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Old June 1st, 2005 (1:45 AM). Edited June 1st, 2005 by Budgie_boy.
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Hi all, I'm Back.
Well it seems that my version of pokmon (Mystic Fog) will have to be made as a new game. Can anyone who views this tell me a few things:
1. Whats the best free 2d MMORPG game development software
2. How to use that software
3. What do you want in this game
4. What new pokmon/characters should look like.

I already have a number of things I want in this game:
1. Multi-player online 500 players at once.
2. New Pokmon 450+.
3.New Characters and character editing option (Make your own Character).
4. Old And New Regions (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Raegon)
5. More buildings and larger map overall.
6. Pokmon Stadium competitions (50 ai, 50 Players)
7. New shops (Clothes, etc)
8. Better Graphics overall.
9. Lvl 300 max.
10. Weather and day/night system as standard

The stadium events will be each regions main thing (like elite four) however you must become champion of these events before you move on to the next region. After you have become champion of all regional competitions you may try and defeat the elite four (All Original). The elite four will be as hard as trying squeeze a snorlax in a sardine can.

I will Post the Advert for this soon.

Hopefully this will be compatible will all version of windows. If you want to join my one-man team of designers and stuff then go to

If You want to contribute to anything in this game then don't hesitate to email me. It's [email protected]

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Old June 1st, 2005 (10:27 AM).
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Can you please stop making threads like this? We have the Help/Request Threads for people that need to ask something. And threads requesting teams when you haven't actually got a game would be against the rules. So...

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