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Old June 22nd, 2005 (8:50 PM). Edited June 23rd, 2005 by Mire.
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    Edit - I've altered this page.

    It is sometimes proclaimed that at the beginning of the world there was more than darkness, long before the Goddess A'a'ew swept her hand and created all life. It is said that alongside the darkness was a swirling torrent of dust and ash. Lost to the eons has been what was birthed from this Dust and Ash, but in the age before Humans walked the Earth, another race made it their home.

    They were the Ashi, a race not unlike the humans of today. However, one difference remained. The Ashi lived many lifetimes, and until the first weapon was forged, these lifetimes were filled with invention and learning. However, in secret, a power not unlike this race themselves created a dagger of only the purest silver. Soon after, the first was cut. War was breathed onto the Ashi just as the first Humans took their own place and began their civilization of honor and stone. They hadn't known that the mistakes of the Ashi would be added to their own.

    The bitter militaristic disturbance in the Ashi was caused by the creation of a tome. The book was entitled "Sewedj," containing the first laws of magic.

    Long ago had the Goddess A'a'ew established that no sentience to ever walk her Earth was to know any of the secrets of this "magic." Due to this, it wasn't long before she showed no mercy to the Ashi civilization. She destroyed every last building to ruin and grew a gigantic jungle around it, naming the place "Oasis of Sewedj." The language of the Ashi and the goddess was forgotten, all their works destroyed. She ordered the remaining Ashi to blend with the growing human society and tore their essence so they would not remember any of their past lives. Each life they would forget their past again, and awaken as a child with no memory and a headache that pained like no other. In their plight and confusion, all the Ashi could do was accept their punishment and do what the goddess had asked.

    [1297 Years Later]

    Deep in the lands of men lies a fierce tropical country called Ashih Hashi, here, a civil war not much different that one long ago is occuring. Standing the test that the histories of men and sentience repeat themselves always in war, the scale of the conflicts often growing with each passing year.

    Ashih has always been a unpatrolled region of loose human settlements standing in the small outer rim of an Oasis only named as "Ire," for it seems each who enter there find the wrath of a god upon them in the relentless creatures that pursue and kill all trespassers. However, the cooler grasslands on the edge of this rainforest are alive with farms and small villages. War has not touched such a region in... well, 1297 years. It is the first age of this world, and it was only a matter of time before the mistakes of their ancient ancestors became their own.

    Recently, a ruler deemed as tyrannical has arrived in Ashih. Deemed as "The Jade Empress," she has imposed laws, policies, trade and connection between the villages of Ashih, making them a single country under her rule. It is unclear whether or not her rule is really unfair, but regardless a rebellion has formed. Tribes of shamanistic origin still reside here, and they despise an Empress that seems to be attempting to modernize and make them forget their ancestors and all their past. Her rule has inspired the Southwestern corner where these tribes reside to secede and become their own country. Civil war has already occured in small skirmishes and no one is to say who has suffered more losses, but a more threatening thing than this disagreement is rising from the deeps.

    A magical omen has passed through the mind of many Shamans of their self-proclaimed government, "The Five." Whether or not this secular organization is the good or the bad in this civil war hardly matters anymore, they have seen wisdom too late. By tearing apart their country they may have torn apart the only means of stopping an evil that threatens to smudge all life from this land.

    As if it was not bad enough, beasts of the Oasis have been moving farther from their home of late and attacks are occuring. There were always predators in Ashih Hashi, but never ones of such cunning and malevolence. Death tolls from the war and sudden deaths of people from these creatures are enough to shock the populace alone, but far worse may be on the horizon. A larger war is brewing, where the oppressor wants no more than the enslavement and destruction of the Ashih civilization.

    A single hope lies in the hearts of the people that a hero might rise from the ashes as they have in the past and smite this unknown foe. However, a prodigal mage of the Five has been found dead at the edge of Elar Chasm. Her body was unharmed but the look of fear on her eyes was something that should never been seen in such a strong mage. The howls of the beasts grow louder on the wind and the mountain walls of Ashih seem to be closing in to its people. If no individual rises to quell the coming storm soon, the very essence of war and its effect on the Human world may destroy this budding nation.

