News Ash Hat Pikachu distribution confirmed

Started by bobandbill March 11th, 2017 10:06 PM
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The Pikashumium Z Crystal will also be distributed! It’s all part of pre-order bonuses for tickets of the 20th Pokémon movie.

Read the article here!

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I need one



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I was wondering when they would announce/release these events. While they don't really appeal to me, it's a cool gimmick nonetheless!

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I hope this event will be held outside of Japan, hopefully via online Mystery Gift and all. Collecting Ash's Pikachu with different hats might be good, especially when you like the anime.


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the special 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt Z Move
It's always fun when they add "n Volt" instead of "n Amperes" before the name of electric move in order to make it look really powerful.

Not so strong move after all. {XD}
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Since it's a Japanese serial code so I am guessing they'll only be downloadable on the Japanese version.

Hopefully we get our English versions soon. I don't like Ash or Pikachu but these are decent collections.
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Great to hear this event is finally coming, even if it's Japan-only for now.

They likely can't evolve like Cosplay Pikachu, but I do love the little shout-outs in that the level of each hat represents the first movie of that generation, and the movesets match what Pikachu's anime moveset was at the start of that region.
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