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That generic Nurse Joy event? The PC? A game corner machine? Whatever you can think of that's used multiple times (and doesn't change one bit) could be made a common event. Common events are global events that can be called from anywhere at any time.

That's useful, but what if it were possible to call those things without events? You wouldn't ever forget to place them, and you can also easily override the so-called "Common Tile" by placing an event on top of it. This cancels out the tile's common events.

You get an intuitive editor which allows you to edit these Common Tiles in-game (you do need to reopen RPG Maker XP afterward, though). You can even edit the tile selector's color and width with constants in the script.

First, install my scripting utilities which can be found here.

Next, download this script and put it in a new section above Main:

If you click F9 or open the pause menu and navigate to Debug, you will find Edit Common Tiles under Information Editors. If you click that, it'll start the Tileset Editor.

Alternatively, you can just call the method by doing pbTilesetEditor or:
pbFadeOutIn(99999) { pbTilesetEditor }

This thread may function as a whole tileset editor in the future (if/when I add more features). For now, it's dedicated to "Common Tiles".