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Old July 8th, 2005 (5:33 AM). Edited July 8th, 2005 by Charizard_Fire_God.
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    Gaaaah! It's been rotting in my comp for well over 2 months now! I keep thinkin' it needs reviewin', but what tha heck? It's only a one-shot! I'll post it an' see what happens, an' maybe post tha second one soon as well... some time soon... o.0


    It was a dark and quiet night.
    The black clouds hovered motionlessly over the cold walls and countless tombstones that made up the landscape, its dark grasp holding back what little light the setting Sun had left behind and reducing everything to a depressing gray that embedded itself into everything the dark shadows hadn't claimed. And the Moon pierced through a hole in the dark clouds, its ominous glow scorning away anyone who dared venture forth, like a guardian of those whose souls took their eternal rest there.

    Through the dead silence, the rustle of trampled grass ringed here and there. Two beams of light franctically swayed back and forth through the darkness, and the voices of two men could be heard. They were panting out of fatigue.

    "How could ya let 'em get away, ya goon? ...We had both her an' the kid..."
    "Well, it's not my fault yar stupid mutt couldn't move fast enough to cut their way when she KO'd my Raticate!"
    "D'ya know how much their skulls are worth? You know Boss doesn't take excuses."

    Their quarrel continued in the distance. A few yards in front, hidden by the dark, two shadows slipped through the maze of tombstones. The silouette of a short, upright dinosaur flashed under the moonlight. Its skin was a dark brown. The creature wore a skull on its head, and its tail ended with a short spike near the tip. The fugitive carried a bone in one of its hands. Not too far behind, a similar creature followed it. The latter was much smaller, and the features of its skull and body were not as well defined as those of the one leading the way. Its steps were clumsy and it panted as it tried to keep up with the creature in front. But there was something unusual about the larger one that could be seen from its movements.

    She was limping. She was badly injured, bruises and deep slashes covering her body. She turned her head back from time to time to see if he was still there as she kept running. She also saw the blood she was leaving behind, and knew that she was leaving a trail for the two demons that followed her through the dark. Her body had been badly drenched of the life fluid from all the running, making her feel anemic and sometimes giving her uncontrolled spasms in the arms and legs. But her mind could only focus on one thing -- the smaller creature that was trying to keep up with her, for it was her son.

    The baby dinosaur was scared, desperation staining his face as he tried to keep up with his mother, unable to understand why they were running. He tripped and fell, bashing his hard skull into the ground, and dropping the small bone he carried in his tiny hand. The skull had absorbed most of the impact, leaving him only a minor scratch on his white, scaled belly, but being young and unexperienced with pain, he immediately burst into a loud cry. The mother stopped in her tracks and returned to comfort the youngster, helping him get up. The voice of a man sounded in the distance.

    "They're that way!"

    The mother fled, dragging her child by the arm. The child looked back in sadness as he watched the white object he had dropped fade into the dark. A series of footsteps followed and got louder and louder. The mother suddenly stopped, looking straight up in fear and shock. A large wall stretched up to the moon blocking her way, too high to climb. Barking could be heard in the distance. Out of the shadows a furry, four-legged creature emerged. It had tiger-like stripes all over its orange-coloured fur
    and yellow puffs on its legs, tail, and head. The mother pushed her baby behind with one arm while holding her bone pointed towards the agressor. The sweat that covered her entire body was slowly leaking down to the ground, mixing with the blood that was flowing out of her open wounds.


    She growled at the striped dog ferociously, her face stating ruthless look while her body kept shaking uncontrollably out of fatigue and damage. She wasn't going to let anyone harm her beloved child and ignored the desperate cries of her body. The two other pursuers came out from the shadows, pointing two strong beams of light at their catch. They were both dressed in black suits with a red "R" emblazoned on their shirts. One of them gave a satisfied, evil grin to the dinosaur.

    "End o' the line, Marowak! You an' yer Cubone have nowhere to go now! Growlithe, Flamethrower!"

    The fire dog took an attack stance and blew out a sustained jet of fire towards the Marowak. She in turn, leaped into the air, the moonlight beaming down on her as she swirled her bone, hurling it as she dived down towards the Growlithe.

    "Growlithe, Evade it!", the man yelled.

    The Growlithe jumped to the left while Marowak fell to the ground, her bone sinking into the ground.

    "Now Growlithe! Use Headbutt!", the black-dressed man commanded pointing his finger at the wounded creature.

    Taken by surprise immediately after pulling the bone out of the ground, the Marowak was rammed by the Growlithe into an adjacent tombstone. The tiny Cubone flinched seeing the scene. As her body detached itself from the tombstone, she fell on her knees, twitching as she slowly got up.

    "Quick, Growlithe, another one!"

    The sound of a violent impact thundered through the air as the tombstone broke off and the Marowak landed on her back over the broken slab that crumbled into pieces. Her eyes opened after part of the pain faded away. Her shaking hand slowly reached for the bone lying on the grass and picked it up with a firm grip. Her eyes slowly closed again, twitching. Then, suddenly, her arm dropped back down, motionless. Shock stained the face of the baby Cubone as he watched his mother lie motionless among the
    pieces of the tombstone. His eyes slowly filled with salty water that began cascading down his skull as he felt the rush of panic posess him. He could not witness such a horror. As he looked at the four-legged creature that had prevailed over her, the vexation became too strong.


