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Hey, I was testing the milcery evo script in pokemon essentials 16.2 and it give me this error:

Excepción: NoMethodError
Mensaje: undefined method `pbCheckEvolution' for Kernel:Module
Milcery evo:149:in `pbMilceryEvoMethod'
Milcery evo:36:in `each'
Milcery evo:36:in `pbMilceryEvoMethod'
Milcery evo:15:in `update'
Scene_Map:104:in `update'
Scene_Map:101:in `loop'
Scene_Map:114:in `update'
Scene_Map:68:in `main'
Scene_Map:65:in `loop'
Scene_Map:72:in `main'

Can somebody know how can i edit to make it works?