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Hi everyone! You may have noticed that the Pokémon Sword and Shield forum looks a little different now. With the games releasing across parts of the world, staff have decided to create a category to make it easier for members playing them to access what they might need.

In the respective forums of this new category, you'll be able to discuss the games, ask questions, trade, find raid groups and battle with other players, and maintain your own travel journal as you explore the Galar region!

In celebration of the games' release, we've also created a new style, Gen VIII. It's been defaulted for guests, but for those of you who already have a style selected, you can switch by going to your forum appearance page or by clicking here. Currently it's just Sword version, but more variants will be coming soon! Thanks to Laslow for designing this wonderful theme.


Negative eight!

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Was hoping we'd see a cool theme for Sword & Shield once they hit. Good work Laslow!
And nice to see travel journals return as well.
I should've known from your strange foreign fish language!

erik destler

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I really like the new style, nice work Anthony! Excited for a dark-mode-ish variant :fufu:
paired with Cherrim ; cred


Castle of the Crystal
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This was a lovely surprise! My new favourite theme of the lot. :)
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