    [END PLOT]

    Ashih Hashi Map:


    Black Square = Empire City
    Northern - High Seat
    Eastern - East Pass
    Western - West Lake

    The Five
    Gray Square = "The Five" City
    Northern - Lara
    Southern - Liha
    Gray Line - Loya Wall

    Blue Line - Urn River
    Black Curve - Elar Chasm


    High Seat - The titanic city of the Jade Empress, patrolled relentlessly by her guards and seat of her main army barracks. The high seat is an infinitely secure city and a forbidding place of stone towers and high precipices. Travelers pay high tolls of 100 gold to enter and can stay at the Ike Inn, renowned for its elegance.

    East Pass - A relatively calm rural village, the first sight upon entering East Pass is its glorious windmills. The calmest and best life is said to be lived out in this peaceful plain, and travelers are welcome to stay at the haughty but cozy Piy Inn.

    West Lake - West Lake is the center of all crime and shady dealings in the Empire. All guards have been dispelled and the city is basically ruled by the cruel fist of the local Crimelord Jov. Despite the ill tidings, however, a library containing important history is hidden somewhere in this city.

    The Five
    Lara - The northern Shaman village is the center of their seceded nation. A gigantic wooden catwalk has been built between the two giant trees that stood here and a huge wooden fort has been constructed at these tree's foot. Though guards man the various watchposts, it is considerably less strict then the opposite High Seat. Strange smells of incense fill the air and children play as if there were no walls around them.

    Liha - The life in Liha is peaceful, but melancholy. Something about the green landscape of the rainforest in the distance gives cause for alarm and the wall that blockades the northern end of this city is constantly manned by the soldiers of the Five. The center of all magi, shamans are constantly seen communing with nature in their individual tents in the overgrown town square or pouring over some dusty tome in a nature grown library.

    Loya Wall - The wall was a massive untertaking that was originally an aqueduct that transported water from the Urn River to all surrounding farmland without irrigation that would flood much of this land. This solution worked, but now the Five use it as a border line. The majority of all of the Five's forces man this structure.

    Urn River and Lake Asq - The Urn River is a fast moving waterway that serves as a quick transport between cities, but without a bridge the river is uncrossable, all having to take the long way around. Lake Asq is a large lake that holds a vast population of fish and sea creatures. Of late, a large shadow has been seen in the center of the lake.

    Elar Chasm - Just across the Urn River near Liha lies the Elar Chasm. Night and day vicious howls and other animal noises float from the deep bottom of this trench, where many have fallen on the enticing wind that gently lowers its victims to the canyon floor.

    Races & Factions
    Humans are common throughout the world and such is the same in Ashih Hashi. They are a large people and adaptable, but also deceitful and usually less loyal than some. Tending to desire power, humans aren't always the most trustworthy. Still, some humans shine as beacons of honor.

    [(Two Only]
    Deathly similar to the Human race in all respects except that they are effectively immortal. Unless their ethereal essence is touched by some very powerful magic, Ashi live life after human life with no memory of any of their past lives. This does, however, leave a vague imprint that causes them to be a more alert and magical people.

    [One Only]
    Contrary to some potrayals of the species and to other kinds of Orc, the Orcs of Ashih Hashi are actually the most intelligent race in the region. The Original Orcs that reside here are actually literate and mortal Ashi that have full memory of their past and Sewedj by tales passed from their distant ancestors. Due to their knowledge, the Orcs are sure to play a part in the coming war. Considered by most as inferior and viewed as ugly for their wrinkled and greenskinned exteriors, their place may change.

    15 Gold - Loaf of bread.
    50 Gold - Stay in an inn.
    200 Gold - Poorly crafted weapon.


    The Form

    Name -
    Age - (16 - 26)
    Gender -
    Race - (See list above.)
    Description -
    Personality -
    History -
    Faction - (See list above.)
    Weaponry (Optional) - (Any weapons your character has. You aren't required to have a weapon, however.)
    Gear - (Any items your character has that are not weapons. Also, gold pieces that are relative to the pay of their past and current career.)
    Control - (Any magic and/or combat talents your character possesses. Keep it reasonable.)
    Other - (Not optional. Put at least one of your character's interesting quirks here.)

    My Form

    Lash "Savant" Nuik
    Twenty [Forty]
    A simple, almost contrast devoid, green colored apparel is a deceptively forgiving image of this man. This v-cut, waist-length tunic and pant, supplemented with brown leather sandals, shows off a humbler presence and a modest display of only lean muscle across a mildly tan complexion. Though somewhat handsome, Savant's facial features are not altogether bold besides a mildly sharp chin and nose that gives the slight air of noble blood; his ears are pointed in the slightest. A modest half smile of chalk white incisors goes further to display this forgiving expression and middle class perception. Platinum blonde hair of abruptly shortened length with dutiful bangs the same, but some level of curiosity might be attracted at the strange braid, slightly over shoulder length and narrow, thrown over this man's right side. Everything about the man seems right and tending towards good tidings. There is one almost unnoticeable sign of foreboding, however. Cold and as deep and large as the forests are his eyes, giving the air around this humble wanderer just the slightest tinge of malice.

