just me helping you out, please leave a review to let others know. I do have a shop, it's just undergoing moderator's approval (should have waited until I got the OK before making this thread..). Also note that this will strictly be for Gen 7.

IGN: Woody (Sun) Chitoge (Moon)
Friend Code: 4098-3939-2078

Thank you to all those on PC that have been wonderful to trade with so far!

People traded with (I recommend these people)
1) Death
- Traded my Adamant 5 IV Love Ball Stuffal w/ Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Wide Guard, Mega kick for Death's Adamant 5 IV Level Ball Growlithe w/ Flare Blitz, Iron Tail, Close Combat, Burn Up
2) colter519
- Traded my Heavy Ball (HA) Magnemite for colter519's Level Ball (HA) Salandit
- Traded my Moon Ball Dhelmise for colter519's Lure Ball Magikarp
- Traded my Moon Ball Drampa w/ Hurricane, Dragon Rush for colter519's Moon Ball Ralts
- Traded my Moon Ball Salandit for colter519's Love Ball Ralts
- Traded my Moon Ball Passimian w/ Quick Guard, Iron Head, Seismic Toss, Quick Attack for colter519's Friend Ball Dratini
- Traded my Moon Ball Wimpod w/ Aqua Jet, Spikes, Metal Claw, Wide Guard for colter519's Fast Ball Dratini
- Traded my Moon Ball Komala for colter519's Friend Ball Seedot
- Traded my Moon Ball Mimikyu for colter519's Moon Ball Pichu
- Traded my Moon Ball Minior for colter519's Moon Ball Murkrow
- Traded my Love Ball Mimikyu for colter519's Heavy Ball Makuhita
- Traded my Love Ball Oranguru for colter519's Dream Ball Buneary
- Traded my Love Ball Fomantis (HA) for colter519's Moon Ball Cleffa
- Traded my Love Ball Bounsweet for colter519's Friend Ball Pichu
- Traded my Love Ball Minior for colter519's Friend Ball Weedle
- Traded my Love Ball Cutiefly (HA) for colter519's Friend Ball Roselia
- Traded my Love Ball Salandit for colter519's Love Ball Cleffa
3) Giovanni Boss
- Traded my Luxury Ball for Giovanni Boss' Friend Ball Comfey

4) Liaison1992
- Traded my Moon Ball Adamant A - Sandshrew 5IV w/ Icicle Crash, Night Slash, Chip Away, Crush Claw for Liaison1992's Beast Ball Jolly Shelder w/ Rock Blast, Icicle Spear

5) Soapie❤
- Traded my Friend Ball Modest Comfey, 5 IVs for Soapie❤'s Bottle Cap
- Traded my Love Ball Ball Modest Petilil, 5 IVs for Soapie❤'s Bottle Cap
- Traded my Love Ball Modest HA Eevee, 5 IVs w/ Wish, Yawn, Stored Power, Natural Gift for Soapie❤'s Bottle Cap
- Traded my Love Ball Modest HA Cutiefly, 5 IVs w/ Moonblast, Baton Pass, Bestow, Speed Swap for Soapie❤'s Bottle Cap
- Traded my Moon Ball Adamant HA Rockruff, 5 IVs w/ Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch, Thrash for Soapie❤'s Heavy Ball Cubone w/ Perish Song

- Traded my Friend Ball Modest HA Fomantis, 5 IVs w/ Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Aromatherapy, Weather Ball for Soapie❤'s Friend Ball Cutiefly w/ Baton Pass, Bestow, Skill Swap, Moonblast
- Traded my Lure Ball Adamant Dhelmise, 5 IVs for Soapie❤'s Bottle Cap
- Traded my Lure Ball Jolly HA Totodile, 5 IVs w/ Dragon Dance, Aqua Jet, Ice Punch and Crunchfor Soapie❤'s Bottle Cap
- Traded my Heavy Ball Jolly Riolu, 6 IVs w/ Agility, Vacuum Wave, Crunch, Bullet Punch for Soapie❤'s Gold Bottle Cap
6) SirBoglor
- Traded my Moon Ball Timid HA A - Vulpix, 5 IVs w/ Moonblast, Freeze-Dry, Hypnosis, Encore for Sirbogler's Love Ball Adamant Stufful, 5IVs, w/ Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Stomping Tantrum, Force Palm

