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    There's this theory that's been going around for a while that the Fire-type starters are being drawn from the Chinese zodiac (Monkey, Rooster, Pig, Dragon, etc). I'm not really invested in whether or not it's true, but it HAS inspired me to come up with some possible designs. This is my concept for a fire starter line based on one of the missing zodiac animals - the goat. I took this concept a bit further as it evolves, eventually incorporating ideas and themes from mythology, specifically Satyrs.

    Stage 1
    Name: Baablaze
    Type: Fire
    Ability 1: Blaze
    Ability 2: ------
    Ability 3: Own Tempo
    Pokedex: Baby Goat Pokemon
    Description: While its horns are powerful, they are actually hollow inside. The interior of these horns burn like a furnace and release heat, which not only help regulate its body temperature, but can burn opponents at the touch. While fighting, Baablaze will prance around the battlefield, making it surprisingly elusive.

    Noteworthy moves: Flare Blitz, Play Rough, Megahorn, High Horsepower, Fire Spin

    Stage 2
    Name: Phlogoat
    Type: Fire
    Ability 1: Blaze
    Ability 2: ------
    Ability 3: Dancer
    Pokedex: Charred Horn Pokemon
    Description: The heat generated in its horns becomes so intense, that flames begin to burst through and create small holes. Males attract females by expelling flames through these holes to give their horns bigger, and more intricate designs. This Pokemon is always hopping from one foot to the other, as if it's dancing to some unheard music.

    Noteworthy moves: Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, Fiery Dance, Teeter Dance, Encore, Follow Me

    Stage 3
    Name: Satyrsire
    Type: Fire/Fairy
    Ability 1: Blaze
    Ability 2: ------
    Ability 3: Dancing Panic
    Pokedex: Horn Flute Pokemon
    Description: Upon reaching adulthood, the horns that once encased its flames can no longer contain them, and eventually fall off. This crafty Pokemon can breathe fire through the discarded horns like a flute, which creates bizarre melodies that no man-made instrument can duplicate. These songs seem to have whimsical effects on those who hear them, and can cause anything from spontaneous dancing to mass hysteria.

    Noteworthy moves: Baton Pass, Nasty Plot, Perish Song, Entrainment, High Jump Kick, Magical Horn

    Signature Move
    Name: Magical Horn
    Type: Fairy
    Category: Status/Sound-Based
    BP/ACC: ---/100
    Effect: The user plays a tune using a horn flute that inspires all Pokemon on the field to dance, giving them the Dancer ability.

    Hidden Ability
    Name: Dancing Panic
    Effect: Effects of opponent's dance moves are reversed.

    Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, and Quiver Dance will lower the user's stats instead of raising.
    Feather Dance will raise the target's Attack instead of lowering.
    Teeter Dance will heal confusion instead of inflicting it.
    Fiery Dance has a 50% chance of lowering the user's Sp.Atk instead of raising.
    Lunar Dance will fully heal the user instead of causing them to faint.
    Petal Dance will snap the user out of confusion instead of causing it.
    Revelation Dance is unaffected.

    The idea behind Satyrsire's gimmick is that it can apply the Dancer ability to all Pokemon on the field with its signature move, Magical Horn. Then, it may use moves like Swords Dance or Dragon Dance, and the opponents will be forced to copy these moves because of Dancer. However, because of Satyrsire's Hidden Ability, Dancing Panic, the effects of those moves are reversed when used by opponents, effectively lowering their stats while simultaneously raising its own.

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      This is actually super creative and I love the creativity behind the dancing satyr gimmick you've got going here. Amazing fakemon! Keep it up!

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      Daaannngggg. This is exactly the kind of fakemon artwork I love to see here. Great art, excellent concept, and fully fledged details about each mon. Stellar work you've got here. I sincerely hope you keep posting more! :)

      on a dloa until further notice
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