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Old June 1st, 2005 (5:45 AM).
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It is the year 2011, and all pokemorphs have been captured and put to work in pokemorph camps by team rocket. You are one of them. Team Rocket treats you as slaves. You sleep under ground, in small caverns. You barely get enough to eat. What will you do? Will you sit around and work for these horrable humans, or will you try and run away? It's up to you so take a deep breath and choose.

Personality: (Optional)
History: (optional)
RP Sample:
Camp: (Water, Fire, Earth, Ground, Air, Electric,ect.)

So you know, I will be Team Rocket members, not a pokemorph.
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Old June 13th, 2005 (3:50 PM).
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Name: Glacia
Age: I don't know..
Morph: Glalie
Gender: Female
Description: A normal Glalie, which looks like a sort of icy white ball with shiny blue eyes and cat ears... I don't know how to describe it. She had turned completed pokemon, and the only thing human about her was her speech. She spoke half human words, half pokemon.
History: In childhood, this trainer had always loved and cared for Ice-Types. She dedicated her life training in the elite four with Glalie, Walrein and Sealeo. Finally, she ranked to the third elite. Both her parents were so proud. Glacia and her pokemon were so excited. Glacia agreed to a picnic where her 5 pokemon were caught and met her, a cave not far off from Mossdeep. When Glacia and her five pokemon arrived there with the picnic basket, the weather brought joy to them. It was snowing! The ground even included some ice. That was great to an ice type trainer! Then there had been a blackout. When Glacia had opened her eyes, her pokemon were all fainted. Her picnic basket was not in sight. Who had done such a thing? She looked up to see a Rocket smiling down at her. This would be the new cavern and home she would be treated as a slave at. Right here, right now. Or would it? There was another black out, the last one. Glacia's pokemon were all missing. She was going to cry. Then she realized that she was her own pokemon! At least one of them, Glalie. Now the terrible adventure and slavery would begin.
Rp Sample?: Can my history be it?
Camp: Ice!
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