    A rather stoic individual and a nature lover, Savant does not wear any of his emotions on his sleeve, but a sorrowful aura seems to surround him. All his reactions are fluid and quick, but muted as is his voice, as if coming from far away. His fargazing eyes tell of his distant aptitude and it is evident in his manner that he is irritable when disturbed when trying to be reclusive or bottlenecked with numerous questions. Savant's intellect is keen, no doubt, but he can be rather absent minded in a situation where concentration can be moved elsewhere. He always has a mental burden due to his nature to overanalyze and slowly scavenge each and every thought that crosses his mind. He is calculating to a fault and unmoving in the face of great domestic disturbance. Savant does let out that smile every now and again and is heralded for his cynical one-liners that often break an infallible silence, a sense of humor that completely catches people off guard. Reliable to get his own job done and a hard worker with his mind to things, Savant can stand on his own without praise. Though his demeanor is often serious and displaying the traits mentioned, he is true to an ability to be unpredictable. His cold rage and undivided intellectual intention and attention that can surface are something you don't want on your back. Certainly resourceful and methodical, his motives still remain unclear and his apparent goodness untested.

    Lash Nuik's childhood was a relatively simple affair, and pleasant despite being raised in the seedy streets of West Lake. However, the air here did get to him eventually and he found his way into the criminal underworld. At age eight, Lash began pickpocketing for no sake other than greed. His Ashi parents would have been disapproving, had they actually known where their son had received that extra money. Lash passed it off expertly as "some job" and continues this until he made the mistake of pickpocketing someone he shouldn't have.

    Lash attempted to route the pockets of Master Thief Ule, Leader of the Thieves Guild, and second in command only to the crimelord of West Lake. Ule was angered, but nevertheless intrigued by the ten year old that almost managed to pick his pocket and when pursued manage to break Ule's nose. He had spunk, as Ule might have said, so he took him in as an apprentice of sorts. Under the proper tutelage, Lash's true talent for stealth and combat was professed. His nature magic became more evident with each passing day and a more silent version of the olden shaman was born. Ule taught Lash every thing he knew before he was killed by an assassin, but nevertheless, Lash would have likely succeeded him within months anyway. Offered the position of Master Thief by the Crimelord, Lash declined and sought to make a name for himself as an assassin.

    At fourteen, he wouldn't have gotten many jobs, so he disguised himself to appear older and spread a little rumor of his nature talent and natural stealth ability. Six years and many successful jobs later, Lash Nuik was renowned as the infamous "Savant." Ever silent as the grave, but with forest magic that seemed to contrast such a vagrant. However, having amassed such a fortune, it was only a few months before this renown caught up to him. At the age of twenty, Savant was presented a job to kill a member of the newly emerged "The Five," and gathered that this shaman would be weak. He was fatally incorrect.

    Though he managed to sneak into Lara, he was ambushed by the cunning old shaman and seven of his guards. It was simple work for Savant to dispose of each guard, but the shaman proved too much for him. At the age of twenty he was marginally defeated and killed. In his dying breath Savant cursed himself for losing sight of what had mattered in his first lifetime as an Ashi: his parents. Now due to wander another lifetime, he would never see them again and they would live on believing he had abandoned them. The pain was almost unbearable, and yet, something in Savant allowed his ethereal struggle to cease and for him to be birthed again as a four year old child.

    Born in amnesia to the same city of his first lifetime, Savant had forgotten all of his former lifetime. Upon hearing the death of Savant (himself) in West Lake, however, he took a liking to the name and stole it from an assassin he believed to be dead. It took him fourteen years to pass ten, becoming fourteen and developing all the skills he had only obtained at twenty by this time. He almost delved into the path of the assassin again, but something in his mind told him to pursue mercenary duty instead. Though it wasn't stealth, Savant soon became renowed in foreign lands for his exploits in war. His allies called him "The Green Man," and his enemies, "He With Many Thorns." The death he saw in this war softened him a little however, and he returned to West Lake in hopes of settling and possibly gaining mercy for his sins and forgiveness. As he saw the nation he was born in torn by civil war, he knew that was not the part he would be allowed to play.

