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Shiny luck

Started by Piloswine April 19th, 2019 3:41 PM
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taking a break after SOS Chaining 200 Petilil to find (another) shiny one. u.u

but congrats on the shiny giratina!!


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My first shiny was actually a Poocheyna in an emulated Emerald. I was so ecstatic when I found it, but so so disappointed when I realized I couldn't keep it on any of my actual games. I would have loved to do that! I have yet to encounter a shiny since, and it's been about 6 or 7 years since then. And I'd been playing Pokemon for quite some time even before then!
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Congrats on the Giratina! For me it was a shiny Caterpie in Crystal. I was so happy when I caught it. It then evolved into a shade of pink and I honestly thought I had caught the pink buttfree from the anime, hahaha!
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Out of all the years of playing Pokemon, my first legit shiny was Reshiram in Omega Ruby after a month of soft resetting. Then I ran into a shiny Sunkern in a Mirage Spot two days later! They have been my treasure Pokemon ever since, and I never found another shiny after that, not even in Sun and Ultra Sun. Shiny hunters make it look so easy...


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Congrats! That is insane luck indeed.

I guess my luckiest shiny was Poipole on the...maybe sixth or seventh reset? Was so happy aaa
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Most of my shiny hunts go I think fairly average, taking sometimes hours and at other times weeks. I haven't gone on an unusually fast hunt so far. But I have had some luck with catching shiny pokemon with pretty good IVs and the nature I wanted. The shiny Vulpix I found with the dexnav in Oras had the bonus of its hidden ability drought.

While the majority of my shinies have been obtained with patience over time rather than instant good fortune, I have had more than 1 random encounters with shinies, and that is always a good thing! I stumbled upon and captured a shiny Gible walking through Wayward cave when I was going to get the Earthquake TM in Platinum. I also ran into and caught a shiny Braviary while soaring to the battle resort in Omega Ruby.

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Wow great find! Congrats Piloswine!!

I'm still hunting a shiny Audino after finding my copy of Pokemon Y about a week ago. Elusive girl! Don't care much about nature or IVs, just want the cutie. :)

I have memories of having a shiny beedrill in the original Pokemon Silver, but that memory gets blurrier and blurrier every time I think about it. I remember showing it off to other kids and them being impressed but at the same time I have no evidence of it ever existing?? Maybe it was a dream or something????

Well regardless my first shiny was either a Beedrill or a Togepi! n_n;

I've since gathered a respectable collection of shiny Fairies, most of which caught in the Friend Safari while vegging out hard lmao.



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i never had good shiny luck, never even knew about them for a couple years cause i never encountered one. first shiny was from chain fishing, but it took me until last year to get a random encounter shiny (alolan rattata) and then about a month ago i was playing black and got a random encounter tangela! i was honestly shocked, because that was back at the good old 1/8192 odds.

sidenote, i seem to have pretty great shiny luck in pokemon go, at least way better than my friends. hatched a shiny smoochum, then like a day later got a shiny lugia from a breakthrough. woot woot.


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what luck!! what again are the chances of a first encounter shiny? i think less than one percent?
would like to shiny hunt again. never had been patient with random encounter shiny and i prefer the soft resetting ones. would probably hunt whenever i replay ORAS. an sbq playthrough sounds fun actually



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what luck!! what again are the chances of a first encounter shiny? i think less than one percent?
vastly VASTLY less than one percent. in gen 4 any given encounter has a 1/8192 chance to be shiny, or approximately 0.01%

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so you can use it to tell your stories about rare shinies.
Um respect but i shall link you all to a female Sylveon's opinion about the shinies

I don't get what's so special about shiny pokemon
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So on my first play through of pokemon liquid crystal the first pokemon I see in the wild (before I actually get pokeballs) was a shiny Pidgey. A PSYDUCKING. SHINY. PIDGEY. Worst luck I ever had, as I never saw another shiny in the wild until the end of the orange islands (or as far as you can go in the current build), which was a butterfree. Unfortunately I never got a screenshot...
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I think I've grown out of caring for shinys, tbh. Back then they were a nice thing to find. I got a bunch of them while playing different iterations of the games. It was cool while it lasted.

Recently I've been playing Emerald and I somehow managed to encounter not only one, but two shinys. Given that the encounter rate for one of them back then was somewhere around 1/8000 that was quite some luck. However, while encountering, I didn't really care and just used them for some EXP, not even consider catching them.

Shinys are nice and anyone else who finds one: nice find. But I personally just treat them like any other Pokemon these days.
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