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Posted September 14th, 2019
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Here are the lines of Hex that allow you to edit the Pokemon base stats type, egg group, special abilities etc. The 7th and 8th sets in are the types.

This thread is an extension of Dartheon's found here:
As well as the use of the Emerald Battle Upgrade Engine found here:

Clefairy has 0000 which is Normal/Normal.

Marill has 0B0B which is Water/Water, Mawile 0808 - Steel/Steel etc.

00 = Normal
01 = Fighting
02 = Flying
03 = Poison
04 = Ground
05 = Rock
06 = Bug
07 = Ghost
08 = Steel
09 = ???
0A = Fire
0B = Water
0C = Grass
0D = Electric
0E = Psychic
0F = Ice
10 = Dragon
11 = Dark
17 = Fairy (Must have applied Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade)

So to change the types in Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade change the appropriate type line to 17. For Pure Fairy types, 1717, for Primary, 17XX and Secondary, XX17.

Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade Link:

Kirlia then, we change Psychic/Psychic, or 0E0E, to 0B17.

KIRLIA: 2623233241370E0E788C0002000000007F1423050B0B1C2400080000
KIRLIA: 2623233241370E17788C0002000000007F1423050B0B1C2400080000

CLEFFA: 32191C0F2D370000962500048A005E00BF0A8C040F0F380000090000
CLEAFIRY: 462D30233C410000964402008A005E00BF0A8C040606380000090000
CLEFABLE: 5F46493C555A0000198103008A005E00BF0A8C040606380000090000

IGGLYBUFF: 5A1E0F0F28140000AA27010000000000BF0A46040F0F380000890000
JIGGLYPUFF: 732D14142D190000AA4C020000000000BF0A46040606380000090000
WIGGLYTUFF: 8C462D2D4B320000326D030000000000BF0A46040606380000090000

MR.MIME: 282D415A64780E0E2D88000800008A007F19460008082B0000090000

TOGEPI: 2314411428410000BE4A0004000000001F0A46040F0F372000080000
TOGETIC: 37285528506900024B720008000000001F0A46040406372000080000

AZURILL: 32142814142800009621010000000000BF0A46040F0F2F2500010000
MARILL: 4614322814320B0BBE3A0200000000007F0A460402062F2500010000
AZUMARILL: 6432503232500B0B4B990300000000007F0A460402062F2500010000

SNUBULL: 3C50321E28280000BE3F040000000000BF1446040506163200090000
GRANBULL: 5A784B2D3C3C00004BB2080000000000BF1446040506161600060000

: 1C1919282D230E0EEB460001000000007F1423050B0B1C2400080000
KIRLIA: 2623233241370E0E788C0002000000007F1423050B0B1C2400080000
GARDEVOIR: 444141507D730E0E2DD00003000000007F1423050B0B1C2400080000

MAWILE: 32555532373708082D621400000000007F1446040506341600040000