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Has sent out Pikachu!

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I don't think I synched my US/UM games to Global Link, no, so I'm not gonna bother getting that Muuna.
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Posted 36 Minutes Ago
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Ahahaha I apparently never synced mine either. Trying to do so for this, but the 3DS refuses to find my WiFi connection :D Nonetheless, will keep trying, this would be awesome to have!


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Yo, what?? R.I.P Global Link. Kinda surprised they're not keeping it around longer, but eeeh.

No Munna for me, but if I replay that gen I will pull through Munna-less!

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Posted December 15th, 2019
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To be fair I always felt like they should have kept wifi features, at least for pokemon games. It's not like keeping alive only 1 server containing every game's wifi from DPPT would be difficult, when you take into consideration there are less people playing older games.


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Posted December 13th, 2019
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Well, I still play Gen. 4 & 5 a whole lot :) It was a mistake to shut down Wi-Fi for below Gen. 6 :(
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wtf is global link
lmao this was my reaction too
It's a Weezing! What will you do?


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TPC decided to throw this Munna as a gift only if you did not have your account made or didn't link your Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon game up to the Global Link before the closure announcement was made back in November.. you could always put in a support ticket on their website if you found a problem.
honestly it is not like this is a Mew or any rare legend that should be limited, but eh...

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