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3rd Gen Collecting Ashes

Started by Palamon 3 Weeks Ago 8:41 PM
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On Route 113, you get an item from a Glass Worker known as a Soot Sack. Once receiving this item, you can fill up the bag with ashes by walking into the tall grass on this route only. After collecting enough ashes, the glass worker in the glass workshop will trade the ashes you've collected for flutes and secret base decor. There are five types of flutes you can collect: a Blue Flue, which awakens sleeping Pokemon, the Yellow Flute, which can snap a Pokemon out of confusion, the Red Flue, which snaps Pokemon out of the love, and the Black and White flutes, which manipulate wild Pokemon encounters to happen more or less. You can always get a table and chair set.

Did you collect ashes in R/S/E and OR/AS? Did you bother to collect the prizes? What did you think of this rather very small feature within the games?

I actually found collecting ashes fun. The flutes are much more worth it than you think! They have unlimited uses, and that's what makes them better than having a Pokemon hold a berry, or using a Full Heal, if you ask me. I don't know why this mechanic hasn't made a return since the Hoenn region, but I really do hope it makes a return in a future Pokemon game where there's an area that's near a volcano.
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I loved it as a feature, the flutes were incredibly usefull and the road was one of the most unique in their design in a Pokémon game.
The music being really cool also helped. Wasted a good bit of time using repellants to collect every prize here.

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I don't think I ever bothered with it much. Was a lot of walking for items that have effects that other items have too
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I liked it! Was a huge completionist in RSE so I tried to do absolutely every side quest available, ashes included. I got the furniture items and put them in my secret base. :> as well as the flutes, using them was fun since iirc? they played a tune in battle to heal
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