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Set or Switch?

Started by Palamon 2 Weeks Ago 7:52 AM
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What battle style do you usually set when you play Pokemon games? I always keep mine at switch, but I've considered trying out set before to see if it makes the game harder.
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i should really try set
i'm psyducked up as it is but we got so much time to kill
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With the games I haven't really played, I like to keep it on Switch. For the games I'm more familiar with, I usually go for set until I get unlucky and angry at the game...then, it's back to switch.


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Oh always Set, I can't remember the last time I used Switch.

It's how competitive battles work, so I just prefer to emulate that to some small extent. Helps a little with the difficulty too.
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i always play switch, but i played set when i recently played my japanese sapphire since i mean. i couldn't read it anyway. it was surprisingly fun tbh. and it added to the challenge of the playthrough. i might try it on english copies now tbh. lol i'm always rattataing about the series getting too easy and well. this is one way to help with that.
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Usually switch because I can't really be bothered changing it.


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Used to be Set ages back when I only ever trained my starter (when gen III were the newest sets of games), but Switch is my go-to now!
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Is Switch the default? Cause if that's the case then I use that since I'm lazy. :p


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I have the option on switch, but I rarely switch out my pokemon
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Set is significantly more fun to me than Switch. It adds an extra layer of difficulty not knowing what Pokemon my opponent is going to send out next. Honestly, I'm so used to the Set option by now that I feel like having a sneak peek at the next Pokemon is kind of... cheating in a way. x.x

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I used to switch but then I'd switch and now I'm all set to set.

...Yeah sounds lame when I read it aloud but that's the thing, it's literally exactly what always happens. I play up to about the second or third gym on switch and then that kind of bores me out (more because of the extra slowness than anything else) and I switch to set. Except for the few beginning fights and maybe the E4 challenges, I nowadays stick on set.

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