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    Read and Enjoy! and make any suggestions you want, be as rough as possible

    War of the Night

    Chapter 1: Diurnal Flight

    Shadow swooped down on the unsuspecting Yanma as it nibbled on a large, ripe apple that was on an outer branch of the tree. Shadows poisonous teeth easily made the Yanma fall to the ground, unconscious. Shadow started taking large bites of the Yanma until only its soft bone remained.

    That was the second Yanma he had eaten tonight. They were not necessarily hard to catchthey were very unaware and couldnt hear anything approaching. Suddenly, a bug flew past Shadow.

    He used his Supersonic move to lock onto the Venomoth and he excitedly moved in for the capture. If he managed to catch something as hard as a Venomoth, perhaps he would get the envy of his fellow newborns tonight.

    He was gaining on the Bug-type quickly, almost easily. Surely this thing wasnt that hard to catchslow and clumsy, and quite loud. But then the Venomoth turned into a dozenit was using Double Team, Shadow realized. He tried aiming Supersonic around at each of the illusionary copies, hoping to find the genuine one, but it was no good. Supersonic was inaccurate enough as it was. All twelve Venomoth sank down and he did the same, when another Zubat quickly flew in front of Shadow, opened his mouth, and bit the Bug in half.

    He tore Venomoths wings off and chewed them slowly, with exaggerated smacking noises, while Shadow watched, enraged. After Fang swallowed, he said to Shade, This Vinemyth is delicious. Too bad youre too much of a runt to catch it. He said this loudly, and several other newborn Zubats came to watch. Its Venomoth, Shadow thought silently.

    Wow Fang, a Venomoth! Youre such a good hunter! said Fangs best friend Wing.

    My second one tonight, its really nothing, came Fangs reply. Shadow watched the scene enviously. He hated Fang. He was the most promising newborn. Very large and muscular, an incredibly fast flier, and a versatile hunter, no Bug type that lived in Celebis Forest could stand up to him. But he, Shadow, was born early, furless, and very weak. He had to cling onto his mother and go everywhere with her. He was expected to die.

    But slowly he grew fur, and then he grew larger, and then stronger, until he was just strong enough to jump into the air, fall, and fly.

    Youve had two Venomoths tonight? asked a pretty, female Zubat named Windy. Wow!

    That was another thing Shadow had to be jealous about, Fangs popularity. He was sure to get a mate easily when the time came. But Shadow was not very popular with anybody, just a runt who was lucky to survive. He looked painfully as Windy landed next to Fang and he wrapped his wing around her.

    Fang, said Wing, tell us how you captured that Venomoth!

    Well, you know my father, and incredible Golbat, started Fang. This touched one of Shadows nerveshis father had gone somewhere before he was born and never came back. He was taken as dead. Well he knows just about every move to learn. He taught me Aerial Ace, which is a very fast move, just as fast as the Quick Attack I inherited from him as well. But Aerial Ace is also unavoidable. No matter how many Double Teams that Vonemeth used

    Venomoth, Shade hissed from the back. Fang might be handsome, strong, and a great flier, but he had no brains at all. Nobody even turned to look at Shadow. He was used to being ignored.

    yeah, that, Fang continued lazily, anyway it would always hit. Then after I hit it I used Mean look to paralyze it, and then I split it in half with Bite.

    Shadow would bet half his movepool that Fang didnt even know the base power of Bite.

    Fang, what are some other moves you know? said Wing.

    Oh, lots of them, Fang responded, clearly enjoying the attention, Shadow Ball (a few Zubats murmured their respect), Giga Drain (more whispers), Steel Wing, Sludge Bomb (a Zubat cried out Wow!), and even Extremespeed. He glanced around the crowd at this, where everybody was talking excitedly about a Zubat who knew Extremespeed.

    Fang, Zubats cant learn Extremespeed! Shadow shouted angrily. He was surprised Fang hadnt said he knew Torment, because if he did know the move he was certainly very gifted with it.

    Fang turned around and stared coldly at him, as did all of the others. Are you calling me a liar, you tiny little runt? Besides, its just a bit more powerful than Quick Attack. Otherwise theyre the same move. Starlight taught my dad the move, and he passed it to me.

    Starlight? asked Wing. The legendary Starlight?

    Yep, Fang said. She taught my dad several moves. Actually, he said, turning to Shadow again, she taught Shadows mom and dad some as well.

    Not one Zubat looked at Shadow. Apparently they werent listening to anything Fang was saying.

    The air was suddenly filled with Supersonic. It was their mothers calling them back to Celebis Tree. As a few turned around, Shadow blurted out, You guys go ahead; Ill just stay here and get a glimpse of the sun.

    Every Zubat turned around and gaped at him, astonished. You cant! one cried. The Noctowls will kill you! said another. Its against the law to look at the sun! Fang yelled.

    I dare you, Fang, to come with me. Shadow told Fang.

    But, Fang spluttered.

    What, is the incredible Fang scared?


    Guess you are scared. Im off. Shadow rose and started to fly when Fang stopped him.

    Wait, Im coming with you. Shadow knew Fang couldnt resist a challenge, especially by a runt like him. Together they flew off through the trees, Fang looking back, obviously very frightened.

    The two bats landed on a tree branch where they could see a very small piece of gold sticking out behind Mt.Silver. Shadow suddenly looked up and almost cried out in surprisea Noctowl was sitting on the branch above Fang and Shadow. He saw that Fang was also looking at it. They were safe for nowNoctowls couldnt hunt the Zubat evolutionary family until the sun rosewhich it was starting to do. Fang darted back to Celebis Tree without looking back. Shadow thought about doing the same, but found out that he genuinely did want to see the sun. He doubted the Noctowl had seen them, so he stayed silently.

    Shade had to squint as the sun rose all the way. The sight of the huge ball of light fascinated him. He wanted to stay longer, much longer. But he jerked his head to the side to see that the Noctowl was sitting on the same branch as him, looking at him as if planning out how to pounce. It took a step towards Shadow when he felt a claw grab his wing. He looked around to see his mother, Aerial. What do you think youre doing? Fly!

    And they both did so. Aerial cried out, and Shadow looked fearfully, worried that the Noctowl had caught her, but he figured out that she was using a move. Huge storm clouds appeared in the sky, covering the sun, and it started to rain. Shadow heard the Noctowls cry of fury as he and his mom flew back into the knothole of Celebis Tree.

    When they landed, quite uncleanly, Aerial turned and glared at Shade. What do you think you were doing? The Noctowl family will want to have war with us now, now that you had to look at the sun! Fang was smart enough to turn around before it was too late, but you dont have any self-control! You are grounded until we make our migration to our hibernation spot!

    Mom, youre embarrassing me, Shadow muttered, feeling his face going red. All of the newborns were watching his mother and he.

    Embarrassing you? Thats what you deserve right now, if anything! Now go to sleep! She stormed off into her room.

    So, Shadow, what did the sun look like? asked Wing.

    Oh, it was incredible! So bright and huge! Shadow answered, aiming his voice at Fang, who was for once not the center of attention.

    I SAID GO TO SLEEP! yelled Aerial. Shadow quickly glided into their room, roosted, and fell into a deep sleep.
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      Nice. I like the mother part. Makes me feel like Shadow. The outcast. (in real life thats the way with me) And my mother as Aerial. The evil lady. Nice job. I like it. Please go on
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