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This thread is for showcasing the community's tournament and ladder achievements, setting goals for everyone to strive for, and coordinating when the community should focus on joining certain Smogon tournaments. Any recent achievements will be put up on the Competitive Pokémon forum splash. To share your ladder achievements, please post a screenshot that includes both your ranking and the top right portion of the screen to show that you're logged in. On the other hand, PokéCommunity tournament achievements will be automatically updated here, but you'll need to post your Smogon tournament achievements.


・PokéCommunity League winning clans

Season 4 - winner: Ghosts of Perdition (head: wolf / 5qwerty / FireSnow / auxiliary: Kevin Garrett)
Season 3 - winner: Brave Altaria (head: Dragon / Choice Specs / Decidueye / auxiliary: Sam1994)
Season 2 - winner: Ghosts of Perdition (head: wolf / Archy / esperance / Nolafus / Omicron)
Season 1 - winner: Ghosts of Perdition (head: Anti / 2Fruit / Dedenne1 / Nolafus / srinator)

・PokéCommunity OU Tournament winners

・Miscellaneous PokéCommunity tournament winners

・Smogon tournament finalists & semifinalists


Smogon Ladder


・Top of the ladder

・Top 10

・Top 100
5qwerty (#18)

・Top 500










・Other formats (no Random Battle or Challenge Cup)

・Top of the ladder

・Top 10

・Top 100

・Top 500

・Suspect ladder voting requirement

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