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I want to change my title screen

Started by BradleyyH 3 Weeks Ago 11:20 AM
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Posted 2 Days Ago
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So i have another question i use Pokemon Ultimate mega FireRed as my base so i have mega's but i want to change the title screen but for me it doesnt work i tried it like 10 times but it will not work is the problem because im doing something wrong or is it the problem of the game? Somebody help me
First, using an existing ROM hack is nearly always a bad idea. You don't know where the original creator decided to put all data he imported in the ROM (and what he/she messed up while doing that). Use default Emerald or Fire Red instead and work from there (Or if you really want to use a base I recommend Leon's Ultimate FR Base).

Second, if you don't provide any info on what exactly you did while you tried to edit the titlescreen, chances are small that anyone here could help you...
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