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There has been a lot of characters introduced in the 5th Gen games from Bianca to Ghetsis, but to your own opinion, which character do you feel represented Unova the best as a whole?

You may think on this by their own personality, or their history upon Unova/the games, or whatever you can think of!


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A part of me wants to say Colress, but Colress really only made a major appearance in B2W2 and I'm not sure if he can really be representative of Unova as a whole. I feel that title would be more fair going to someone like N who's pretty much been integral to the player's journey since their first meeting in BW.

Of course, I haven't played fifth gen in a long time so my memory might be a bit hazy, but I feel comfortable going with N here. :o


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I find this is a tie between Bianca and N. Bianca is a ray of positive hope, and appears as a pretty major role in both games, and brings up the issues many children may have with their parents not allowing them freedom and about finding her path in life. N because he plays a very major role in the First game, and a lesser role in the second, but still important. He also represents a very misguided ideal of Pokémon being free from terrible humans who abuse them, which makes some sense if you think about it.

Overall though, Unova was amazing and I find almost every character endearing and memorable.


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The original trio from BW - We, Cheren and Bianca. Well, mostly Cheren and Bianca. They're both following their ideals, but have to face cruel truth of reality.


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To me it's actually the male protagonist because whenever I see it I think of my first pokemon adventure...sniff....
Also N. I think he was one of the best pokemon baddies, if not the best, because he wasn't just bad through and through. He's not stupid enough to join teams like Rocket (I'll never forget the tall lanky white man with a whip in the first cave in RBY who calls himself a gangster) and team Skull (I badly want a ROM where you live in Po Town as a grunt member. That would be fantastic). He's introduced early, and is very interesting. Who he really is is not clearly defined and I like that. I wish more pokemon games would take on big bads like N.
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