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i know how to catch them!!!

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Old January 23rd, 2004 (5:22 PM).
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    i know i said i don't belive in deoxys but now i do. i did an other search for him and now i belive.
    first go to search on yahoo.
    type in deoxys for the search
    it sould be the 2nd one and it says pokemon uk-because everything else just plain sucks sit name is
    and it sould give u the way to catch both deoxys and jarichi.

    don't reply to this thread until you did the yhing i did to get to this site
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    Old January 24th, 2004 (1:26 PM).
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      dude those are gameshark codes god idontwant ot use them i thought u find a way without cheatin i hate that
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      Old January 25th, 2004 (10:41 AM). Edited January 25th, 2004 by igtica.
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        to be honest this information could have been posted in the other Deoxys thread. Please post there as we can't have 2 threads on the same topic.
        BTW Deoxys does exsist. It's an official pokemon. The problem arises in trying to get hold of it.
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