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Started by Merlin275 November 24th, 2019 2:56 PM
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Hey hey everyone 😄.Kinda new to pokecommunity and to rom game hacking, but I have played almost every pokemon fangame there is and I just love pokemon!
I have recently started on my own project and am trying to learn all the key elements of pokemon fangame making and I must say there are a lot of things to consider when making a pokemon game hehe.
I am here just to give a basic idea of what game I am making and wanna know if people will still be interested to play my game even though I am just starting out with this!It will be so great if people will play my game even though it won't be like the best ones like Uranium and Insurgence....Well here goes hehe (would also appreciate some insight and your thoughts!)


Well the story begins where you find out that you have passed the entrance exams to The Pokemon Trainer Academy!!You are greeted by your Headmaster and he begin telling you some of the ropes of this Academy! Upon arrival at the academy you will meet a few people and so also throughout the game:

~Bugsy: Well the name kinda gives it away hehe but he just loves his bug type pokemon!

~Anna: She is sweet and thoughtful,she likes grass pokemon that looks like flowers!

~Cindy: She is that common "Let us have some fun" person and she loves Psychic type pokemon!

~Max:His brain can't stop working!He is into ice type pokemon.

~Chris:He is the class jerk that always says he is beter than you!He uses a balanced team.

Then it is the main characters:

~Bella: She is the players friend that is a real talkative person!

~Merlin: He is the players Roommate at the academy as well as a good friend!

~Headmaster Peter: The headmaster of the academy.Mmmmm but what is that all he is?

~Professor Oak: He will be your homeroom teacher!What luck!

~You: You are a student at the Pokemon Trainer Academy!There you will meet awesome friends,but it won't just be normal school for you and your friends!

Then of course no pokemon game is complete with at least one evil team,this game will have 1 and a half of a bad team lol:

☆Team Mythic: What are they up to?And is it truly something bad?
They will have three Generals that are like the organizers of the grunts,they are-General Panther,General Casper and General Houdini.
Then no evil team is Bossless so yeah they will have a "Boss".

☆Team Dratonic: Now these are some characters!They will have 2 Generals and a heartless Mistress-General Silver and General Draco.The Mistress will be Ultra Violet!What are they trying to stop and why are they so bad?

Story Compartments

• The academy will have two aspects of school:the first is theoretical aspect where you will answer 5 random question about the pokemon world.You don't have to get all of the correct to continue the story,but definitely makes it fun!
The second aspect will be practical and for that you are gonna battle your classmates!

•There will be 8 theoretical and 8 practical exams that have been completed at the end of the game!
As you advance and win a practical exam you will unlock a new "Area".Because you will be in an Academy, where would you catch pokemon?Well that is where these "Areas" come in.There are 8 areas that can be unlocked as you win practical exams!

• There will be minigames throughout the stories and they won't be easy, but still able to finish!

•I don't wanna tell more about the story now because I am afraid I would give something away hehe.

Now it is time for...
● 15 starters to choose from!
● No map (cuz you will be at an Academy,most of the time anyway hehe.)
● No pokedex (You are not a real pokemon trainer yet!)
● All pokemon up till gen. 5 are in the game (Sorry but no fairy type though)
● Exp. All (All your party members will get xp when you defeat a pokemon,if you want a harder game you can switch this off if you like to grind!)
● Wild pokemon are at your level,thus giving more xp and helping you get the perfect team for you.
● Trainers are usually a higher level then you to increase difficulty.
● Awesome new storyline
● Items cannot be baught(until near the end) so items given or found should be used strategically!
● Little higher shiny rate than normal but not to easy to get one though!Still need tons of encounters to maybe get one lol.

So yeah...that is about all I am ready to dish out about as of now.I will probably add screenshots and more detailed posts as my game reaches its near release state.I am doing this alone though and as I have mentioned I am kinda ne to making pokemon games hehe, but hopefully you guys would still play my game once it is done!

There will be a post game if anyone would have wanted to know and this is game one of a 3 game series I wanna make!So this is only the beginning for me!I am gonna work hard and improve!If you wanna know anything else or give an idea I am open to anything!

Age 19
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This Idea is Great! i really like the Idea of School and Pokemon Being Combined! I Wonder what the Starters are though. I can't do much to Help you other than Make teams and Give ideas for story, but i wanna Support this somehow. So, keep up on it.
Thanks for your reply!!As for the starters you are gonna have to wait and see hehe😄