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This is fine.

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Pretend you didn't see the leaks, guys. And that cycling minigame thing does look new to me!


Has sent out Pikachu!

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I never remember hearing about a bike minigame, I'm surprised that's something they've added. Looks fun!
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Age 19
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That trailer is incredibly enticing! I wasn't planning on purchasing these games but I might just have to start saving for a Switch now! That biking minigame looks exhilarating as well, I hope it's not too over-simplified or too easy.


ice beam

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Posted 8 Hours Ago
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14.6 Years
rather interesting trailer, indeed! o: im definitely interesting in the cohagrigus-looking pokemon.


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Posted 10 Hours Ago
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cute, a bicycle minigame! makes me think of the RSE days and its bicycle path minigame where you had to avoid bumping into anything. this game seems to be the opposite with you needing to hit those rotom-looking balloons? neat trailer \o/


Not Frankie Muniz

Age 24
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This trailer makes the new games look lit, I'm in like, double the anticipation I was before. I've been stoked on that cooking aspect ever since knowing about "bag of potatoes" at the start.

It looks like there's WAY more customization/clothing options than Gen 7.

It makes the battles look more intense and more theatrical, this trailer is hype.
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Awesome trailer. These games look so damn good. The new Mr. Mime looking Pokemon is one of my favorites so far!


Take my hands now

Kansas, USA
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Oh my gooodddd, those games look cooler with every trailer.

And I can get behind that mini game... heck yeah.

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