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Based on yourself IRL, or what sorts of Pokémon and teams you tend to use and/or like! You can, of course, have more than one answer, and you can really use any rationale you like and that makes sense to you.

Hard mode: Pick something besides Ace Trainer for a "based on your party-building" answer, since it's such an obvious choice for the vast majority of the parties players construct in Pokémon games!

I'd say, based on the sort of person I am in real life, the best fit would probably be a Collector, since, although I don't necessarily have the demeanor they tend to be portrayed with, I do like to collect things pertinent to my interests, and I try to catch lots of Pokémon of various species as I progress through mainline games. As well, I'm also a completionist when it comes to most video games, or at least my own sort of style of one. Alternatively, I could be a Psychic since I'm a huge MOTHER/EarthBound trilogy fan, or an Artist, since I do draw from time to time, my avatar here being one example of that!

In a weird sort of way, I think my favorite sorts of Pokémon and teams thereof would map best to a Tamer, since I tend to like and use a lot of bestial and draconic Pokémon, which match well with the concept of a Tamer thematically and aesthetically, and aren't too far off from what Pokémon they tend to use in the games, either.
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While I don't participate in as many sports as I used to, I could see myself being one of the athletic trainer types, with Golfer and Infielder coming to mind right away, or either a Boarder or Skier if I want to use Ice type Pokemon.

I think it might also be fun to be a Tourist trainer, as well. It would be interesting to use only out-of-region Pokemon to put together a team, with no real limit other than using non-native Pokemon.


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I'd be one of those Aroma Lady classes from Gen III simply because of my love for Grass Pokemon. :P


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Definitely a Pok Fan. I mean, I already walk around in Pokemon shirts with Pokemon stuff hanging off my bag and constantly buy anything Pokemon that I see.

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Pokefan. I'm pretty big and open about loving Pokemon, lmfao. Honestly, that's the only trainer class I could see myself as.
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I'd see myself as more of a Collector.


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PokeFan or Collector, really. I'm a massive Pokemon nerd and I several of my hobbies involve collecting.


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The real life me would unquestionably be a Beauty or a Lady, simply due to my love of style and fashion. However, based on how I play the games I'd say Kimono girl or Aroma Lady. A Kimono girl because I love Eevee and its evolutions so much and use them often in-game and I'd be an Aroma Lady due to my adoration of grass type pokemon.

Of course, if we were talking about the anime, I'd be a Pokemon Coordinator without any doubt in mind and I'd kick some butt in pokemon contests. Zoey would be quaking.

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Ace Trainer, specifically the purple-sporting Kalos variety. Preppy and perfect, but not overly salty after a loss.

That said, I also associate with the Aroma Lady's appreciation for Grass-types.
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I wish to belong to a trainer class that uses dragon pokemon, they are my favorite type. They are among the most powerful and well-rounded types in the game. Visually they are striking, and they have fascinating lore attached to them in-game. These are mystic Pokemon that directly parallel legendary creatures from our real world mythology. Dragons have left their footprints in art, literature and religion from east to west. They come in many different shapes, color and sizes with all sorts of names and will always be a source of intrigue for me. All of these things combined with a dragon pokemon's rarity, versatility and the patience required to train make them my favorite type.

The most obvious trainer class choice woud be Dragon Tamer since I would be using dragon types or Pokemon that fall within the dragon egg group or at least have some visual similarities to dragons/snakes. However, that is not actually the class I want to belong to. I would choose Lorekeeper as my trainer class instead.

I choose lorekeeper because it emphasizes an understanding of history and mythology over the physically heroic dragon tamers. Since I was old enough to walk I have always loved hearing fairytales, ancient myths and colorful stories. I have aspirations of being a writer, so I feel like lorekeeper better suits me. This trainer class doesn't simply battle, but is responsible for passing down knowledge. They are keepers of tales that inspire communities. The legends and secrets that they pass down orally can literally change the course of history. I have battled, bred and played with Pokemon, but my favorite part of this franchise has always been story and learning about the Pokemon world, many of us overlook the awesome information hidden in the pokedex entries. But I sure didn't! I did not even have to think twice about my trainer class. I'm a lorekeeper and proud :)

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I might make an interesting fairy specializing battle girl (i love fairy types and pokemon battles tend to be rather interesting to me! ....even when i don't always overall understand them xD).

Or a female preschooler due to my lack of worldly experience and overall cuteness :3

As a preschooler, I could see me with some sort of fighting type.... :P i'm thinking hawlucha might be a neat choice.


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Yeah, preschooler suits me most, due to my innocence^^

If I could be a preschooler with a team like korrina's that would be amazing.

I think I should have a fairy on my team too though since in my actual childhood I was a very girly type of girl who loved pink and pretty things and stuff like that a lot too though. I'm not really sure what fairy i want, though i seem to generally like sylveon and jigglypuff cuz they have cool designs and concepts around them overall IMO. Although sylveon in general does strike me as a pokemon i would of enjoyed a lot as a kid.....(and, uhhh....can it learn any fighting moves? xD) So I generally like it due to that, although I am wary of serena fans more now (i do still like her sylveon a lot though) cuz a friend of mine said a lot of them who are into amour shippering can be not very nice people (and i hate being around drama. i can be extremely sensitive to it :( and avoid forums for weeks if I think drama and arguments will happen).


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I'm just take the Grand Duke class from X and Y, thank you very much. Champion would just be too obvious and sadly there's no Lord class, which I'd take otherwise.
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given my day job, I guess I'd be:

well, would be more accurate, but who wants to be an old man
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