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Old June 29th, 2005 (11:29 AM).
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This is a tragedy.
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Ok, so being totally and utterly alone wasn't what I expected. It's so quiet, and there's no one to talk to. No one to ask, "Does this make me look fat?" No one to cuddle with on a cold night...

...I love it.

The quiet gives me more time to think, and less talking saves oxygen. The mirror can tell me if a dress makes me look fat, I don't need people to lie to me about that. And a heater can warm my house when it's cold.

Being totally and utterly alone was the best part of my life. Until I got sick and almost hacked up a lung and kidney. Ok, maybe not a kidney. But I was **** close.

It stayed dark for forty-seven days, and forty-eight nights, straight, no sunlight, nothing. At least, on the small world of Ta'koru, that was normal. I think. I found a dog!

The poeple left the planet. They got tired of the dark. They left animals and food and transportation; they loaded into large boat transport and shoom! They were off. I one objected. I have free food, at least, now.

Doggy's name is Carlton Shepardson. He likes his name. He is my best friend, now that the people left.

We sleep in a big house, in the middle of the only city on the tiny planet. We eat what we grow; vegtables, fruits. We raise chickens. Carlton Sheperdson herds them like a pro, straight to slaughter.

((A spelling mistake here, or there, it's fine. The format of this is supposed to be the way I made it, and I'm too empty to write anymore today...DOn't be mean! ))
I believe

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Old June 30th, 2005 (8:45 PM).
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It's kinda sad -cries- You have done an fantastic job with this story.
It's very impressive and I hope to be able to read more of your stories in the near future. =)
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Old July 2nd, 2005 (7:02 PM).
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Hmm very nice , you really kept the dramatic mood thoughout the whole story and I'm really interested to see where this one goes.

Great job '
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Old July 8th, 2005 (12:46 AM).
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i love being alone so quit so good but when i am in a overpopulated area i could cough up ****


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Old July 8th, 2005 (12:56 PM).
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kinda sad but still a pretty good story.
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Old July 21st, 2005 (10:21 PM).
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Aw, yeah it is sad. I'm alone most of the time <_<

If you are a fan:
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