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Social Media Post
Calling All Content Creators!

What We're Looking For!

PC's very own Social Media Team is inviting YOU to share and show off any content created by you or our community that'll be featured on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts every Friday as #featurefriday! Any Art, Fan Fiction, Fan Game, Music, ROM Hack, Story, etc. is acceptable!

How To Submit Your Content!

There are just two easy ways you can submit your content to be featured:

1) Promoting the Post or Thread
Go to the post or thread you want to promote. Click the Share button in the bottom left corner of the post ( Share), and choose "Promote Post":

It'll take you to our Promotion Manager where you can submit your content!

After you submit the content, a social media staff member will PM the creator with a follow up about their feature as quickly as possible.

2) Tweeting the Content
Just tweet us @pokecommunity with your content and the hashtag #featurefriday for us to retweet your tweet on Twitter!*
* We will only personally post content submitted through our Promotion Manager.

Which platform should I buzz for?

We have three social media platforms. These are ideal for highlighting specific threads, a piece of fanwork, events happening on our site, and so forth. Need a quick shoutout to a thread, or want a piece of art shared on our platforms? Go for Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

PokéCommunity Daily meanwhile is for more in-depth features. For example, rather than an article showing one picture, it can highlight a whole artist's gallery. Daily is also ideal for reviews or spotlights of Fan Games and Rom Hacks, or even tools used by the community.

Note that Daily focuses on Pokémon content. This doesn't mean we won't highlight non-Pokémon content, but we will prioritize articles on Pokémon content.

If you are keen to write the Daily article yourself on the content you are buzzing, mention it in the notes, or make a thread in the Daily forum section about your idea. Otherwise you'll have to wait for someone on the Daily team to cover it between our other articles.

Who We Are!

Any specific questions or concerns regarding your feature, please contact a member of the Social Media Staff (list of Social Media Staff located right here).

Follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for a chance to see your post shared with thousands of your fellow members and more!
Be sure to post any questions or concerns down below! We'll be sure to respond as soon as we can!