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Old July 3rd, 2004 (7:04 PM).
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    *tosses a banana peel right at Raven's face*
    Whoops! Butterfingers, hehe....

    And hah, that didn't "teah" Jordy a thing!
    .... speaking of Jordy, that's kind of awkward, hehe....
    Dec. 2003:
    Don't be afraid to make fun of me...*gives glare* I can take it!
    ...And I still can!

    Signature under construction. Or I might just be saying this because I have no idea how to make one. Let your imagination guide you!... Please? *smiles* ;p

    Relevant Advertising!

    Old July 4th, 2004 (1:44 AM).
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    Lyndis is pwnage! :D
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      Drago: *Sigh* To much bananas.
      Harken: Opps.
      Drago: Besides that Jordan Loves them.
      Harken: Bigger opps.
      Drago: One thing to do.
      Harken: FIRE!
      *Fires Multiple Apple bombs at Jordan*
      Drago: I hope this works on him.
      Harken: And to make sure everything doesn't mess up I've put fruit into the Exhaust pipe.
      *Boom* *Diffrerent kinds of fruit lands everywhere*
      Drago: *Puffs out smoke* Explode.
      Harken: At Least your's didn't.
      Drago: Lucky for....
      *Boom!* *Diffrerent kinds of fruit land everywhere*
      Drago: Me.
      Harken: I put fruit in Both Exhaust pipes.
      Drago: At least we have fruit mechine guns.
      Harken: Let's Try them!
      Drago: FIRE,FIRE,FIRE!
      *Fruits land on Jordan's face*
      Drago: Just hope these don't explode.
      Harken: Yea.... It'll cause the whole place to Explode.
      You've unlocked the way to own The Vince Knight!

      ...oh dear!

      My brother abuses me. Don't tell him ANYTHING.
      Old July 4th, 2004 (10:32 AM).
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      cherяubi яed
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        mMmMmMmMmMmMmM....I like banana bread.....can I have peice?

        I don't like these yucky peels lying around though...have to get rid of them!

        *Throws them all at Harken*


        Old September 15th, 2004 (11:27 PM).
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          Is it ok to revive threads like this? It's been dead...
          *throws a banana at everyone*

          Just came back. Below is my old signature.

          Pokemon Adventures (US) Manga Revival Petition!
          Paired up with Fixen
          Member of PC Yellow Fan Club and Pokemon Special Club!

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