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6th Gen Friend Safari

Started by Palamon 2 Weeks Ago 4:02 PM
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The Friend Safari was a Safari in the X/Y games that took the people from your 3DS friend codes, and created a Safari from it. The type of Pokemon in each of people's friend safaris differed. There were only 3 Pokemon in each person's safari as well. Two people could also have the same type of safari, but not the same Pokemon. Since it takes friend codes from your 3DS, some of the Safaris will be of people who might not even have a copy of the game.

Anyway, what did you think of the Friend Safari, and what was in yours? I think mine was a Fire Safari, and had Charmeleon, Growlithe, and one other Pokemon that I forget? I'd have to ask someone.
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I absolutely HATED this feature, it was infuriatingly arbitrary. We've already had the whole "play and trade with friends!" aspect forced on us with two versions every single time a new gen starts, we don't need to have it rammed down our throats even further. But we got it. Lucky us. This is especially jarring after Gen VI featured the best online connectivity we've ever seen in Pokemon titles with the PSS. That was amazing. This was awful.

What made this system so awful was the fact that it was fixed, though. Three RANDOM Pokemon of the same type, no way to change them without a complete restart of your game, no way to expand your selection, just three Pokemon of the same type you had no say over, take it or leave it. How painfully short-sighted and restrictive. I realise that Game Freak probably thought that doing it this way would encourage players to seek out other players with the Pokemon they wanted, but what they haven't realised yet is that forcing people to do something is likely going to have the exact opposite effect, because it is not fun and just resorts in a lot of frustration when you can't find what you want. It's a horribly designed, counter-intuitive clusterpsyduck. In other words, it's classic Game Freak having no idea how to properly design a feature in their games. A nice idea with the worst possible execution imaginable.

I had a Grass type Safari, I think. I honestly don't remember, because I steered clear of the feature and just used other methods to fill my dex.


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I never finished gen 6 so good thing I never "missed out" on FS.
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Not a fan of friend safari because how limited amount of pokemon you would catch if you didnt add as many friends to expand its diversity moreover you just ended up with the same pokemon as your previous friends in your friend list if you happen to add some with the same pokemon as their friend safari.

I think it was figthing, but I cant remember what type was.
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not a fan.

i get the angle of what Game Freak was going for. it's basically forced interaction if you wanted a specific pokemon that was locked behind a friend safari, and one of the cornerstones of pokemon gaming is to interact with fellow new pokemon fans whilst you trade friend codes for the friend safari. i think this mostly backfired though because in all actuality people's FC lists just started being cluttered by randoms who only really added each other for friend safari types and that was it. it really became an unnecessary mess.
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