7) TorchBlaziken
- Traded my Love Ball Timid HA Salandit, 5 IVs for TorchBlaziken's Level Ball Jolly Bagon w/ Dragon Dance, Thrash, Hydro Pump
- Traded my Moon Ball Adamant HA Sandshrew, 5 IVs w/ Icicle Crash, Night Slash, Chip Away, Crush Claw for TorchBlaziken's Beast Ball Timid Staryu
- Traded my Level Ball Adamant Growlithe, 5 IVs w/ Burn Up, Morning Sun, Close Combat, Iron Tail for TorchBlaziken's Heavy Ball Brave Roggenrol w/, Wide Guard, Gravity, Heavy Slam, Autotomize
- Traded my Heavy Ball Impish HA Grimer, 5 IVs w/ Curse, Mean Look, Shadow Sneak, Spite for TorchBlaziken's Friend Ball Bold Eevee w/ Wish
8) FreshBoi214
- Traded my Moon Ball Modest Cyndaquil, 5IVs w/ Flare Blitz, Extrasensory, Thrash for Freshboi214's Love Ball HA Vanilliete w/ Autotomize, Magnet Rise, Iron Defense, Powder Snow
9) Poke Slacker
- Traded my Love Ball Sassy Oranguru, 5IVs w/ Extrasensory, Wonder Room, Psychic Terrain for Poke Slacker's Friend Ball A- Grimer w/ Curse, Shadow Sneak
10) Gho5t
- Traded my Level Ball Quiet Turtonator, 5IVs w/ Head Smash, Fire Spin, Wide Guard, Revenge for Gho5t's Moon Ball Komala w/ Wish, Play Rough, Charm

Giveaway recievers:
HA Love Ball Mareanie w/ Haze | Stockpile | Swallow | Spit Up
1) colter519
2) AlfieOhAlfie
3) SirBoglor
4) WOHslayer2
5) HalcyonXIII
6) Sider
7) Asalo99
8) JayTheKing
9) Boynsy
10) Liaison1992
11) Giovanni Boss
12) Nah

Love Ball Chansey w/ Pound | Defense Curl | Growl | Aromatherapy
1) First12
2) mega beedrill
3) FreshBoi214
4) LynEve
5) CurtisS2013

No-one! Let's keep it that way, eh?
3DS Friend Code: 4098-3939-2078 | Woody (Sun) | Chitoge (Moon)

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Old December 31st, 2016 (3:07 PM).
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It's been a few days, but I've traded with you before so I'll vouch. Trade was fair, smooth, and prompt. Would trade again! =)

3DS Friend Code: 3067-9038-9223 Add and send PM please!

Mikazuki's Trader Review =]
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Old December 31st, 2016 (8:35 PM).
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Traded for their loveball Stufful and sent them an IV bred growlithe. Their pokemon came with pokerus and a berry which was incredibly nice of them. The trade went smoothly and I would recommend others trade with them too!

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Old January 3rd, 2017 (12:22 PM).
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The giveaway was done almost instantly. Furthermore, it had an efficiently organized setup in GTS.

Also, thanks. xD
I'm Brazilian, by the way.
So, feel free to speak portuguese with me.
I do like breeding a lot, being a bit of a maniac for Luxury Balls. So if you want anything bred in a Luxury Ball, chances are I can do it for you.
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Old January 6th, 2017 (7:50 AM).
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Traded my Heavy Ball Cubone for their Moon Ball Rockruff. The Rockruff has egg moves and Pokérus, which was a nice bonus :) Polite and patient! The trade in itself went quickly and smoothly ^-^
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Old January 8th, 2017 (10:53 AM).
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I have both traded and received from a a giveaway of theirs. Both went very smoothly, and their politeness and consideration of my time is more than appreciated. Quite the apri-bro, in my opinion
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Old February 19th, 2017 (2:04 PM).
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Frozocrone has a good collection of Aprimon trade a couple of mine for a couple of his quick and pleasant trade.
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