    Various remedies and poisons carried loosely, as well as 2000 Gold.

    Savant has a deep affinity for nature. This power over flora and fauna allows him to absorb the rumors spread by whispers between trees or the conversations of animal life, identification of woodlands, and even manipulation over all modes of plant life. He cannot spontaneously create plant material, but he can awaken dead plants or animals no matter how ancient to full life again. Besides this manipulation, he can easily resist any poison crafted with organic matter or disease. Also, he owns the ability to induce regenerative sleeps. As well as being able to quickly regenerate small wounds and slacken larger ailments, he can quickly heal fatal wounds by suspending his life force inside plant life. The process is extremely painful, however. Signlessly, Savant can transit between concentrations of organic material, giving him helpful transport between most areas of the world; this may cause severe head trauma and/or loss of consciousness if the distance is according. Also, he can blink anywhere within a meter easily that is on solid ground, but this saps energy. His savant nature is in the his talent to see events in the mild future, allowing marvelous agility.

    A true obscurity is an ability to spontaneously generate water and nutrients in his body with sun energy to a certain amount. Beyond a final ability to augment the plants he controls for resistance or to pierce magical flesh, he knows no other talent.

    Lash has no sense of taste and has a birthday that falls in the dead of winter, bemusement of some higher power, surely.

    Due to the small number of possible character positions available, I will take reserves. These reserves are raceless and factionless, however, so you get whatever is left whence you are able to use your reservation. Reservations last forty-eight hours sharp. Otherwise, just remember to be creative and to create a character you enjoy. Also, due to the small number of characters, all character forms will be under severe scrutiny.

    1. Lash Nuik (Mire)

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      Name: Max Hunter (call me Max)
      Alias: Lightning Strike (Lightning), UltraDash.
      Age: 21 (707)
      Sex: Male
      Race: Ashi
      Occupation: Traveler (Currently mercenary and former 'knight')
      Aptitude: The Five
      Presentation: Blue eyes and black hair. Wears all black... including gloves, a hood, and a cape...
      Attitude: Can't stay on solid personality. Sometimes he is a loner, sometimes he is nicer... no one can predict. Is nicer when is around with innocent people... and doesn't like to fight if he doesn't need to. But if a fight is in his schedule... be prepared. (I still can do more... if you want)
      Past: Has been rasied by farmers... never knew if they were his real parents. They trained him in every way. He is very skilled in any kind of combat. Is strong and intelligent. Joined an academy for knights... he made a great succes, and just when he was going to be a leader, the academy was destroyed.

      He sometimes is cold, because of the death of his parents in the attack to thee academy. He became a mercenary... accepting any kind of job. And since the village where he announced himself as a mercenary was boring... he became a traveler ,keeping his occupation of mercenary, and has traveled in both the Empire and The Five.

      Control: He was trained with magical discipline too. He mastered the magic of the electricity and all of its effects. He has a little of over-human strenght... but doesn't use it a lot; has over-human speed... but same situation as strenght; can summon any kind of body and form of electrcity and shoot them; the power of static; and can have a "sixth sense" of electricity thanks to static, he can feel things around him.

      Weaponry: A legendary sword, silver in blade and blue in handle. Can "wrap" the sword in electricity. Can summon a shield just if needed. Bow and arrows.
      Gear: Small enough daggers to open a locked door. Some things that are used around the wrist and arm that can attach themselves to walls which are also, enough hard to resist the powerful steel of weapons, etc. A last-resource knife in case he can't use his main weapons. A rope that can be used with the bow to climb a wall, etc. 1000 Gold.
      Other: Sometimes... he can't resist seeing incredible brutal attacks. Can't resist seeing people being slaved and being punished. Doesn't like to see things that are alike with the last two things I wrote.
      LOOK AT ME!!!!! Good! now... leave me alone! XD
      Go for it, kid!
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        Almost accepted, Max Hunter. I only ask that you elaborate more on your personality and then I will accept your character.

        Banner credit to Yukito.
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          Mire, please don't delete your old post then repost it to bump it up. People will see it on their own. If you want members to notice it that bad, I suggest advertising it in your sig. ;;
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            Gah! I had edited something in there and I accidentally pressed delete, it wasn't intentional. I apologize for this inconvenience.

            Congratulations for noticing though, super attentive Moderator A.

            Banner credit to Yukito.
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