What are you hoping for?

Started by HeroLinik February 27th, 2019 6:10 AM
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Ah yes, the age-old question that plagues any upcoming Pokemon release - what features are you guys hoping for? I'm particularly hoping that we get an engaging plot that hopefully doesn't get in the way of the gameplay, an actually good postgame that isn't barebones, and also some more involved dungeons that aren't linear.

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The ability to rename your mons wherever you go like in LGPE I suppose.
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cherrim in regional dex. STOP making me wait until endgame for it

Other than that, cute outfits again. There was like no variety in (U)SM and I think that's what got me bored of my trainer so quickly.
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Posted April 1st, 2021
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A good storyline, interesting rival, and an actual national dex since they decided to remove it in sun and moon
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I'm really hoping for some sports-based sidequest or sidegame or something, what with that football stadium and shot of a player in a football jersey walking onto the pitch

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I'm hoping for Battle Chateau to be included, because I think it might fit being in Galar region as well as Kalos one. And I hope Pokémon-Amie/Pokémon Refresh feature to be included, along with character customization as well.


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Looking at what we know, honestly most of my hopes have already been answered. Colder region, return of gyms, looks amazing, and a fire bunny. And also wolf legends.

I am pretty sure customization is going to return, but I hope it is similar to XY and not LGPE.
I don't really want to guess the amount of pokemon, as I will probably just get disappointed, but I am hoping for at least 7 new ice type pokemon.
I hope the game is more story driven similar to BW and BW2.
I hope there is a lot of exploring.


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The trailer positively impressed me, but there's still a few things I hope:
- that the region is not as linear as the artwork could imply (e.g. I hope the large plain with the two lakes is an unbroken area from the coast to the mountains); after all, part of the reason linear routes existed was the limited memory available for loading adjacent maps - which should be less of a problem with the Switch.
- around 110-120 new Pokémon, with hopefully no more than 6/7 legendaries and mythicals (a proportion close to Gen II, but please with less pre-evolutions)
- either new evolutions for older Pokémon, new regional variants, or new megas (in that order of preference)
- having more than half of the total amount of Pokémon available in game (better if in the post-game). Hopefully less Gen I and more of the other gens (I'd personally prefer Gen II and IV as they have some of my favourite designs, though I'd like to have some more Gen V Pokémon. Especially if we're going to get Gen IV remakes this gen, maybe many of those Pokémon and their Gen I/II relatives will not be here).
- most likely won't happen, but I'd really like if some trade evolutions or trade+item ones can be changed to level up-based ones.
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Posted March 17th, 2021
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I would love a story that doesn't involves an evil team trying to control a legendary pokemon. In fact, I'd be fine with a storyline not revolving around legendaries, similar to gens 1 and 2, although if it MUST involve a legendary, I'd prefer something like Sun and Moon (where it's not just "let's take over/change/destroy the world!!!")



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I just want a good post-game for once with good battle facilities. everything else, if done well, would just be a nice bonus.


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Posted February 3rd, 2021
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I just hope they include more than ten new Pokemon. I get that it's difficult to come up with a large amount of new concepts - we all saw some of the questionable Unova mons - but we've all come to love those abominations, and it at least made Unova feel authentic. I hope for an old/new balance similar to Hoenn, at worst Sinnoh. If they go with how they've done it recently, I'll be disappointed. Will I still buy the game? Absolutely, haha.

Ok yeah and also a good post-game like colours said, that'd be nice. If we could get Emerald post-game... Oof. That would be legendary.

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One feature I've always adored is Pokemon following you. It's probably not going to happen in Sword and Shield, but if rideable Pokemon make a reappearance I'd be happy. It's definitely a huge undertaking to every single Pokemon follow you, but I'd even be happy if they only did 20-30 pokemon that had that feature if it meant meeting us in the middle (New starters, Eevee, Pikachu etc...)

I also like to be able to rematch trainers to get experience post-game. Whether it's a daily training spot or something like the VS seeker, it's always been more fun for me than just the battle tree or frontier.

I enjoyed the co-op feature of Let's Go, but I didn't like how your opponent only sent out one Pokemon against you even if they had more than one. 2 on 2 would be more fun for me so it would be harder to completely overpower the AI in the game. (Maybe this could be an adjustable setting?) I also understand the appeal of making co-op 2 vs. 1 because that's really helpful for a beginning player.


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Posted March 17th, 2019
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1) I hope we get to visit a second region post-game. If we do get to, it will probably be Kalos because it looks like the maps could connect. And we only got one gen 6 game in Kalos, so visiting it would again would both make sense and be totally awesome!

2) I hope the post-game in general is filled with content.

3) Greater difficulty

4) More player freedom. Not necessarily open-world, but the ability to choose where you want to go to experience the story in different ways.


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Posted June 7th, 2021
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I definitely want my french vanilla fantasy of a Kalos postgame to be realised, there’s way too many things fitting together that could suggest it will happen that I’d be a bit let down if they don’t!!

I’m hoping for a story rich in reoccurring themes and an amazing plot like BW. Also hoping for more Pokémon this time around, hopefully Galarian forms. The titles and language they’re using suggest royalty so I’m expecting to see that too
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