    The Cubone rushed madly towards his mother's aggressor, tears flowing out of his eye. The Growlithe quickly turned around and bashed the Cubone, sending it flying through the air into the wall. As the suffering creature tried to step back up, he heard a merciless voice command from the direction from where the attack was launched.

    "Growlithe! Flamethrower!"

    The sound of a raging blaze filled the air, its roar ascending as it hurled it into the helpless creature. The flame engulfed the young Cubone clearly out of sight, which in turn began to holler desperatly.

    "That's right, it'll be over soon...", one of the men said grinning as he heared the Cubone's cries.

    As the tortured cry reached her ears, her eyes suddenly opened. She quickly gripped the bone that layed beside her and got up with a sudden, unnatural movement. A flat and empty voice drew the Growlithe's attention.


    The Growlithe stopped his spew of flames and looked to the source of the disturbance, releasing the tortured Cubone from the scorching pain. The sadistic music stopped, and the Cubone layed down trembling with pain. With her body covered in wounds, bruises, and blood, the mother Cubone stood up facing the Growlithe. She wasn't shaking anymore.

    "What?! Doesn't anybody die anymore? Finish her, Growlithe!"

    The Growlithe stared ferociously at her, ready to launch an attack, but for some reason stopped the moment his eyes met with hers. Suddenly, he felt unable to fight at all.

    "What're you doing, stupid? Attack! Flamethrower! Headbutt! Somethin'!"

    But the disobeying Growlithe stood motionless like a statue, staring into the Marowak's eyes with fear and realisation. She was no longer breathing. Her heart was no longer beating. Her eyes were still and empty, and her pupiles narrow. She was dead. Her lifeless body stood up confronting the Growlithe, ready to defend her loved one. Though she was dead, her soul's love for her child and her urge to save him was commanding her crippled body to stand up, no matter what. As he watched the Marowak slowly pace towards him like a zombie, thoughts and emotions began racing through his mind and heart.

    Can love really be that strong? Stronger even... than death? He had once known such feelings, before his masters took him apart from his mother, for she too had long ago tried to stand up for her only pup... and was killed on the spot. He found what he was seeing unintelligible, as his long tough training had taught him that strength and toughness were the only important things in life, and that petty feelings and emotions such as love meant nothing and were only for the faint of heart -- yet there she was,
    standing up ready to fight, with nothing but her love driving her. He craned his head back at his master and gazed at him despisefully, realising how oblivious he was. Still, he had to obey...

    The Rocket lowered his head and stretched out his arm holding a red and white ball.

    "Ugh... Return you stupid mutt."

    The red beam shot out from the sphere and engulfed the striped dog in its glow, dematerializing it as the beam returned into the strange orb. He then placed the sphere onto his belt and pulled another one out.

    "Go! ..."

    Police sirens could be heard from somewhere beyond the walls. Both looked back seeing bright red and blue light flashes from over the walls.

    "Drat! The cops!", one of them yelled in anger, "Let's get outta here.", he continued to the other an they both turned and started running.

    The two men slipped back through the tombstones curesing. The sound of their footsteps slowly faded in the darkness and the menacing sirens were gone soon after.

    Several minutes had passed. The place had fallen back into its funeral silence. Somewhere in the back of the cemetery a shadow began to move. His body was covered in wounds and burns sustained from the previous attack. Discretly and without any warning, water began to fall from the tainted sky. The rain drops seemed to wash away some of the soot that covered the young creature's scales, but actually caused him more pain. He slowly crawled through the wet grass to a pile of crumbed rocks where his mother was lying down as the rain continued to sting him. The rain was not disrupting the grim atmosphere, but instead contributed to its depression with its cold tears of death. The young Cubone reached the lifeless body. He picked himself up from the ground in a kneeling position and gazed at her with an awkward, helpless expression, tilting his head.

    "... ...bone?"

    He stared at the wounded body as the rain washed away the blood, then raised his look up to the cracked skull. Not too long ago, the same face had watched over him with a warm, kind look, greeting him as his tiny head pierced through the opaque, white shell with uncertainty. Now her eyes were closed, and her body was as cold as the falling rain.

    A mother's love and sacrifice.

    His trembling arm reached up to the bone she was holding and gently pulled it out of her hand. As he looked at the oversized object, a strange, new feeling slowly filled up every fiber of his body. His entire body began to twitch under the vexation that invaded him like a poison as he remembered the horrors he'd seen just minutes ago. The tiny arm raised the enormous bone up to the clouds with a trembling anger, as if threatening them. Unexpectedly, his tiny, white skull tilted up, staring at the weeping clouds.


    He hollered out a terrifying cry, fueling it with every bit of air his lungs carried, shaking violently as the anger and grief his
    heart harbored erupted within him. It was a cry so terrifying that even the night's dark creatures that were stalking in the
    nearby trees flew away scared, franctically flapping their leathery wings over the crying sky as they scattered away.

    And as his body was engulfed by a strange, shining white light and began to grow, his cry stretched over the stone wall and soared up to the towering buildings and glittering lights that made up the city's skyline...
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      cool poem/story it was sad but it was pretty cool
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      Old July 8th, 2005 (3:53 PM). Edited July 8th, 2005 by Charizard_Fire_God.
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        Lol, I know the word wrap is closer than it should be, but it ain't a poem. ;;
        Well it's supposed ta be sad... just adds more emotions that way. ;;
        Hmm... *edits it so that it won't look like a poem anymore*
        Tch. There we go -- all done.

        Well? Any more advices ppl? o.0
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