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Created a Pokemon center with the idea of it being a legit hangout spot maybe with a lil snack cafe vibe.
I really liked the glass idea, so I had to try it out. I was happy with what I did, however I opted out on traditional Pokemon centers in the project I'm working on so decided to make it a public asset.

If you decide to use it I think it would be cool to let some of the interior show through the glass on the exterior if you so choose.
The second image should be in the size format you'd need to add to a tileset for RPG Maker XP

Also, credit is appreciated, but not needed. Just make some cool stuff and see your project through to completion.

I would love to see what kinda maps you make if you decide to use this exterior, and what you'll make the inside like too.

Hope you're all doing well and feeling inspired today. lmk what you think of the center!

PS. None of my buildings have doors, and none ever will.
Whats the point of doors when anyone/thing is just gonna walk in without knocking anyway?

Love Samurai, Forever