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thoughts on an idea for a fic...?

Started by ilikecatsanddogs March 30th, 2019 7:06 AM
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Posted March 30th, 2019
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Hello, I've just joined after looking through the forum for hours for advice on how to write a good pokemon fic and well, I've decided asking would probably be a lot faster.

It's my first time writing a pokemon fic (or just fanfiction in general, actually) though I've read a couple, including Digital Skitty's 'Pedestal' (it was a horrible horrible fic that nearly made me cry at the end).

I've got the basic idea - read, I've planned the fic up to day 351 (it was countable, I know, shocking) - but I just wanted to check if it wasn't too cliche or something. I haven't seen a similar idea here yet (though then again, I might not have looked in the right places) but that might be because it's that bad of an idea.

I'm rambling. I tend to do that when I'm nervous, sorry.

So the basic idea is that an eleven-year-old kid from the real world gets dropped into the pokemon world (Hoenn). He finds out that there are legendary pokemon that might have the ability to help him get back home (Jirachi, Arceus etc) and decides to go on his own pokemon journey to find them.

There's going to be a couple of subplots as well since he's probably not going to be the only one looking for legendaries, not to mention the typical difficulties of a kid who has no idea how to set up a tent trying to camp out with nothing but a zigzagoon for company (his starter - I've read zigzagoons were curious so I hope it makes sense that she'll be the one to approach him first) at the beginning. But the main plot is going to be the kid looking for legendaries to get home.

I know, legendaries are probably overused, but he's only going to meet four at most (one completely by accident and not the one he was looking for, another that refused to cooperate and actually attacks him, and one that helps him find the last) so I hope it's okay?

Also, I've got this idea that normally when people move between regions, their movements are restricted, like, foreigners can't catch pokemon native to the region without a permit that's ridiculously difficult to get etc, so in order to bypass the restrictions, the easiest way would be to become Champion. So, naturally, the kid decides to become champion when he realizes he needs to go to other regions to find the legendaries he needs, especially when he realizes he's got most of the badges anyway (peer pressure and assumptions had him ending up battling at gyms).

My major concern is having the kid end up Hoenn champion after only about a year of training. Personally, I do think it's a bit too quick, but I don't want to have to drag out the story too much. Would the justification that he's got a rather specific goal (unlike most kids his age) and an unorthodox method of battling (uses Quick Attack to dodge instead of attacking, having a fire-type heat up a pool to boiling when battling a water-type etc) be enough?

Oh, by the way, no canon characters other than gym leaders, elite four, and champions are going to show up - everyone's going to be an OC.

Any advice would be very much appreciated, thanks :)

This turned out longer than planned.

EDIT: oh dear, I've just realized there's a Plot Bunny Thread. Can't understand how I missed it. Sorry, I probably should've posted there.


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Since you went to the bunny thread I'll close this up for you.
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