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Happy not birthday

Started by Mister Raindrop 2 Weeks Ago 5:57 PM
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Happy not birthday for everyone!

I came trying to fit in in the Pokemon community that I haven't really been on in around 2/3 years, I particularly like Pokemon stories were we get some new perspectives with new characters, just developing the world and the Pokemon.

But I am also a fan of Pokemon battling, altough I am not good at all and I havent played the last gen :/ just followed some stuff here and there.

I am a sucker for the second and fourth generation and I like sprite designing

Nice to meet you


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Happy not birthday Mister Raindrop ! Happy Day anyway! There's an Art Studio for creative folks like you ! By the way, what's your favourite game/region ? SInce when did you start playing/watching pokemon ?

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Welcome to PC! Worldbuilding and character development is some of the best things yeah ^^ that's why I do forum roleplaying!

I hope you'll have fun around here, and don't worry about not feeling like a good battler - there are plenty of opportunities to learn if you want to :)

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Hi there, Mister Raindrop!! I've saw you around on the Discord server yesterday :D
Welcome to PokéCommunity! Do you think you might get SwSh?

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Thank you everyone.

If I'd have to choose I would go for Diamond. First Pokemon game I owned, first to play was gold but it was borrowed, then on emulator

And Yeah maybe ill open a gallery with sprites and stuff

I also do some roleplay, but I don't like the forum format that much, I am more of a discord and a DM, but I don't have the time anymore to be that into it


Hopefully in summer Ill have the money, but if it is as disappointing as I expect it to be... I am not sure


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Yeah! Gens II and IV are great, I played GSC and DPPt longer than I'd like to admit lol. Welcome Raindrop. :>
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Hey there Mister Raindrop! Welcome to the community! And a happy not-birthday to you too. :)

I adore competitive battling but I'm not very good at it either, so I understand your plight, aha. Hopefully we can both get better when Sword & Shield comes out!

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