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There are several moves that alter the weather in-game when battling, such as Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sandstorm, and Hail. Each has its own benefits (and drawbacks), such as Sunny Day powering up fire-type moves + making Solar Beam not need to use a turn to charge, and Rain Dance powering up water-type moves + giving Thunder a 100% hit rate. Do you ever use these moves in battle? What about Pokémon that have weather-inducing abilities, like Drought and Drizzle?

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I love using Sandstorm. I honestly think Sand Stream is one of the best abilities out there, plus Tyranitar is awesome. If I end up with Sandstorm/Sand Stream on a team, I will always try to build around it. :) Not to much other weather conditions though, tbh. Sometimes I'll sneak in Drizzle but Sandstorm is just the superior option, imo.



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All it takes is Cloud Nine/Magic Guard and that stuff goes out the window(from an offensive standpoint at least). If I was playing a modern game, I'd probably use Hail since only Ice Types and those with specific Abilities are immune to it. Since I'm a fan of Ice Types, I'd probably go with that since it allows Aurora Veil(which halves damage for five turns).


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The only one that I really made use of was the Rain Dance + Thunder combo, and that was one of my go-tos back in the third gen games.

There are some good strategies you can use with weather, but unless it comes into play thanks to an ability, I never find it worth using a move slot on a Pokemon for just to set up the effect.



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when i was a kid i did, but not so much now. i might use them in like gen II or III where there are less moves and such for some pokemon to learn bc i mean why not. i'm sure i've run a sunny day + solarbeam sunflora at some point since sunflora don't learn muk in gen II. but ehhhh not often nowadays, especially when some pokemon have abilities that just summon the weather FOR me. even then, i generally steer away from those pokemon in-game bc i don't want to make a whole team around that mess and there's usually at least half the party that will suffer from that weather, especially a sand or hail storm.
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Yes, only weather abilities though. It's very convenient to get weather advantage right from the beginning.
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i usually only make use of weather abilities if at all
honestly it's usually something that's last on my mind lmao
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I love Rain Dance because I always have an electric type as one of my main Pokemon, however I’ve only really ever had a few Pokémon that knew it, so it’s not something I use often, but when I did it was a killer combo!

Occasionally I utilize weather, but for the most part, not really. It’s a cool feature, but I don’t usually need to take advantage of it, oops.

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tbh I don't really like using weather moves all that much. I think it's because I feel like I have to be forced to build teams around weather and that's just too much effort to do in-game lmao ;_;


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Kinda have to when your favourite Pokémon is Cherrim. u_u

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