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What do you guys think of the official art and this news?

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This is good for the Shield buyers, who were waiting for the shield exclusive to be revealed. Now, the gen 1 regional makeovers are done, so now we can expect some new information, which may include starter evolutions, new pokemon, maybe some other galar forms if they exist. Coming to the artwork, this Ponyta is one of the most adorable art designs ever, I have to admit it. Sirfetch'd looks good too, but Ponyta is simply too cute.

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This definitely solidifies my desire to buy Shield. I couldn't be happier with the exclusive and it's likely in my top 5 mons now! So pretty. hopefully some brand new mons or Galarian forms of Pokémon from places other than Kanto will be revealed next

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Supposedly the ability prevents and cures poison for Galarian Ponyta and its teammates, so that's a nice ability. Curious to see which type it ends up being, and what exactly the evolution will look like.
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I'm excited! I was leaning towards Shield anyway, was liking Zamazenta best of the cover legendaries, but now there is no question of which game I am getting. It has to be Pokemon Shield!! Galarian Ponyta is my favorite gen 8 pokemon revealed so far. I think this is great news for Pokemon Shield as I was a little jealous of Sword getting Sirfetch'd to itself, and wondering if I might need to reconsider my choice of game if Shield didn't get a good answer to him. I have got to have Shield now, end of story.

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Pretty happy to see Shield getting a good exclusive counterpart to Sirfetch'd in Galarian Ponyta. I'm still getting Sword since I like Sirfetch'd more, but Galarian Ponyta is super adorable.

I wonder if this gives us a rough idea on Sirfetch'd's base stat total (perhaps being more or less similar to Rapidash's BST?), since now that they were made counterparts across versions, I notice that Farfetch'd and Ponyta have pretty similar base stat totals, with Ponyta being slightly better (33 stat points better, to be exact). I'm also envisioning a Sirfetch'd riding a Galarian Rapidash for some reason, haha. Whatever the case, I'm excited to see all of the new Pokémon!


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A trailer was just posted on the YT channel!

Apparently it is pure Psychic, not Fairy.

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oh jeez... this is making it harder to pick between Sword and Shield since I was leaning Sword because of Galarian Farfetch'd. @_@;

I guess there's no harm in waiting for more version exclusives and seeing which version has the cooler one...

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So Shield version finally got some nice exclusives too, which makes me reconsider that I might be possibly getting both Sword and Shield (albeit not at the same time yet). What caught me off guard was Galarian Ponyta's typing, though, considering that many are speculating it to be Fairy-type (me included), but I still don't mind :wink-right-eye:


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So we know of 8 exclusive Pokemon to each version.
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I am surprised that Galarian Ponyta is exclusive to Shield considering being in the 24 hour livestream would suggest it would have been in both games but it is what it is.

As I plan to use the Psychic horse in my playthrough and have no plans to ever use Sirfetch'd I will likely get Shield.

If Galarian Rapidash is a Pegasus like Pokemon in then it would be Psychic/Flying.
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...Psychic? Well, that was unexpected. Maybe it'll be like Alolan Vulpix, though, and it'll gain the Fairy type upon evolution? Maybe. I do say, though, that ability sounds like it'll be useless in single battles, since it's situational.
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SHIELD... :( I'm getting Sword, myself. Though, I guess that will become more debatable as we learn the differences between the games.

Very cool to have a Psychic type Ponyta!

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On one hand, I expected Galarian Ponyta to be a Fairy type. On the other hand, since it's a Psychic type, that means I could put it in my team without it having to face competition from Impidimp and Alcremie.

Unless I decide to get Pokemon Sword, of course.
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In all seriousness, this cements my faith in getting Sheild for my pre-order. I was worried about Sword because they got Sir'Fetched, but this makes up for it.

I've seen people wonder why it's not a fairy type, but honestly, I can't say it's truly out of the question. When Alolan Vulpix came out it was a pure Ice type but gained the Fairy typing later. It can potentially happen with Rapidash so I'm not too upset about it. Even being a psychic type that knows Fairy Type moves is a huge plus.

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it's adorable! i'm really on the fence re: which version to get now lmao.
disappointed it's not fairy, but it is what it is i suppose :<

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Well this makes it really hard for me since for a long time I was planning on getting Sword due to liking that legendary better and I really want a Kommo-o, but this does sway me towards Shield quite a bit now especially since I always wanted a dream pair of Rapidash and Mudsdale together. Also thinking about it, I doubt the Jangmo-o line will be avaliable untill very late game like in Aloha anyway.

Bit dissapointed its pure Psychic though, but if Rapidash becomes duel typed it will be completely worth it.


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I'll take 20 please. This really solidified what version I'll be getting first.
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