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I'm designing a Pokemon Region based on Ancient Greece and Mythology. Currently named the Mylu region but that may change. I've finished constructing the backstory if you care to read, otherwise please at least take a look at my starter Pokemon designs (attached) and tell me what you think, and who you would choose :)

300 Years ago the people of the Mylu region lived simplistic lives - think mildly Medieval. They worshipped their protector: a large sky dwelling Pokemon named Akaru who resembled a diamond kite with mystical patterns. Legend had it that Akaru had saved Mylu from destruction years ago, and given a single chosen human rules about how the people should live. Although no one alive had ever seen Akaru, they only had paintings of what they believed he may look like, and different ideas of what kind of destruction Akaru had saved them from in the past.

Pokemon training was souly for aristocrats and warriors of great stature. Every time it was time for a new king to be chosen, a championship would be held in the great Northern Colosseum, with the victor being crowned ruler of Mylu - as was supposedly instructed by Akaru to the human. The people lived in peace this way, until one day.

The championship was being held to decide the new king of Mylu, and everybody had gathered to watch the brave competitors battle their pokemon. It went on for over a week, and when the two finalists were pitted against each other the outcome was clear. An arrogant and ill-tempered competitor, Rugai, was crushing his opponents team. The more gentle and level-headed Garro was down to his last Pokemon, and about to be taken out. Rugai smugly insulted Garro's abilities, and was about to deliver the final blow to his Pokemon.

Then, suddenly, a huge shadow was cast down upon the people of the stadium. They glared up in astonishment to see a giant dark purple kite-shaped beast hovering above them. A beautiful deep indigo light was cast down from it's wings, and they immediately recognised the creature as Akaru and along with the royal family, began to bow, all but Rugai - who arrogantly believed that the Pokemon had came to witness him being crowned King.

However, to the horror of the crowd, Akaru was not there to celebrate, and the humans felt their hands, knees and feet becoming stiff. Glaring down, they noticed their limbs turning grey, and were unable to move as their bodies, along with everything around them, were slowly turned to stone. Everybody at the Colosseum became statues, and Akaru flew away to cast his spell across the region. Within days, the entire of Mylu was given the same treatment, including humans who tried to flee by boarding boats and Pokemon. Very few made it out, but those that did traveled to other regions and spread the knowledge of what had happened.

For 300 years Mylu was nothing but stone, no one would venture near, and it soon became forgotten.

Then one day, the people of Mylu suddenly began to regain consciousness. They watched in relief as their bodies were unfrozen. Although to them seemed as though no time had passed, as they could only remember the Colosseum battle and Akaru turning them to stone - their appearances and mindset had not been altered. They looked to the sky to see a giant golden kite pokemon resembling Akaru, but different in colour and markings, and a human upon it's back. They believed this creature to be the true Akaru. After being told what had happened, the humans rejoiced and crowned the hero their new king, much to the dismay of Rugai. Akaru stayed by new king's side, and was given the responsibility to decide the new age of Mylu. The hero informed the people that he had everlasting life and youth granted to him by the Pokemon, and that it was his destiny to rule over Mylu for all of time.

Over the next few years, the people reconnected with the other regions and discovered how different Mylu was from the others. Whilst many were hesitant and wanted to continue with life as they knew it, fearing upsetting the pokemon who had turned them to stone once again, the new king decreed that they should attempt to make up for lost time, and move on, as the rest of the world had.

12 years later, Pokemon training was introduced for all. Trainers were coming from far and wide to take part in the new championships of Mylu.

You being your adventure in a museum documenting the history of Mylu, with two companions, at your side. You are instructed by your teacher that the museum will be closing soon, and you'll need to head to the Villa for a good night sleep, if you are planning on picking up your Pokemon tomorrow and beginning your journey through the historical region of Mylu.

Thank you for reading. Any thoughts?

Name: Spectre

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