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5th Gen Which Character Represented Unova the best?

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There has been a lot of characters introduced in the 5th Gen games from Bianca to Ghetsis, but to your own opinion, which character do you feel represented Unova the best as a whole?

You may think on this by their own personality, or their history upon Unova/the games, or whatever you can think of!
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A part of me wants to say Colress, but Colress really only made a major appearance in B2W2 and I'm not sure if he can really be representative of Unova as a whole. I feel that title would be more fair going to someone like N who's pretty much been integral to the player's journey since their first meeting in BW.

Of course, I haven't played fifth gen in a long time so my memory might be a bit hazy, but I feel comfortable going with N here. :o
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I find this is a tie between Bianca and N. Bianca is a ray of positive hope, and appears as a pretty major role in both games, and brings up the issues many children may have with their parents not allowing them freedom and about finding her path in life. N because he plays a very major role in the First game, and a lesser role in the second, but still important. He also represents a very misguided ideal of Pokémon being free from terrible humans who abuse them, which makes some sense if you think about it.

Overall though, Unova was amazing and I find almost every character endearing and memorable.
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The original trio from BW - We, Cheren and Bianca. Well, mostly Cheren and Bianca. They're both following their ideals, but have to face cruel truth of reality.
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