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Well, this is huge. Especially considering we haven't had much news lately compared to the previous generation, this is definitely a breath of fresh air. What are you expecting out of this upcoming announcement? Also, what are your thoughts about character customisation returning?

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character customisation confirmed
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yess character customization 👍excellent news! also very much looking forward to june 21st, excited to see what will be announced. <3

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I'm glad to see character customization returning once again :smile: And I hope they'll reveal more nice things of Sword and Shield in June 21st.


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Eh, some of this stuff to me is just extra; I mainly am interested in the list of obtainable (returning) Pokemon for the two versions, to see if my favorites are in and if they are version-exclusive or not. A somewhat harder game would be a plus for me, though.
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I knew Character Customization would return!

30 days left until more concrete news, that feels like forever in the gaming world. I hope it goes by quickly!
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YES I LOVE CUSTOMIZATION! Probably why I enjoyed X and Y so much.
Okay I really need to ask for a Nintendo Switch this Christmas!


This is fine.

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Somehow I had thought this was already apparent..? Might have been mistaken. If so, good! I like customisation. More options please.


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Kinda had the feeling character customization would come back. Hoping that the shirt being included in the game will mean more options and maybe a DLC as well. Can't wait for the news on June 21st!
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Glad to see Customization is returning! I'd really needed to report this on Bulbagarden as well, but i haven't informed them yet though. XY series was the birth place for the customization place!

I'm sure they'll annouce new Pokemon, new Eeveelution and possibly new cross-generational from Kalos region!!!!!!

On the other hand, this announcement has been long way since the announcement came out in February, but glad to see that they are making more Pokemon fans happier as expected.

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This is fine.

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I'm glad we're getting trainer customization back! However, I did want to see some new Pokemon too.
Assuming nothing this month I'd say we're odds on to see a new poke or few next month. E3 and Coro Coro, and new Pokemon is always a selling point.


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I personally feel like unlike what a lot of people feel, I don't entirely feel 100% confident that SwSh is somehow going to dominate Nintendo's floor or anything. While it's possible it might have a pretty sizeable timeslot, I do wonder whether or not it'd be better off for Game Freak/TPCi to have their own little Nintendo Treehouse showcase thing post-E3. At least this way, Nintendo is still able to showcase the games by giving it some attention, but not without compromising on showcasing their other first-party titles as well as indie titles which is something they've been pretty gung-ho on pushing.

As for the actual news, good on Game Freak for keeping character customization, although one would think they'd be crazy to omit the highly beloved feature altogether.
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