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For our existing members, you’ll notice an alert popping up asking you to verify your email address. This new alert will remind you to confirm your current email every two years, so better make sure it’s current! This is to prepare our users for our switch to signing in with your registered email address instead of your account user name.

This change will only affect new sign-ins (for example, on a new device); if you have already signed in, you will not be signed out of your account.

This change will take effect with a PokéCommunity update coming within the next couple of weeks! We’re doing this for a few reasons, and the biggest one is security: when unscrupulous people (or robots) want to access your account, having your user name gives them half the credentials they need to get in and wreak havoc. Your email, on the other hand, is never shown, and it will always be unique to you across the internet. Changing to email-based sign-ins will also have you second-guessing less as to what your user name even is (and believe us, that’s a real problem!)

You can check your registered email address from your Email Notification Settings or modify it via your PokéCommunity Account settings. We’ll send additional notifications as the update becomes imminent.

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