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    Hi, I'm crazy and probably old and like to make my friends and me suffer, which is why I'd like to do my best to make this hack.

    Base: Fire Red

    Planned Features
    • 8 Gyms, all with high difficulty (the first Gym will have the first of the 2-3 Pokemon be an Evolved Pokemon and only 1 Pokemon will hit the Gym for weakness at that point, for starters). Still want to keep it type-specific, at least for the first 2-4 (all 8 would be cool though). Will be beatable, but excessively (I hope it will be, or I failed at this job) frustrating.
    • Once you enter a Gym and step into the first Trainer's eyesight, you cannot leave until the Leader is defeated (via Spin Tiles and the script from the Victory Road Guards).
    • The game in general will be more difficult (after you pick your first Pokemon, you'll fight your Rival before any other trainer or Pokemon like RBY/FRLG first did, but the rival will be Lv6-7. That Potion from the PC better save you!)
    • Certain battles will have back-to-back battles; you thought you were safe from this last trainer? Nah, got 1 more Trainer to go before you can open that Start Menu (this, I wanna know how to implement)
    • No VS Seeker or Amulet Coin until after the game is completed, and Repels and Escape Ropes will not be available in-store.
    • Team Rocket as the villain team; Giovanni as the leader, with the 4 Executives, and enemies from the TCG-2 game (GR-1, GR-2, GR-3, and GR-4) as mini-bosses for the Executives. Would like Giovanni as the 8th Gym Leader, with the Gym Trainers being the GR's and the Executives. Giovanni will use 9-10 Pokemon's on you (he'll battle you twice; 4-5 Pokemons the first time, his true team of 5 the 2nd time).
    • Would like to keep it to Gen 1-3, while adding Gen 4 Pokemons that have pre-evolutions in the first 3 Gens (like Rhyperior, Togekiss, etc)
    • Certain optional battles available in each town for more EXP and money, but if you lose, you can't battle them again. Some of them include the Cipher Admins!
    • 3 Legendaries can be caught before the Elite Four Battle, but to defeat them, you must defeat 4 Trainers first, 3 of which will be using them!
    • Victory Road *will* require you to use at least 6 TMs to progress.
    • Whatever else I can think of that can make people feel very annoyed at this game. Highly considering no Master Ball...
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