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I'm glad they're doing it this way at least - not battling them at all would be a let-down.

Nice to see... a minigame at least as well? It's a start!

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This is probably the 1st trailer that left me with positive feeling.

1 000 Pokmon in GO Park is a lot. I mean I have about 200 Pokmon in Pokmon GO, but I don't play often.
I was skeptical about Mantine's minigame in USUM, but loved it when I tried it. LGPE's minigame looks a little bit more repetitive, but that depends if there will be more threats. It could become fast way to farm candies or ended up like Super Training in Gen VI.
I was expecting that Alolan Forms will be available in the form of trade. I think that's probably the best way how to implement them in the games.

Only thing I really don't get is the last thing from the trailer. Battling with legendaries is fine... But why bother with removing wild battles and then putting them back only for 4(?) Pokmon? That's just stupid idea.

Also for some reason, Pokmon in the world look really alive in this trailer, while trainers looks like lifeless robots.
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I won't be getting these games probably, I don't even have a switch yet, but I have to say the legendary birds look amazing in LGPE.
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To do the mini-game requires 25 of the same species?! I guess "catching" really is the name of the game seeing as its the whole basis of farming XP outside of battling or that mini-game. As for Alolan forms... I suppose it cements Let's Go Eevee as my pick if I were to fork down over $500 for platform and everything.

Team would be the following too...

A bit repetitive with two Ice Types but... Ice types are my favorite typing. Also haven't decided if I would evolve anyone.