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Posted December 13th, 2019
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So I've recently realized that the version of the movie I've watched has missing prologue in the dub version of the movie. I've also tried looking up online and found out that it's a case with a lot of people that still talk about it, and talking about this movie doesn't seem to be something that happens a lot. Like, at all, I can barely find much information on it. So it got me thinking, people coming in to watch this movie blind might get really confused since first like, 15 minutes of it have been cut or something. On Bulbapedia I've managed to find some information about CN doing it without pokemon company's permission or something like that. I guess what I want to do now is shed some light on the issue and ask about your experiences with this movie. Has anyone else watched it whole without ever knowing the prologue was cut? Have you later been able to find out what happened in it? Is there any other information on how and why it happened that you'd like to share?